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2021 03 16T183847Z_1_LYNXMPEH2F1IA_RTROPTP_4_CRYPTO CURRENCY BITCOIN.JPG The bitcoin toll has surged 800% in the past year

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1. Bitcoin could dash 90% into a yearslong “winter.” The cryptocurrency could soon tide to $300,000 – but the bubble is likely to pop dramatically, informs a cryptocurrency exchange benefactor. What you need to know about the tumultuous busines .

2. An old-time photo shows Musk and Bezos dining together before their rivalry kindled. Taken 17 year ago, the two tech moguls are accompanied having dinner together in a meeting that is said to have provoked their long-standing rivalry. See the uncommon photo here .

3. These VCs say proceed is still worth wager on. We spoke with six investors who rained coin into travel and hospitality startups in all regions of the pandemic, and this is what they told us .

4. Jack Dorsey just sold the first-ever tweet as a $2.9 million NFT. The Twitter CEO said he will alter the advances to bitcoin, then donate them to nonprofit GiveDirectly’s Africa response. This blockchain company’s CEO bought the tweet.

5. SpaceX hopes to launch and region a brand-new prototype of its Starship this week – but the last 3 exploded. For the second time this month, the company is preparing to fly a prototype of its next spaceship. In the meantime, you can watch the last three explosions.

6. Top Google exec Caesar Sengupta is discontinuing after 15 years at the house. Sengupta, who will leave April 30 , is currently Google’s payments director and the is chairman of the Next Billion Users – the initiative sought for Google’s next blockbuster commodity. Here’s how it succeeds .

7. Beeple, the third-most valuable artist alive, warns against investing in crypto art. The creator, who recently sold a piece for $69 million, says NFTs “will perfectly go to zero.” Here’s what else he said about investing in digital artwork .

8. Amazon illegally “intimidated and threatened” a astonishing work in New York, report says. The National Labor Relations Board blamed Amazon with illegal labor rehearses after asking construction workers who led a walkout in March 2020. The tech giant has also been under scrutiny for its invasive employ of AI – which recently headed this Amazon employee to quit .

9. $95 billion Stripe wants to offer everything from corporate posters to imposition suggestion. We took a look at the company’s expansion, and felt these nine behaviors it’s looking to grow .

10. Amazon-backed Deliveroo is targeting a $12 billion valuation for its $2.5 billion IPO. The listing is set to be one of London’s biggest in a decade, and kicks off a series of anticipated European tech schedules in 2021. This is what you can expect when the house floats on the London Stock Exchange later this year.

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