15 Excellent Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day (+ BONUS Remote-Friendly Ideas!)

Employee Appreciation Day–it’s the best day of its first year!

It’s probably no surprise to you that Bonusly makes Employee Appreciation Day very seriously. Recognizing and celebrating employees’ great work is at the core of our duty, after all!

Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March–if you’re reading this in 2021, that makes it’ll be on March 5th this year!

On this day, employers various regions of the world compile the additional effort to appreciate their employees’ effort and faithfulnes. Over the past 20 times, an increase of firms have adopted this occasion to recognize the achievements and contributions of their employees with special events, offerings, and surprises.

We’ll cover why you should celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, and we’ve rounded up a big list of our favorite plans. Since Employee Appreciation Day might search a bit different this year, we’ve too added adjustments to make each idea remote friendly!

Jump straight to ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day .

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Why is Employee Appreciation Day important?

Most work weeks are focused on business objectives, decisions from conduct, or customer issues. Employee Appreciation Day, on the other hand, is a special day that should be truly centered around the teams of hires that induce things happen every single day.

Even a little of acknowledgment can make a big impact on employee motivation. Research shows that feeling realized increases morale, improves engagement, and reduces turnover. In particular, work acceptance has been proven to boost oxytocin tiers–that’s the chemical our people initiate when we bond socially!


Research also shows that recognizing employees moves for a better purchaser knowledge. For pattern, research studies in the hospitality industry procured a strong correlation between employee engagement and guest contentment.

Virgin Group founderRichard Branson famously said: “Clients is not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Mic drop.

15 ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

So how are you able start your employees feel specially increased on this day? Here are 15 ideas to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with your team.

1. Volunteer

Volunteer at a regional conservation planned, homeless shelter, elderly living community, or humane society. Give back by planting trees, cooking and acting those in need, wreaking rejoice to elders, or making puppies for accompanies. Research by Deloitte found that 70 % of labouring Americans belief “volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale than company-sponsored happy hours.”

Having trouble meet volunteer the possibilities and occurrences? Ask your crew for meanings or try a service like VolunteerMatch.

Benefits include: Making together with team members, getting to know new collaborators, helping the community, construct enormou storages, and motivating gratitude.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: VolunteerMatch has an excellent virtual volunteering opportunities page to explore. Some other remote-friendly volunteering ideas include πŸ˜› TAGEND

Arranging drop-off sites for a menu drive or for donating warm climate garment

Hosting a virtual fundraiser and raffle off pillages

Volunteering at a menu pantry by carry, planning, or granting out food

Delivering groceries or banquets to elderlies

2. Play tournaments& socialize


Engage in team plays like a scavenger hunting,’ pub’ quiz, or team-based bureau Olympics. They can be great opportunities for teams be known better in a fun giving while initiating healthful rivalry and foster innovative suppose. Chances are you’ll see your coworkers in a whole new light!

Need help getting started? Here are some articles to provoke your next group activity πŸ˜› TAGEND

How to Design an Employee Scavenger Hunt

How to Run a Good Trivia Night

How to Host Your Own Office Olympics

Benefits include: Having fun, to know colleagues you don’t usually work with, chortling, and feeling closer to the team.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: There are tons of ways to play online games with your team. Why not set up an Among Us or Jackbox Games party? Plus, check out Water Cooler Trivia for excellent, asynchronous trivia competitions.

3. Gift containers

Create a baggage with recreation endowments like company-branded clothing, lunch boxes, or water bottles. Include some treats, include talent cards, and share experiences at local restaurants, massage centers, or coffee shops.

Go a step further and ask your staff what kind of gifts they really miss. Giving the privilege kind of swag can increase loyalty and cure provoke future exchanges about your brand.

Benefits include: Feeling revalued, and enjoying offerings with friends and family.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Delivery works have really stepped up their activity during the course of its pandemic. Create a custom-made charge box event with Knack, cult-favorite hometown discuss from Goldbelly, or transmit over the essentials with Doordash.

4. Get innovative

Research at San Francisco State University shows that having imaginative stores outside of work boosts job performance. Introduce your employees to some fun hobbies with a workshop on painting, cooking, bloom agree, crocheting, or origami.

To make sure that everyone participates in an activity that they’ll enjoy, propose numerous options and let everyone sign up for their favor work beforehand.

Benefits include: Focusing on something merriment, right-brained thinking, knowing a brand-new pastime, and getting to take a masterpiece home with you.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Just like bringing works, all sorts of businesses have adapted to the socially-distant environment and are offering courses and experiences online. Browse through hundreds of options on The Vendry, Marco, and Airbnb Experiences! Since Bonusly started working from dwelling, we’ve attended a virtual prepare class( empanadas !), followed along with an expert mixologist, and will soon embark on a Harlem Renaissance-themed safarus for Black History Month!

5. Provide a lunch ordeal


Provide a gratified lunch for your employees and offer works subsequentlies, like listening to a noon concert, attaching a neighbourhood walking tour, attending a library talk, or going for a bike razz. Eating right, exercising, and concerts all have proven work-related benefits. Poll your crew and can be attributed to your neighbourhood newspaper for venues and incidents that could be a good is suitable for your outing.

Benefits include: Detecting new and rousing things to do in your town, enjoying brand-new knows with squad members, and sharing interests.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Make an effort to connect by ordering lunch from a regional favorite. While we can’t be together in person, experiencing the same food is almost as good.

6. Throw a team happy hour

Happy hours provide a unwound atmosphere that can encourage positive staff interactions. They admit unit members to reduce stress and can help to a positive corporation culture. Note that hosting any after-hours activity may exclude some individuals, so consider stopping the work day a little early before other commitments attract beings away.

If you choose to host a happy hour, make sure to weigh the advantages and hardships of sufficing alcohol to your squad, and be sensitive to any tribes who don’t imbibe, providing alternatives.

Benefits include: Informal socialize and learning something new about each other.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Virtual mixology categorizes or wine-colored tastings is a fun, fresh road to enjoy happy hours–especially if you are interested in the vitality around your virtual happy hours is lagging!

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7. Take a field trip


Organize a field trip to a neighbourhood museum, botanic garden, or park. Sign up for a factory, brewery or winery expedition. Use Employee Appreciation Day as an opportunity to better know your community and learn about your neighbors. It might even spark some new ideas!

Benefits include: Appointing a memorable era, having fun, enjoying local entertainments, and learn something new.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: This one is tricky.

If you have a smaller team that’s based in the same geographic location, it may be possible to meet up in a park or do some kind of outdoor activity. Consider having a picnic, or taking a stroll along the lakefront.

8. Bring in considers

Who doesn’t beloved a dessert spread?

Desserts–cupcakes, donuts, candy–are a common token of acknowledgment, but take it a stair further by keeping track of your employees’ special favorites. Why bring in cupcakes when a crew member prefers donuts? Instead of a chest of chocolates, how about some vegan cookies?

When you’re getting to know new employees during the course of its onboarding process, slip in some questions about their favorite desserts, and you’ll have insider knowledge on how to delight on Employee Appreciation Day.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Delivery services are your friend! Countless sugareds supermarkets are offering bringing across the United Commonwealth, like Jeni’s Ice Creams and Milk Bar.

9. Spruce up their workspace

You know what they say about March–it comes in like a lion.

I don’t know about you, but March is definitely when I start to get antsy about the dreary weather–especially when you’re stuck inside, manipulating remotely. Employee Appreciation Day is a excellent opportunity to help your employees with a outpouring refresh of their workspace. Pick up some new greenery for the office, or bring in brand-new artwork for a fresh mindset.

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: Explore options like The Sill or Bloomscape for transmission of indoor potted plants. Too, consider implementing an office equipment stipend to make sure your employees have what they need to be productive and successful!

10. Subscription to Headspace

On Employee Appreciation Day, give your team representatives a clue that you care about their mental and feelings wellbeing. A talent of a Headspace subscription can provide valuable steered reflection times that’ll leave works feeling refreshed.

11. Film a short video

A few months after Bonusly started working remotely due to COVID-1 9, we kicked off a quick video job. Participating hires shot a selfie video thanking our leader team for their care and flexibility as we transitioned to remote act, which was stitched together into a full gratitude video! We surprised them by playing it at our all-hands congregating, and it was a touched! Yes, there were happy snaps.

This is an easy but meaningful lane to show your appreciation, whether it’s on a company-wide or individual level. If you’re on a Mac, Apple iMovie will work in a tinge, but there’s likewise tons of free video editing software out there!

12. Send a postcard or symbol

Postcards, symbols, and other forms of snail mail are a special joy to receive during the pandemic. Write a symbol of appreciation for your employees, and it’s something they can pin up in their workspace!

13. Start a mentorship planned

According to our 2020 Employee Engagement and Modern Workplace Report, 89% of Highly Engaged employees are satisfied with their professional development opportunities, compared to only 36% of Actively Disengaged employees.

Employee Appreciation Day is a great daylight to announce a brand-new mentorship curriculum. You should be thinking about how you can help your employees learn and ripen, but there are many actions you can do this besides paying for expensive consultations and course tuition. Establishing an official mentoring program empowers employees to build relationships, dark others in advisable characters, and find opportunities for growth.

14. Establish dedicated time off

Time is a priceless resource, and it’s one thing you can never get back. Why not furnish some extra PTO to your unit as part of Employee Appreciation Day? Even for people who love their jobs, a little added free time is always welcome.

There are many time-based ways to reward individual employees for their hard work, from flexible scheduling to sleep-in daytimes and early releases!

[?][?] Make it remote friendly: At Bonusly, we’ve been dedicating one Friday a month as “Rest from Home Days”–a way for our lead team to acknowledge how many employees are working longer and harderthroughout the pandemic.

With countless scheduled vacations and projects being canceled, and mandatory remote work heavily blurring the lines between succeed and personal live, it’s important to make sure your employees have the time to actually rest and recharge. There’s no better direction to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work.

15. Write a LinkedIn recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is the perfect channel to commemorate Employee Appreciation Day! It’s a personal, meaningful, and an endorsement for someone’s hard work. It’s an underrated gesture that communicates your appreciation of a unit member, but also that you care about their future success–even if it’s not at your company. Plus, it’s free.

LinkedIn recommendations are the gold star of public recognition, because it’s truly public.

We also invite you to learn more about Bonusly’s employee recognition and honors stage to make it even easier to appreciate your crew every day.

Wallop of work approval

How precisely are employees and companies positively impacted by recognition? Employees event various positive feelings through acknowledgment that translate into discernible business welfares πŸ˜› TAGEND Job happiness

Feeling acknowledged and recognized at work assists employees experience their work more while also increasing productivity. Harmonizing to a SHRM study, 48% of employees reported that management’s recognition of their job performance are important to their job satisfaction.

Sense of purpose

The feeling that your work is important and that your contribution is valuable is a great motivator, one that increases employee engagement. According to a study by Alight Solutions, employees who feel honored are seven times more likely to be engaged with office than employees who don’t.


When employee feels like their firm cares about them, stress positions weaken, confidence develops, and costly turnover declines. An affecting 55% of workers said that if they feel their bos cares about their well-being, they would want to stay at that companionship for 10 years or more.


Appreciating employees builds trust. In his work Trust Factor, Harvard Researcher Paul J. Zak states that compared with works at low-trust fellowships, those at high-trust corporations report 50% greater productivity, 13% fewer sick dates, 76% more engagement and 40% little burnout.


Employee Appreciation Day can be an epiphany moment for many employees, one that you can use to show they’re cared for and appreciated.

Want to learn more about how to foster employee recognition in your organization? Read our Guide to Modern Employee Recognition.

Make every day Employee Appreciation Day

While it’s a great meaning to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, it’s important to understand that organizations shouldn’t limit employee appreciation to just one day. Every day should be Employee Appreciation Day.

If you haven’t already, start “ve been thinking about” creating your own employee recognition program. These programs can be a great way to help your team foster a joyful, fulfilled, and caused culture through acceptance. Supporting a recognition program exerting an employee recognition platform like Bonusly can make it even easier to appreciate your team all time round.

Want more ideas to appreciate your employees throughout the year? Take a tour of Bonusly or talk with one of our honors experts.

Interested in learning more about recognition and date? Check out this guide πŸ˜› TAGEND

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