2 hours after the mass shooting in Colorado, Rep. Lauren Boebert sent a campaign email encouraging supporters to say ‘HELL NO’ to gun control

Rep Lauren Boebert of Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert of Colorado

Rep. Lauren Boebert was tweeting about Biden while a mass shooting was developing in her home regime. Following the shooting that left ten dead, Boebert said she was praying for those affected. The representative’s expedition reportedly send a pro-gun email to supporters two hours after the shooting. See more stories on Insider’s business sheet.

One of Congress’ most fervent Second Amendment partisans is facing backlash after a series of indifferent communications following a mass shooting that left ten dead in a Boulder, Colorado supermarket on Monday.

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado has quickly made a name for herself as a pro-gun, right-wing ideologue during her short time in the House of Representatives, but her have responded to Monday’s shooting in her dwelling commonwealth drew abrupt evaluation .

Reports of an active shooter situation at a King Soopers grocery store began flowing shortly before 3 pm neighbourhood day. Thirty minutes later, a local livestream of the incident indicated policemen imprisoning a handcuffed, shirtless boy who was covered in blood.

But as regional law enforcement, media stores, and politicians were awaiting more information about the incident, Boebert was tweeting about the US Southern border and President Biden.

“The White House really called a lid at 1:13 pm today. Biden is back in the vault, figuratively at least, ” she tweeted at 2:51 pm.

“Meanwhile, the country is in chaos and the border is coming apart at the seams, ” she wrote.

-Lauren Boebert (@ laurenboebert) March 22, 2021

Following a speedy blitz of Twitter users explosion Boebert for her epoch, the rookie representative published a statement to treat the shooting.

“My devotions are with the customers, employees, first responders& others affected by the shooting in Boulder, ” she tweeted. “May God be with them.”

-Lauren Boebert (@ laurenboebert) March 22, 2021

Amid an ongoing spew of mass shootings in recent years, the stump term “thoughts and prayers” has become the go-to-response for many politicians, instead of tangible policy changes to address the gun violence epidemic in the United State.

But Boebert, who has hinted she carries a artillery working together with the US Capitol and has appeared at a virtual committee fill in front of a multi-gun display , was quickly back to championing grease-gun titles Monday night.

Two hours after the shooting, Boebert’s safarus apparently communicated her followers an email with a theme argument that said, “I told Beto’ HELL NO’ to take our grease-guns. Now we need to tell Joe Biden, ” according to a tweet from columnist David Gura.

-David Gura (@ davidgura) March 23, 2021

“Radical radicals in Washington, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and with President Biden’s favor and corroborate are trying to violate your due process and criminalize the private carry of handguns, ” a photo Gura tweeted of the email said. “Please cure me stand up to the progressive gun-grabbing left.”

She is the founder and proprietor of Shooters Grill, a Colorado restaurant odious for staff members that “proudly open carry as they perform their customers.”

Boebert has been a vocal antagonist of gun control and background checks, often sharing a bogus story about a humankind being “beaten to death” outside her gun-themed restaurant as an street to preach for grease-gun privileges. The local police department discredited her claims after an postmortem testified the man had died from a drug overdose.

Insider has reached out to Boebert’s campaign for remark.

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