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3 Drip Campaign Emails With An Above 40% Open Rate

When I first constructed my email listing, I was ready to create some dripping expeditions. Precisely one little problem: I didn't know what to say. I felt like a salesperson with this perfect prospect, but I couldn't find the words to convey how I could change this person's business.

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You can make a drip campaign for anything: to encourage a freemium customer, to convert a blog customer, or to deliver relevant content to leads from a certain industry. There are no limits to the type of campaign you can create, although there are a few common types. I go over them below.

Category of Drip Campaigns

Let’s take a look at some of the dripping safaruss you can create to nurture expectations and leads.

Onboarding Drip Campaign

After a contribute defers their email through a pattern, it’s time to welcome them to the business by transmitting them material that they are able to interest them. An onboarding email sequence should provide value, entice leads to keep engaging, and inspire them to speak to your auctions team.

In an onboarding dribble campaign, you can send leads-in 😛 TAGEND

A schedule of blog posts and case studies that they are able to interest person in their niche

A unique welcome certificate they can use for a limited time

A curation of products that they’ve previously look back( signaling obtain planned)

Retargeting Drip Campaign

A retargeting campaign targets useds who’ve committed meaningfully with your content. They downloaded a white paper, inspected the same page multiple times, or downloaded an ebook.

To bring them back, you suffice them even more specific content that can help them make a obtaining decision. You can also find out what they thought about the resources they accessed.

In your lead nurturing emails, you can send your prospects 😛 TAGEND

A fillable workbook for the recent guide or ebook they downloaded

An email instantly from a sales rep asking to set up some time to chat

A feedback petition about the resource they downloaded

Post-Demo Campaign

This would apply mainly to the tech industry, where sales representative often specify make demos to potentials and causes. But if you give any product that can be demonstrated live, this type of drip campaign would work for you, too.

After a demo, it’s important to re-emphasize the value of your produce and bring in success narratives from other business. You can also communicate guides on how to get higher-ups to buy in.

Here are some content opinions for a post-demo campaign 😛 TAGEND

A directory of video testimonials from past purchasers

A directory of tutorials on specific features that the produce was specifically interested in

Access to an exclusive free inquiry present that you widened while on the phone

In B2C marketings, you can also create an abandoned cart email campaign.

I started chitchatting with a few of my friends in sales to gain a better understanding of their best mysteries and parallelling open frequencies, and David Sneider, Sendbloom's onetime head of growth and current CEO of Expand, required the following quote 😛 TAGEND

“Introductory email messaging is the' tip-off of the spear’ for starting business relationships. The facsimile you write need now sharp-worded hitherto sincere, showing that you can provide value without inundating them. Ultimately the recipient should feel as if all you miss is to improve their day and their business.”

This attained sense to me. If I'm more authentic, then the participation and longevity of my ties-in further strengthening. I nudged David further, and soon uncovered his top tips-off and best traditions for creating a drip campaign -- plus his three most successful email templates.

1. Choose a trickle expedition software.

To send drip campaigns, you’ll firstly need a sales automation tool that allows you to planned the emails in advance and target them to different segments of your lead-in base. For pattern, you can create and send email drip expeditions with Sequences, a tool in HubSpot Sales Hub.

The drip campaign software should integrate seamlessly with your CRM and offer real-time performance metrics that will allow you to tweak and modernize your safaruss as needed. It should also enable penetrating personalization -- no two contributes should receive the exact same email. At the very least, the salute should address the person who’s receiving it.

Last, your application should be user-friendly and easy to adopt for all of your sales reps.

2. Identify the goal for your trickle safarus.

Are you trying to reengage dormant patrons? Nurture brand-new precedes? Cross-sell existing customers?

Decide what action you crave your book to take at the end of the drip and specify a road map to get there.

Ask yourself which of the following goals is most aligned with your own 😛 TAGEND

Promote a new product or service

Increase brand awareness

Gather customer feedback

Generate revenue

Boost user engagement

Drive registrations for the purposes of an upcoming occasion

Once you've regulated your goal for information campaigns, think through who will be segmented into this drip. Which makes us to our next area ...

3. Determine how someone resolves up in this campaign.

You want to make sure that the right people are getting the liberty send at the right time. So, who will be opting in or being segmented into this drip safarus? Ask yourself the following questions to find out 😛 TAGEND

What war did the public take to find themselves in this email drip campaign?

What are their pain parts?

What are their goals?

What will get their attention in the middle of a workday?

Why would they remove an email from this campaign?

What do I hope the public will do after decipher one of these drip emails?

Once you've rebutted these questions, you should have a good opinion of who you'll be targeting, how you'll segment this audience, and how you'll best reach and provision evaluate to this audience.

4. Decide how many strokes your dripping safarus will have.

You can send more emails than you think you should. Customers want to hear from you -- they just want the liberty content delivered when they need it. With that in recollection, you can schedule one email per week. B2C companies can get away with sending a little more, but B2B companies should resist ship more than five emails every month.

Your dripping safarus can last from four to eleven emails that are sent four, seven, or fourteen periods apart. Decide how many strokes you need to effectively nurture your public and prime them for your offer.

5. Create the content( and personalize it ).

A misconception about dribble expeditions is that they're mindlessly sent mass email that's neither relevant nor tailor-make to their audience's needs. While there are certainly drip campaigns that deserve this classification, this shouldn't be the case with your dripping emails.

It's possible to create relevant and personalized content that you can send to sure-fire segments in your dripping campaign.

Let's say, for example, you have a drip for businesses that download your company's case study featuring a customer whose Midwest SMB benefited from your contract controllers. Set up your campaign so that anyone who downloads this case study is automatically entered into a dripping you've customized for Midwest SMBs attempting seasonal statement help.

Include a fresh patch of the information contained for your promises in each of the dribble emails you transmit. For instance, you might follow up their initial case study download with a friendly email like this 😛 TAGEND

Tax season knocking too soon?


I see that you recently downloaded our patron case study featuring[ Customer name ]. I hope you procured it helpful.

I thought you might also like this blog post on "Six Simple Things SMBs Can Do Today to Make Tax Season Painless."

Let me know what you think.


[ Your mention]


6. Know when to make person out of the trickle.

The worst experience for a prospect is to take your desired action without being unenrolled in your drip safarus. Let's say a prospect is enrolled in a dripping safarus with the goals and targets of getting them to planned a demo.

If they schedule a demo on a Tuesday and get another email on Thursday asking them to schedule a demo -- that's a appalling client experience.

It ogles the worst when the dripping campaign has been altered so that it looks like you’re transmit the emails. This clears it be suggested that you either don't remember who your prospect is or have been a fake the whole time.

Know when to make someone out of your dribble. Set up a trigger that will unenroll a prospect the moment they end the action you've goaled your trickle expedition on.

Feeling ready to create your trickle expedition? I’ve compiled a few best practises to ensure each email is in its best shape.

1. Be informative, but keep it short-lived.

There are a few types of emails where including long-form content is actually handy. For sample, if your extend is specifically interested in how you founded your firm, you can create an email drip campaign with the floor. At the end, you can add a CTA for them to participate in a webinar on how they are unable saw their own company.

Unless it’s a occasion like that one, nonetheless, you want them to get to the CTA as quickly as possible. That entails deterring your trickle safarus emails two to three paragraphs long.

2. Include a CTA button or question at the end of every email.

Whether you demand the lead to schedule a announcement, tell you who are to achieve, or sign on for a free trial, you’ll need to include a CTA at the end of every dripping campaign email. Results should know what they should do at the end of every message.

The CTA should be tailored to their stage of the buyer’s journey. If they’ve only recently signed up, you can ask them to follow your company on social media. When they’ve reached the consideration stage, you can send them a white paper or a case study.

3. Send your emails on Fridays.

There has been much debate on the right time and weekday to communicate emails -- lookup “email frequency” or “email cadence” in Google and you’ll determine what I mean.

Research by Campaign Monitor demonstrates that Fridays have the highest open and click-through paces at 18.9% and 2.7% respectively. Its investigate too are demonstrating that Saturdays should be avoided.

While the research can be a nice guidepost, your rhythm will ultimately depend on when your heads most interact with your emails. So remain a close gaze on concert metrics so you can determine what drives upshots for your business.

4. A/ B test send times.

What’s the best time to send drip emails? The data suggests that the early morning hours( even as early as 4 AM !) are highly effective, since most 9-to-5 office workers check their emails in the morning.

However, the best time for your busines is highly dependent on your causes solely and not on published study. Where is the grand majority of your customer cornerstone unearthed? What manufacture are they in? Do they labor from residence and tend to work odd hours? If they travel in the morning, do they promote checking their email during their lunch break?

Like in the previous best practise, you’ll want to use your leads’ engagement behavior to decide when you are able to send your emails.

5. Track open frequencies, click-through paces, and click-to-open rates.

In your drip campaign tool, you should be able to see open rates, CTR, and click-to-open proportions. This last one is especially important because it tells you the percentage of people who actually sounded through after reopen the email.

Tracking this information is not simply allows you to determine the right time and daytime to send your emails, but it also can be used to A/ B test the wording, slotting, or motif of your CTA. You are also welcome to A/ B test the effectiveness of your topic strings by looking at open rate.

I’m focusing on these three metrics because they’re generally simple and easy to find, and are most relevant to improving your drip safarus. But if you crave, you can track other email marketing metrics, such as unsubscribe rate, to reckon act overall.

6. Implement a follow-up sequence after no response.

Has your guide not responded? This isn’t the time to back down and acquire they’re a lost extend. Send a follow-up email -- again, again, and again. You’re not being annoying. Remember, a drip safarus ever aims to offer value, and the truth is you have something valuable to offer. You’re never vexing. You’re trying to help them improve a process at their business.

If you fail to reconnect after various struggles( I recommend trying at least two times ), you can then send a “breakup” email and remove the lead from the sequence.

7. Ask for feedback if your dripping expedition is abortive.

If a leading fails to convert -- i.e. they don’t schedule a demo, call the sales team, or sign on for a webinar -- send a survey link to the lead. Looking at the metrics is something. Hearing straight from your extends on what you can do better is another.

Create a survey and try to understand why the conduct wasn’t interested. Was it simply not the best time? Did they go with a contestant? Armed with these reactions, you can create a better drip campaign that engages prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

The following dribble safarus templates prove these best practices in action. Take a regard and get inspired.

Precedent Drip Campaign Templates Drip Email One

Hi[ Prospect ],

My name is[ Name ], and I'm the founder at Shipping Company. We work with organizations like Sears and Target to hold FedEx and UPS accountable.

We track all your shipments, relate late deliveries, and file claims on your behalf. You merely offer when carton tracking is credited to your account.

What would be the best way to get 15 hours on your calendar to explore if this would be valuable to[ Company ]?


[ Your epithet]


Email Performance

Open Rate: 44.3%

Reply Rate: 33.3%

What Worked

The preamble is rapid and honest, taking up no more than one sentence.

The second decision is also quick and to-the-point, asking what the business does without a five-paragraph pitch.

The reason CTA is a simple yes or no question. That builds the effort required to respond much easier.

Pro Tip: A/ B Exam Your Pitch

The second paragraph of the first dribble email is a good place to A/ B experiment different the specific characteristics of your make or services of your business to see what prospects find most pertinent. I test mine by simply transporting each version and tracking the emails with HubSpot Sales to see which garner the most prominent open and click rates.

Drip Email Two

Hi[ Prospect ],

My company,[ Shipping Company ], gives you real-time visibility into your shipments, lets you know when any have been delivered late, and tracks packages on your behalf.

You pay for performance, so if we don't save you fund, we don't get paid. Who would be the best person to speak with at[ Company ]?


[ Your figure]


Email Performance

Open Rate: 61.8%

Reply Rate: 35.3%

What Worked

The subject strand is a reply to the first, impelling it familiar. I've find this helps increase open rates.

The second sentence refines your original pitch to try and use brand-new messaging that reverberates with what your recipient cares about.

The closure to this drip email is quite magical in my view. Asking for an introduction to the right person at the organization vastly helps improve response charges.

Drip Email Three

Hi[ Prospect ],

I wanted to make sure you checked my earlier sense. I'd like to learn about the pains of parcel moving at[ Company ].

If you are the appropriate person to speak with, what does your docket was like early next week? If not, who do you recommend I talk to?

-[ Your refer]


Email Performance

Open Rate: 42.4%

Reply Rate: 22.9%

What Worked

The introduction of this email offsets it clear you are just checking in on the status of their email.

Learning from David's specimen, I've concluded that my dribble emails should each follow a few key points.

Drip 1

Drip 2

Drip 3

3 sections max

2 decisions per graph

Goal with yes/ no CTA

Refine the tone

Refine key piece

Make a bolder query

Shortest email

Refine key feature

Make even bolder expect

Time-wise, each trickle can be sent anywhere from two days to a few weeks after the previous message.

Generate Drip Campaign Emails that Convert Leads

With the tips-off, best practices, and templates I’ve shared, you’re well on the way to creating a drip campaign that are participating and converts your causes and prospects. By consistently delivering appreciate to your contacts, you can ensure they get the exact content they need to make a obtaining decision. This will help your team sell effortlessly, exponentially increasing income at your company.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been revised for comprehensiveness.

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