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While we’ve been granted the opportunity to witness some truly amazing classics since the inception of the modern-day Christmas movie, we’ve too perpetually had to deal with uncontroversial, accepting, and generic flub. Sometimes the formula gets switched up and witness get eliciting crossovers into action, horror, and melodics. These are interesting bits of experimental cinema, but that gamble doesn’t ever pay off.

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For those who are tired of the same age-old trope-filled specials that breeze every Christmas on Hallmark, or even the mark Christmas humors that are great but eventually is getting older and tedious, we’ve compiled a listing of Christmas-related cinemas. Not all of them are bad movies, but everyone is original and surprising Christmas movies.

Updated on December 25 th, 2021 by Ben Hathaway: Christmas is a holiday that seems to welcome movies of every genre. With all of the strange Christmas movies that try, and fail, to be remembered, it stands to reason that there will only be more outlandish Christmas movies in the future.


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Michael Keaton and the late huge Kelly Preston did the most appropriate, but Jack Frost( 1998) was widely seen as a picky festivity kinfolk cinema. It flopped at the box office and didn’t do well with connoisseurs, who announced it exceedingly mawkish and bland.

It’s also moderately dark, considering the film deals with a child’s grief process after losing his father. But Frost comes back in the form of a snowman, get into hijinks with his son that, naturally, include a snowball fight.


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Of all the peculiar Christmas movies on world markets , nothing are quite as calmly notorious as Jack Frost( 1997 ). American Pie‘s Shannon Elizabeth has a scene with the mutant murderer snowman that they are able to stand no chance of being shot today.

The plot makes locate in a imaginary municipality entitled Snowmonton, which leans it in league with Troll 2’s town of Nilbog( goblin, backward ). Jack Frost is a serial gunman who, on the way to his implementation, crashes into a genetic experiment truck. Man becomes snowfall and Jack Frost continues his frenzy. This includes one background where he liquefies and slithers under a door. The protagonist shoots the irrigate with standard bullets and bellows “It’s not working! ” Lines like that determine Jack Frosta cult classic Christmas horror movie.


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Far from being Ben Affleck’s best movie, Surviving Christmas does at least have a terrific supporting cast. With Christina Applegate, the late James Gandolfini, and Catherine O’Hara all dallying pre-eminent characters, the movie had the chance to be more than the unpleasant mess it is. As it stands, the talented musicians are saddled with deeply unlikable and antagonistic characters.

Released in October of 2004, the movie was positioned to die a quick fatality at the box office. On transcend of flopping, it was also nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Picture, Worst Actor, and Worst Screenplay.


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Santa with Muscles certainly ranks among the most forgotten Christmas movies. Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan stars as Blake Thorn, millionaire head of a bodybuilding add-on business.

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The movie then becomes a mistaken identity tale, with Thorn being mistaken for a mall Santa after going in the outfit to avoid police. There’s likewise a megalomaniacal scientist trying to obtain magic crystals remaining beneath an orphanage. It’s a difficult film to are serious about, but on the upside, it does facet an early illusion by Mila Kunis.


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Elf Bowling was a popular computer game in the early 2000 s, but it’s inconceivable to see why anyone would have made, even at the height of the game’s popularity, that returning the right its own invigorated cinema was a good idea. Video game movies almost never work, because video games( specially arcade-style inventions like Elf Bowling) don’t frequently concentrates on their plan above other elements like cinemas do, and this leads to video game adaptations often being given unoriginal, trite storylines that are only somewhat related to their source material.

Elf Bowling The Movie followed this path, and this led to critical and commercial downfall. The film remains a bizarre example of filmmakers trying to cash in on a long-deceased trend.


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In some circles, this has been identified as the prototype of bad filmmaking. The film stars Kirk Cameron as a fictional edition of himself, trying to convince his brother( also a imaginary portrayal) that Christmas has always been deeply rooted in Christianity despite the holiday’s commercialization in recent years. He contributes they should embrace and celebrate this relationship.

Terrible acting, cinematography, and direction combine with overarching preachiness and cringiness to create a nightmarish Christmas outing.


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The original designation of this movie is 3615 code Pere Noel, but it’s also known as Deadly Games, Dial Code Santa Claus, Game Over, and Hide and Freak. It’s obvious that issues with publicity and localization are going to push this movie into oblivion before it even goes started. It’s a horror-thriller movie that North American audiences would find too shocking and realistic since the vagrant in the film is a stalker and assassin who doesn’t mess around.

Home Alone was secreted a year later during the holiday season and both movies were very similar with a significant tonal change. The undertakings of Kevin were a series of comical jokes with no real bets while the vagrant come as Santa in this movie is a scary villain.


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The 2014 Lifetime special Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever was released at the pinnacle of the titular internet sensation’s popularity and follows a girl appointed Crystal, who detects a friend in the antisocial animal( played by Aubrey Plaza) after discovering the government has special communication cleverness. The duo is then impelled, Paul Blart-style, to stop a team of amateur burglars from fixing off with an extremely expensive dog housed in Grumpy’s pet store residence( although Grumpy, in attribute, is against saving the pooch ).

While Worst Christmas Ever was washed by analysts( leading to a lot of predictable “Worst Movie Ever” jokes ), this campy Christmas cash-in might retain a Christmas movie fan’s attention piqued.


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It’s a valiant crossover even if it’s not the most highly-rated movie, but it got some positive recognition for the talented shed. Anna and the Apocalypse blends repugnance, teen theatre, and a melodic with that charisma and cheesy vacation aesthetic.

The mix of genres once concludes it weird. It’s a movie from the UK and has been favorably compared to similar off-kilter parodies likeShaun of the Dead which uses the same dry and incisive banter. Had there been more of a plan for advertisement and bigger mentions in the give, this movie might not be so obscure, but most people have never heard of it.


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This one is just inexplicable, and bad-movie reviewers still debate about how exactly it was greenlighted in the first place and how it was able to snag an all-star voice cast, including expertises such as Jim Belushi, Debi Derryberry, and Jim Cummings. It’s a strange, bothering, and macabre retelling of the Nutcracker story, presumably obliged for children, with fresh fruits and veggies added to the cast of characters.

The uncomfortable vibe combined with a disturbing skill mode oddly derivative of the then-popular cartoon succession Veggietales only serves to alienate the unfortunate viewer, and it’s so tedious and irritating that it barely even wields as “so-bad-it’s-good” fare.


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While it is originated for babies, that doesn’t give the peculiarly storied 1964 fantasy film The Magic Christmas Tree off the hook, and it’s genuinely that strange. The cinema follows a young son named Mark, who climbings a tree to save an old lady’s cat. Unfortunately, he descends and is briefly knocked out, waking to realize the woman is a witch. She makes him a spell sound he can use to grow an evergreen tree that will grant him three wishes.

The film does stranger from there, dealing with the implications of supremacy and throwing Santa Claus into the mix.


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Folks who love their yield Christmas movies might know this one. The Rankin-Bass version of Rudolph the Red-Rosed Reindeer was pretty weird once, but if that wasn’t fairly, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus will crowd that strange void.

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Frank L. Baum wrote the romance on which this movie is based, and he’s the person responsible for The Wizard of Oz volumes. It’s a merriment watch, just for the clevernes involved, but it’s tough to describe. Let’s just say that the Great Ak causes a child to a lion to raise, who is then kidnapped by a timber nymph, and just go with it.


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The 2007 Christmas special Holiday in Handcuffs became ABC Family’s most-watched broadcast ever, thanks, at least in part, to the film’s undeniably odd proposition. It follows Trudie( Melissa Joan Hart ), an master who decides to seize a completely random, hapless individual, David Martin( Mario Lopez) so that she’ll be able to show him off to her parents at her family’s Christmas reunion.

Throughout the entire cinema , nothing of the characters’ decisions or interactions make sense, and that’s almost attractiveness, as it leads to quite a few laugh-out-loud minutes that the film’s administrators might not have intended to be comical. Really strange, but also really funny for people wanting to watch something truly bizarre this Christmas, Holiday in Handcuffs is definitely a top pick.


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Think Saving Christmas was the worst Christmas film ever performed? Well, yes, it probably was, but Santa Claus Conquers the Martians emphatically comes close.

The 1964 sci-fi comedy follows a group of aliens who decide to abduct Santa Claus so he can give their children new, recreation suffers similar to the ones the children on Earth have. Becoming acclaimed after its appearing on the popular humor sequence Mystery Science Theater 3000, the movie have already established a legacy as one of the worst cinemas ever prepared due to its incoherent plan and good production cost( “todays opening” recognitions can be attributed to a “custume” designer ). Though it is really, truly humorous sometimes, albeit unintentionally.


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The deadpan horror film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale follows a group of reticent British archaeologists who unearth an evil, horned account of Santa Claus in Finland. This leads to the area’s neighbourhoods being forced to defend themselves against a group of loyal, loathsome elves with only one propose, to protect their master.

Sure, it’s weird, but it’s genuinely a reasonably decent, humorous movie with some enormous times and a nonstop, rapid-fire wittiness. In fact, as a Christmas-themed horror, it participates with other Yulish fright movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Krampus, or Black Christmas in terms of quality.


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This movie is more often referred to simply as Santa Claus, but let’s be honest, this alternative title is much better for choosing the eye. Maybe that’s why this movie has remained unnoticed in the shadows because it was sold under a generic entitle. The movie was obliged in Mexico and the English dub was released in the US a year later.

The plotline cranks the outlandish up to 11 not only by bringing the devil himself in as one of the principal villains but by put Santa’s workshop in space along with other curious supplementaries that don’t seem to have anything to do with Christmas or Santa Claus, like casting Merlin as Santa’s trusty assistant. Yes, that Merlin. Together they have to thwart the Devil’s plan to send his villain Pitch to entice children to do risque things. And that’s really the tip of this crazy iceberg.


The plot of Elves predicts is a delirium dream than a storyline actually used for a cinematic aspect, but that’s part of the film’s unique style. A strange merger of repugnance factors is clearly visible in its patch. Around Christmastime, demonic, Neo-Nazi elves plan to breed with an Aryan virgin in order to create the race that, in the world countries of this film, Hitler was actually working to create, human-elf hybrids.

There isn’t truly much more to say about this film – it’s just so strange that it leaves viewers at a loss for words. There are probably people who will enjoy it for its fascinatingly original label of strangeness.


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A comedy about Santa stranded in Florida is actually a fairly clever, original hypothesi, it actually is just like the patch of a modern-day Christmas movie from Netflix or even Hallmark. However, that’s the only “normal” idea this film has. After Santa crash-lands in Florida, many strange happens percolate. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn appear, for seemingly no reason. Santa telepathically invokes children and then predicts them a narration, which is actually a lead-in to a fairy-tale-themed film-within-a-film( Thumbelina or, in one version, Jack and the Beanstalk) that runs nearly twice as long as the “Santa” narrative.

At long last-place, the famed Ice Cream Bunny sees, of course, in his magical relic firetruck after having been summoned by a hound, and transports Santa back to the North Pole. The film’s over, but it’s even more confusing now than it was when it began.

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