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10 things in tech: John McAfee has died, Apple’s warning, Top startups

John McAfee

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1. John McAfee has died by self-evident suicide in jail while awaiting extradition on tax evasion freights. McAfee, 75, was were dead in a Barcelona jail cell on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, Spain's Law courts approved his extradition to face US-based blames. What we are familiar so far .~ ATAGEND

2. Six Amazon employees uncover what's driving people to quit. We spoke with half a dozen employees who all quoted the same problems: surveillance, the work's repetitive sort, and burnout. Here's what else they told us .~ ATAGEND

3. These 19 companionships are the most promising retail startups of 2021. Top VCs reputation the startups they're most excited about this year - from Slice, a pizza transmission app, to Tonal, an at-home smart gym system. Check out our listing of the ones to keep an eye on .~ ATAGEND

4. Apple warned that allowing iPhones to use apps from outside its App Store is a security risk. The threatening comes as lawmakers seek to force Apple to allow apps from anywhere to be installed on iPhones. Why Apple says "sideloading" apps outside the App Store is dangerous .~ ATAGEND

5. Microsoft has hit a$ 2 trillion busines valuation for the first time. It's the second US-listed company - following Apple - to touch the$ 2 trillion assessment. Get the full summary now.

6. Mark Zuckerberg's ghostly sunscreen employment is back - this time, it's plastered on his surfboard. It's an epitome that recurs us all: Zuck surfing with a thick stratum of sunscreen on his face. Now, you can see it commemorated on his surfboard .~ ATAGEND

7. Tech legend Marc Andreessen says the rise of remote task might be more important than the internet. It's "a permanent civilizational shift" that has globally expanded the number of good enterprises, he recently wrote . Wondering what the future of work should look like for you? Take this quiz to determine if you work best from residence, an office or somewhere in between .~ ATAGEND

8. Apple CEO Tim Cook called Nancy Pelosi to ask her to slow six tech antitrust proposals. The statements - which Cook said would check invention - are aimed at breaking up any busines dominance tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook propped. More on Cook and Pelosi's see .

9. Austin lured 67,000 new residents - including innumerable tech execs and industrialists - last year. We "ve spoken to" recent grafts who told us how no country income tax and a rollicking social background pull them to the Lone Star State. Take an inside look at life in Texas .~ ATAGEND

10. Tractable subsisted near-death, then its founder turned it into a$ 1 billion unicorn. Precisely a few years ago, Tractable was hanging on by a strand. This time, the company announced a round of funding that valued it at$ 1 billion. How CEO Alex Dalyac and his cofounders converted the startup .~ ATAGEND

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