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12 Effective Ways to Compress Any Audio File [Free Tools + TEST RESULTS]

If you need to compress audio file free and fast, try the following audio compression tools. Compress WAV, MP3 and other music documents online and offline. It doesn't matter what audio data you want to compress. It may be game audio, a long narration, or just a large lossless file that you want to send via email, play on a portable device or edit with your favorite audio editor. Whatever your reason is, this an ultimate guide with the best solutions for constricting your audio documents will give you all-important information materials and tips for get the best result.

To start with, check what you will need to compress audio. Then decide whether you demand a software or online service for constricting audio registers. And finally, choose your# 1 implement to compress audio files.

Let’s dive title in.


Freemake Audio Converter( free ) FonePaw( paid ) VIP Video Converter( paid ) HD Video Converter Factory Pro( paid ) Wondershare Video Converter( paid ) Faasoft Audio Converter( paid ) Blaze Media Pro( free )

Online services

Online-audio-converter( free ) Onlineconverter( free ) MP3smaller( free ) Youcompress( free ) Media.io( free )

Must-know audio compression tips-off for advanced users


To compress audio, you are required to:

Your enormous audio document( MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, AMR, ADTS, AIFF, MP2, APE, DTS, M4R, AC3, VOC, etc ); Software or service for audio constriction.

Don’t know which program to compress audio enters to choose? Then keep on reading this post.

We took 12 audio& MP3 compressors to get the job done and ran various measures to find out their pros and cons. They are all immense for contract audio for email, for sharing or other aims but have numerous advanced alternatives that you might want to use.

We tried to compress a WAV file( appoint: bass 01; 1,34 Mb size, 1411 kbps bitrate) with all the audio compression software and assistances listed below.

Curious to know the results? Here we go.

Freemake Audio Converter

If you demand free and easy-to-use software that will reduce your audio width by 61%, Freemake Audio Converter is to help you. You literally need only 4 sounds to get the job done and abbreviate audio file size. Do you want to simply click and get the result? Do you want to set output file constants such as bitrate, expansion channel? Freemake program can do it. Just keep in mind is that the software for audio compression doesn’t have an audio editor and doesn’t keep the original metadata of your enter. It means that such info as album/ artist/ year/ etc. will cease to exist.

For the 1st measure, we selected the MP3 output format with 256 kbps. The outcome was a 220 Kb audio file. It’s 6 times less than the original file.

For the 2nd measure, we employed the WAV output format( the same as of the original register) and a Mobile quality preset. The music character was changed from stereo to mono and the resulted file was 172 Kb in width( 7 times less than the original audio ).

compress audio file size with Freemake

To compress a register with Freemake, download and install the software for audio formats and MP3 files on Windows-based computer. It is the beginning automatically right after the installing. Drag-n-drop the record into the software or use the “+ Audio” button to add it. Now you should choose whether you want to change the original audio format or simply get a lower bitrate. If you click on any format, you will see a new opening with ready-to-use options. For example, if you click on the “to MP3” bubble, you will be able to choose between 320 kbps, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, 128 kbps, and 96 kbps output tones. In case you need less, create a custom preset with your clang adjusts. Then sound “Convert” to reduce your file size.

Freemake is one of the easiest planneds for audio constriction.



Easy-to-use platform Numerou input/ output options( MP3, FLAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, WAV, and AAC) Ready-to-use names to reduce audio Free Fast


No audio editor Loses original metadata of both lossy and lossless audio records.

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FonePaw or AnyMP4

First of all, FonePaw is a paid contracting implement. Thus, we couldn’t test it properly. If your register was greater than five minutes, you will be able to compress only the first five minutes of it. If your audio file is shorter, then half of your folder are likely to be cut. For example, if your folder is 4 minutes long, the result will be a two-minute track. Our file was 8 seconds long. So we got a 4-second arise. As "youre seeing", it’s not possible to say obviously about a better quality of the squeezed file.


To compress audio with FonePaw,

Download and lope the audio converter software. Then included a record or data that you want to compress into the program and click on the greenback button next to your track. If you wish to change sample rate, bitrate or other audio parameters of your records, click on the Settings button. When you are done, clink Convert to compress your audio.


Built-in audio journalist Many input/ output options Keeps the metadata


Paid No ready alternatives Complicated interface

Download it here

VIP Video Converter

VIP Video Converter is a paid tool with a basic option. The only drawback we stumbled on during our exam of 2 folders is a pop-up page with an offer to buy a full account of the compressor. Nonetheless, we may well understand that you can face this limitation of a contest or basic version with several transitions. It will open after each shift. As for the compression, VIP Video Converter is a relatively good form of squeezing documents to MP3 audio! Our test file was reduced by 60% in file size. When we wanted to compress WAV and save it as WAV, the audio file size was not shortened at all.


What is unusual about this audio compression program is that you need to

pick the production format( lossy or lossless) before you include a file for compression. Then click on Add records, select and upload the racetracks that you want to compress. To edit output situates( bitrate, sample charge, direct, etc ), clink the Edit profile button. You can save the habit profile for future exploit. When ready, click the Start converting button to convert and compress audio records.

For the 1st evaluation, we adopted the MP3 format with 256 kbps as yield. The outcome was a 224 Kb audio file which necessitates "its become" 6 eras smaller in file size.

For the 2nd assessment, we squandered the WAV output format and a lower bitrate( 256 kbps ). The datum was not compressed at all.


Many input/ output options( MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AC3, AIFF, APE, and others) Keeps the metadata Ready-to-use alternatives


Paid Doesn’t compress WAV files to the same format Free copy opens the browser tab after each compressing process.

Download it now

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HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one more paid app that you can use to compress audio records. It’s quite complicated and won’t be a good choice for a newbie. Besides, it has many offers to get a paid version here there are still. It made a good job and tightened our exam enter by 59% but again it doesn’t support WAV for output.

Thus if you want to keep the original postponement of your datum, that’s definitely not your tool for audio file size compression.


To compress audio folder,

drag-n-drop your music track into HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Then pay attention to the block to the right from the center part. Clink on the arrow and adopt the Audio tab for audio yield formats. As "youre seeing", the interface is not intuitive. It may be difficult to understand where to click to complete the task. As soon as you have selected the format, click on the Settings button to change the parameters of your music way if there is a need. After that, sounds the Run button to compress the audio document. Wait got a couple of seconds and click Complete. You will then find an offer to buy a full application version. Pay attention to the top of it. You will see the information that your song has been tightened and a button to open a folder with the compressed music road.

For the 1st evaluation, we chose MP3 with 256 kbps as output. The arising move was 252 Kb in sizing( nearly 6 occasions smaller ).

For the 2nd evaluation, we consumed WAV with a 256 kbps bitrate. The music folder was not contracted at all.


Many input/ output options Keeps the metadata


Paid Doesn’t compress WAV files well Many offers to buy a full account Complicated interface No ready-to-use alternatives

Download it now

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter follows the recent trends and furnishes a black topic of the boundary. And that’s the only cool thing about it. Unfortunately, the free explanation of the application lets you convert exclusively 1/3 of the datum and simply trimmeds the residual. Thus it was difficult to say whether the size of the trail was reduced. Instead of the 8-second enter, we got a 2-second one. Again , no WAV for production.


To compress the music document with this software,

run it and click “+ Add Files”. By default, the software offers to change the file format to MP4. Be conscientious to that! Click on the arrow to the left from the “Convert” button. Select the “Audio” tab and then the desired format. To revise the settings of the output file, click on the revise indicate. In the editor, you can change the test charge, path, and bitrate of the register.


Numerous input/ output options Modern pitch-black theme Has a built-in audio cutter


Paid Complicated boundary No ready-to-use options for WAV files

Download it now

Faasoft Audio Converter

Faasoft Audio Converter is a paid tool that they are able compress only half of your record in a test edition. Besides that, it’s complicated for an average user and doesn’t have any ready-to-use options. Like with Wondershare, we didn’t manage to get results to validate.


As for the interface,

to compress your audio, click on the “Add file” and select a music file for compression. Then click on the production format clue( MP3 by default) and select between General and Lossless audio formats. To revise the default settings, click on the Settings button and then Advanced. Here you can change the sample rate, channel, codec and publication. The alternatives look un-clickable and resemble the information about the file. However, if you double-click on each of them, you will be able to change the necessary parameter.


Numerous input/ output options Trim option


Paid Complicated interface No ready-to-use options for production enters

Download it here

Blaze Media Pro

Blaze Media Pro is a free platform for constricting audio folders. When you start Blaze Media Pro, it was like it has come from the 90 ies. The interface seems actually outdated and not clear at all. However, it was good for our task and squeezed the test file by 60%. Moreover, it managed to save WAV to WAV. The resulted WAV file was twice lighter than the original one. The tool doesn’t have any ready alternatives, but gives you set your own ones like path, frequency, and so on.


To compress audio file or a music way with Blaze,

click on the “Convert audio” button. Then select Convert and compress audio and lent your song. Select an output expansion for your register and a folder where you want it to be saved. When you are done, click the “Convert files” button to reduce audio file size.

For the 1st assessment, we worked MP3 with 256 kbps as production. The ensuing way was 252 Kb in size.

For the 2nd assessment, we squandered WAV with 16 kHz frequency. The outcome we got was a 500 kb audio file.


Free Fast


Complicated boundary No ready-to-use alternatives

Finally, we are done with the application. Now let’s check the most popular online services for audio folders compression.

Download it here


Online-audio-converter is absolutely free. It is a good choice for those who need a service with ADVANCED alternatives. Here you can change the metadata of your file and placed the desired audio constants like bitrate, sample pace, direct, or even add fade-out in/ out impacts. Since there is no 256 kbps option, we selected good quality for our evaluation. The register has decreased by 70%.


For the test, we selected the standard quality and MP3 format. The brand-new document decreased to 190 Kb in width. All the meta calls were saved.


Free Has ready options Provides many formats for output Provides advanced prepares Accepts many formats for input can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux


Nothing perceived

You can try this assistance by clicking on the link above.


Onlineconverter is a free services which are you don’t need to install. It gives people a number of ready options such as Good Compression, Best Compression, Best Quality, etc. Nonetheless, it doesn’t show you the final bitrate. You will get it exclusively when you are constricts audio register and download it on your PC. The assistance squeezes MP3 files merely. The input file size limit is 200 Mb. Our test file was reduced by 80% but somehow a part of the original road was cut.


For our measure, we made a 5,5 Mb MP3 folder and the best compression option. The make was a 706 Kb file with 33 kbps bitrate. For some unknown reason, we lost the last 8 seconds of the original audio.


Free Ready-to-use alternatives Works on Windows, Mac, Linux


Cut the last 8 seconds of the file Doesn’t approval gigantic registers Compresses simply MP3

Try the service now


MP3smaller is free. It corroborates exclusively MP3 files with a maximum length of 150Mb. Our test file was reduced by 40%.

The service has a good number of ready-to-use alternatives that demo you the exact bitrate that you will get. For example, Small File Size( MP3 bitrate 64 -1 28 kbps VBR ). If you select this preset, your final register will have an MP3 increase and variable bitrate in 64 -1 28 range.


For our research, we took the same 5,5 Mb MP3 folder and a Small File Size MP3 bitrate 32 -6 4kbps VBR option. The enter decreased to 1,47 Mb.


Free Many ready-to-use options User-friendly Patronages all PC forms: Spaces, Mac, Linux


Doesn’t supporter gigantic data Compresses simply MP3 files

Try the service now


Youcompress is a free busines for those who don’t care about bitrate or any audio parameters. The service is really basic and doesn’t have any options. We went our enter compressed by 39%. Go for this service if you don’t have any tech requirements for your files.


Here you simply compute your MP3 file and click the Upload File& Compress button.

The file that we used for the test was tightened to 1,38 Mb and 64 kbps.


Free Fast Windows, Linux, Mac support


Doesn’t supporting sizable documents Compresses exclusively MP3 files No ready-to-use presets

Try the service here


Media.io is a free service that allows you to compress MP3 registers and elect character and a format for your production file. It compressed the test file by 40%.

The service filters the production register by size. The aspect select is pretty clear: big size( 320 kbps ), common size( 265 kbps, etc ). The output postponements include WAV, M4A, AAC, FLAC, and so on.


For the test, we adopted the small size( 64 kbps) alternative and MP3 extension. The brand-new document was 1,37 Mb in size.


Free Has ready alternatives Provides output increase hand-picked Windows, Mac, Linux OS corroborated


Compresses exclusively MP3 audio files

Try the service now

Must-know Tips for Advanced Users

You might know that there exist two types of audio records: lossless and lossy ones. Lossless data typically come in FLAC, AIFF and WAV formats. These are the audio registers compressed in a way to provide the best audio quality possible. They sound like original music records from the studio. Nonetheless, they are extremely large in width. One lossless track may take up to 100 Mb or even more. It’s OK if you have a lot of space on a hard drive and working with music data is your profession. For an amateur listener keeping music in lossless formats might be rather awkward. Not simply lossless moves take a lot of room, but you also need special media players to enjoy or revise the carols. That’s why most people prefer to keep their music collection in a standard lossy MP3 format. Yes, you won’t get all possible details of the song but let’s be honest: few of us have this expensive stereo system at home that fixes you enjoy every single note of the track.

So, the first acces you can follow to compress your audio is to change it from lossless to lossy. There are a lot tools and online services that you may use for it. We will talk about them and their pros and cons later.

The 2nd channel is to reduce the bitrate of a way. If you don’t know, a bitrate determines the quality of the music line. The higher the bitrate, the very best the way announces. For MP3, the best bitrate is 320 kbps. The bitrate can be constant( CBR) that is the same during the course of its part way; and variable( VBR) that increases for strident music divisions or increases for speechles or quieter ones. Registers encoded with VBR are smaller in width likening to the same data with CBR. However , not all media participates and portable designs can playback such a track.

To cut a long story short, you can use two methods to compress audio 😛 TAGEND

Change the record from lossless to lossy; Change the bitrate of the enter.

Those were appropriate tools that we used for our exam. Which one to choose then? Well, it depends on several factors 😛 TAGEND

In case you need to compress the audio on a regular basis and you need to compress numerous documents at once, go for Freemake. The software is always can be found on your PC. You can use even if you are not connected to the Web. Besides that, you can select what accurate provides( format, bitrate, path) you need and compress all your audio documents with the same parameters. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the application are supportive of your operating system. For example, you can’t install software for Windows on Mac.

If you rarely compress audio or needed most merely one, you’d better go for online-audio-converter.com. The work doesn’t require any installation thus it might be used on perfectly any computer or even a portable machine. Nonetheless, the online service highly depends on the quality of your Internet connection. If it’s gradual, you may need to wait a lot to get the job done or even absolutely lose your results in case the connection lags. Besides that, don’t forget that the service may work slowly due to overload. It happens when a lot of parties are using it at the same time.

Read more: freemake.com

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