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11 Things You Need to Know Before Engaging a Creative Agency

Choosing a artistic bureau is a big deal and a big commitment.

You want to know you’ve hired the privilege crew for the job, and that you can trust them to support the needs of your company.

After all, you’re making an investment that could affect the future and success of your business.

You might have staff you need to pay for, office gap, a family to support, all of which relies on the profitability of the business. It needs to make money, and it needs to be a success.

Of course, it’s not all about coin but that is a big part of it.

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Regardless of whether you’re part of the Marketing Department at an SME or bigger company, a standalone marketer, or a startup founder or proprietor adventurer, choosing the right innovative bureau is crucial.

The Challenge of Choosing a Creative Agency

That said, how do you decide which inventive authority is right for you?

From knowing your market and imaginative plan, to understanding key deadlines, there are lots of things to consider when choosing an agency .

But aside from that, there’s lots of things you need to know about the agencies you’re looking at too, before deciding who’s right for you.

You don’t want to commit and then realise they don’t have any time or capacity to meet your hopes.

Are you going to struggle to get their attention when you need them? Have they got other big clients which take up most of their time and natural resources?

You don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond.

You want to feel appraised by your imaginative bureau and have the safety of knowing you can pick up the phone at any time.

Working with a creative busines is a collaborative process and one that needs to satisfy both the needs of the client, and the needs of the agency. The relationship needs to work for both parties to ensure it’s a success, otherwise the project will suffer.

At Canny, we evaluate each and every one of our clients.

We understand the importance of perform the process as smooth as is practicable, and specify each purchaser with assistance, each step of the way.

We want clients to be actively involved in their campaign, and to know they can pick up the phone( or hop on Zoom) when they need that little bit of reassurance.

We build strong partnerships, and analyse your business as if it’s our own.

creative agency -thinking about what to consider

Things To Consider When Choosing a Creative Agency

From checking out their patron portfolio, to seeing how they respond to people, there’s lots of supportive cues that allows you to decide which busines is right for you.

You might spot red flags early on which will help your decision process when choosing between 3 or 4 different agencies. Is there anything they’re trying to hide or not being honest about?

By just looking at their website, lots of agencies will claim to do the same thing and support a same render.

By digging a bit deeper you will be able to ensure they are the freedom fit and can provide the level of service you demand. Take a look at what other clients "re just saying" them. Have they had a good experience? Do they recommend their services?

It’s important you find out what to expect from an agency before committing to the process. It will save you a lot of time, stress, and coin in the long run.

Taking some time to do your research beforehand will benefit you and hopefully get things started with your choose bureau on the right foot.

So- how do you decide which innovative agency to engage with?

1. Find Out How Many Other Clients They Have

Are you going to be compete for their go?

If an agency has lots of different patrons, they might not be able to offer you the same level of devotion. Their team will be working across lots of different projects and are likely to be pulled in different directions.

Of course, authorities are more than used to this due to the very nature of the job, but having a good mind of their consumer portfolio will help you decide if they’re right for you.

Obviously how many assignments an busines can deal with, depends on how they’re oversaw and the amount of resources they have. But if you ascertain a 6 person busines dealing with 60 buyers, you know they’re going to be gathered in a million different directions!

It too depends on the level of support your business needs. If you’re a startup, you might need the whole imaginative combination, from brand strategy and brand identity design, through to website design and occurrence, through to content creation and marketing.

This will require a lot more input from your innovative authority as everything needs to be done from scratch. If they are working with lots of other consumers, will they have the time and capacity needed to give your business the attention it needs?

You want total peace of mind that your business is being treated equally as important as every other business they have on their records. You shouldn’t have to fight to get in touch with your opt bureau or chase assignments because they’re too busy working with some of their bigger clients.

Partnership is key, and you should feel subscribed and appraised throughout the creative process.

creative agency - lady on laptop doing research

2. Find Out What Other Clients Say About Them

Almost every creative agency will have client testaments.

At Canny, we showcase our client testaments on our homepage which is the first thing parties see when they visit our website. We want to show off our employ, and we’ve very proud of the results we’ve achieved for different businesses.

We’ve likewise went lots of 5 superstar Google Reviews which highlight how we’ve facilitated other clients to drive their business forward.

But don’t just take our statement for it, go and check them out for yourself!

Google Reviews are a great tool when doing some background research. They’re wholly genuine and give you a real insight into how other parties charge a particular business.

Definitely not something to be overlooked when deciding which busines is right for you.

Clients are at the core of what a artistic bureau does. Without consumers, they would be out of a chore.

They should want to share the experience of their clients with you, as this adds credibility and a sense of trust. It shows how they have accomplished on other projects which is very important for businesses considering starting a new partnership.

Not having client testimonies could suggest they have something to hide, or that other projects have been a bit of a flop.

Take your time to read through the reviews to see what other patrons have said about them. Is there a specific service that stops get approval? Have they mentioned the relationship they had with the agency? Did they achieve the results they expected?

The sentiment of these testimonies is important as it gives you an penetration into what you could expect from your own partnership.

Also pay attention to who has written the testimonial. A Director or Manager will have a lot of credibility as they would have been directly involved in the process and all of the decision making.

They will be able to talk directly about the experience they’ve had working on the project.

Reading client commendations should give you a thorough understanding of the project at hand, how it was managed, the business upshots, and how the agency handled it all!

3. Look At Their Company Culture

This is the personality of the agency.

The huge and arguably most important part of hiring a imaginative busines is partnership. Can you see your team being able to work with the agency though the entirety of development projects?

The relationship is vital, as you will be speaking to the agency on a regular basis, discussing feedback, and going through different ideas. You need to feel like they are a good fit, and have the values you’re looking for.

Have a look through their website and social media directs. There should be a' fill the team’ section where you can get an idea of the company culture. Are there any videos you can watch to get a feeling for them?

Are they all clothings and ties? Are they quite corporate in their working style? This might be absolutely fine if that’s what you’re looking for.

Also, pay attention to what kind of language they use across their digital platforms. Do they seem quite effusive or serious? How do they present themselves visually?

There’s lots of evidences here about who they are as a company, instead of really paying attention to what they can provide.

People invest in people and understanding the personality of the team behind the agency name, will help you make an informed decision.

Your innovative agency should feel like an extended part of your current team.

Think about it, if you were hiring a brand-new hire internally, what would you look for? Sure, qualifications and knowledge are vital, but if you’re working with them date in, day out, they need to be a good artistic fit.

It’s the same thought process when hiring a inventive agency.

creative agency - lady on the phone

4. Check If They Are Responsive

Your business is your baby.

You need an bureau that understands this and plows your business as if it’s their own.

This starts with enormous communication. No campaign is a success without it. You need to be able to pick up the phone and bounce sentiments back and forth. Or hop on Zoom and ask your most burning questions if anything only doesn’t feel quite right.

But how do you know a inventive authority is responsive before hiring them?

Once you’ve shrunk down your pool of innovative agencies, reach out to them on email or by phone.

A few things to pay attention to from this initial communication...

How do they respond?

How long does it make them to respond?

Who responds( Account Manager or Director )?

This gives you an revelation into how they manage their communications, both internally and externally.

As a client centred business( as mentioned, without purchasers, they’d be out of a hassle ), business should know that responding to these communications is very important.

Your email shouldn’t be sat in their inbox for weeks on end.

When you speak to the agency, they should be genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about how they can help your project. You should be able to feel this from their response, and it should be obvious that they appraise your interest.

If they’re unconcerned, it could signal towards an enterprise who doesn’t appreciate communication.

Would this work for your business?

5. See If They Have Changed Over Time

A innovative enterprise should be, well, creative.

They’re in an industry which feeds business to be the best they can be, and develop policies that continue consumers ahead of the curve.

So what does it "re just saying" a creative authority who has had the same website for 10 times?

Or a creative enterprise who has a dormant blog?

Things alter and agencies told you to stay current. An age-old website might work, but it's hardly inventive and doesn’t show they practise what they preach.

For example 😛 TAGEND

How could Canny sell content marketing services to our patients, without producing up to date content for ourselves on a regular basis?

Agencies is advisable to evolving and striving to be the best they can be in their own industry. They’re a brand in their own right and shouldn’t be dishing out suggestion to other brands if they can’t follow it themselves.

Their website is probably the first thing you will see. It shouldn’t precisely exist but should suffice the user experience and be visually pleading.

Having the same website design for several years isn’t a good thinking of the agency and intimates they don’t significance the importance of their own branding.

How can you check? Let me initiate you to The Wayback Machine .. Simply plug in their URL, and picture what they looked like 12, 24, and 36 months ago!

Agencies are busy( speaking from experience here !), and do expend a lot of time working to improve other firebrands, but forgetting the importance of their own branding is naive.

creative agency - hand shake

6. Find Out Who Will Be Your Point Of Contact

You need to be supported throughout the entirety of your project.

When you want to speak to your agency, who will be on the other side of the order? Do all members of the team chip in and administer patients or will you have a dedicated site of contact from beginning to end?

It all depends on the agency.

Their website is a great place to start and will usually give you an overview of how they control activities.

Understanding who you can reach out to is so important as you want to feel reassured and supported. It might be mystifying if you don’t know who your dedicated part of contact is.

If you’re speaking to someone new every time you call, will they each have the same level of understanding? You should have an overarching quality of contact who ties all elements of the project together. After all, there is a lot going on.

From liaising with graphic designers, to website makes, to content scribes, you need updates about each one of the purposes of the project to help you stay on track.

This will help you when it comes to writing an annual report as you will need to identify where your marketing budget has been invested and the rationale behind it.

creative agency - man on zoom call

7. Ask How They Communicate With Clients

Are you considering an agency located locally or internationally? The one good thing to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic comes from the fact that borders now mean very little!

Regardless of location, cooperate with the a innovative organization necessitates great communication. But it might be more difficult if your preferred bureau is based in another country.

Find out how they communicate with purchasers, and if they already have international purchasers in their portfolio. In this golden age of technology, there’s lots of ways to work around things.

We’re blessed with Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Google Suite, Slack, and good old-time email is still going strong.

Whilst it’s great to meet up in person, point shouldn’t exclusively be the deciding factor when choosing a artistic authority.

But knowing how an organization organizes this interval could certainly be the deciding factor.

Check to see which of the programmes they use to communicate and how they succeed purchasers in non-eu countries.

Do they have flexible working hours to resolve the issue of time difference? Or do they already have existing patrons where you’re located and frequently travel to the location anyway?

The more communication options they give, the very best, as this gives you more choice when reaching out to them. A imaginative enterprise needs to provide a service that places your priorities first. Maybe you’re not pleasant with Zoom and simply favor a standard phone call.

A good inventive agency will adapt their services to suit, whilst still delivering the project in it’s full entirety.

8. See If They Post Their Own Content

Content is King.

A inventive agency should be posting their own content on a regular basis to show they understand the quality material brings.

Content marketing is a strategic process and is a great way to get organic transaction to your website, and in turn, alter guides. It stands a business as an expert in their arena and instills a sense of trust for possible customers.

Without being too salesy, content has the potential to educate readers and to explain how a particular product or service can benefit them. Content marketing is a great tool and should never be borne in mind, regardless of what sector you operate in.

If a imaginative authority isn’t posting their own content, they’re overlooking the importance of this for their own business.

And what’s more, if they’re marketing a content offering for patients, they should be incorporating this into their own business strategy.

Again, it comes back down to practice what the hell are you preach.

Take a look at what type of content they post. Is it time blogs? Or do they have a mix of videos, ebooks, and downloadable reserves?

This adds an penetration of the type of content they can offer your business.

Also, say through their blogs is an excellent way to get an insight into the agency as you can see what they write about and how they speak to the reader.

9. Find Out How Long Have They Been In Business

Maybe this isn’t as much of a concern to you, but it’s still important to know.

Have they just started out and are still finding their hoof? Or have they been in the industry for 10+ times?

Either way, they both have their pros and cons and it’s important to take these into account before making your final decision.

A artistic agency who is brand new to the game has lots of advantages. It could be that they only have a handful of purchasers so they can dedicate a lot more attention to your job.

Or it could mean that they are less experienced, and are still figuring out different processes and ways of working.

Do you knowledge being one of their first patrons?

With an established business, they’ll be a lot more experienced in terms of managing clients and juggling different projects. They are more likely is cooperating with customs across a range of sectors and understand the process from conception to completion.

But this doesn’t certainly mean they’re good at it.

When choosing an agency, it’s good to know how long they have been in business and their grade of ordeal.

Having one year or 10 years of knowledge isn’t the definite distinguish of a good busines, but it’s useful information when weighing everything up.

creative agency - planning the creative process

10. Research Their Creative Process

Understanding how the creative process directs is essential and gives you an idea of what to expect from concept to completion.

The process should be easy to understand and should delineate the key milestones of development projects and how these will be reached. It should be thorough and accommodate enough item for you to understand what your money is being spent on.

The way they guide their imaginative process also keeps the project on track and notes for cross and feedback sessions.

If a inventive authority doesn’t have a process in place, then what do they follow? How do they manage and fulfil customer beliefs?

Maybe they’re still figuring this out.

I certainly wouldn’t miss my business to be the guinea pig.

Particularly, if you’re hiring a innovative enterprise for the first time you might be totally confused and will need guidance at every stage.

Be sure to check this out before investing any further time.

11. Find Out Who Manages The Work

Knowing who manages which segments of direct will give you an idea to seeing how hectic they are.

Is the Director of relevant agencies still involved in the day to daylight wield? Or is he only running the business? Typically, it’s the latter.

In a small agency, it’s more common for the Director to still be actively involved in client work. Whether that’s attending gathers, contribute further to patterns, or writing material, they’ll work with their team very closely.

In a larger agency however, this probably isn’t the case.

There will be different units, comprising of 5 or 6 beings, each with their own Manager. They will be the ones is in charge of defining the objectives of their team and will act as the department head.

The role of the Director in this scenario will be more distant. Whilst still dallying a key role in the business, and managing overall patient anticipations, they will not be coming stuck into content the same way they would in a 10 humanity band.

So do you research and find out how the differences between roles wreak first.

Conclusion: 11 Things to Know Before Engaging a Creative Agency

Choosing a creative bureau takes time and research.

There’s a lot of things the agency will want you to know, but evenly, there’s lots of things you need to know about the agency.

It’s a big investment, and a project could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Even after project completion, the relationship could last years as there is a need for different services at different stages within your business.

So, it needs to be a health relationship. One that works for you, and for your choice agency.

At Canny, we quality each and every one of our patrons. We understand that collaboration is key to achieving success and actively work with you to drive your business forward.

Why not get in touch with our team today and see how we can help your project?

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