30 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2021

The Lifestyle Blog niche is one of the most competitive blogging niches around. Lifestyle bloggers are competing against digital life-style stores, in a niche either already quite saturated. So lifestyle blogs that increase a large readership are of a high standard in both designing and content.

Online mags often have huge funds, a etch volume as well as digital, and content that is differed and expertly written, with professional photos. But life-style blogs have an edge in that they can supply brand-new content every day if they so wish. Lifestyle blogs are free to access whereas digital store editions is impossible to be accessed through paid subscriptions.

For a lifestyle blog to thrive, the authors need to provide excellent, accurate content and photos that create interest and capture the readers’ imageries. Lifestyle bloggers have raised their standards to compete with the best of both online mags and other lifestyle blogs.

But what exactly constitutes a lifestyle blog?

Let’s find out!

Defining Lifestyle Blogs

A lifestyle blog is defined as digital content representing the author’s everyday life and interests. The utterance “lifestyle” according to the dictionary entails “habits, attitudes, moral standards, which together constitute the way of life of a dedicated party or group.”( source: dictionary.com)

As a ensue, lifestyle blogs can can be classified into numerous micro-niches. This allows bloggers to provide content for a specific target audience. Lifestyle bloggers often promote concoctions, labels, and services to monetize their blogs. So it’s almost essential that the person behind the blog is well-versed in whatever the specific topics are.

Here’s a shortlist of normal Lifestyle Blogging niches 😛 TAGEND

Luxury Lifestyle BlogsFoodie Lifestyle BlogsHome& Garden Lifestyle BlogsFashion Blogs& Beauty Lifestyle BlogsTravel Blogs& Photography Lifestyle BlogsHealth& Fitness Lifestyle BlogsMen’s Lifestyle BlogsNatural Living Lifestyle BlogsOutdoor Lifestyle BlogsAnd Lifestyle Blogs for beings with children( likewise called mom blogs or parenting blogs .)

Sometimes even these categories get is divided into many compoundings, will vary depending on the blogger. So you could end up with a Fashion and Travel Blog, A Natural Living Mom Blog, or even a Foodie and Photography Lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle blogs are not personal blogs because they focus more on users( readers ). The material is created here for the reader and his expectations. What’s more, life-style blogs focus on the author’s assistances , not only on telling stories.

In personal blogs, the most important are the author’s spirits and anticipates, who represents his opinions, writes about his experiences, feelings, thoughts. In the personal blog, the author himself is the most important , not the reader.

I can’t write about lifestyle blogs without mentioning a few from each niche. I’ve tried to give you a selection of the most captivating from each subgenre( or micro-niche ). These Lifestyle blogs check all the boxes. They are fun, relevant, chic, smoothed, and loaded with content that entreaties to a specific target audience.

A Quick Note To Would-Be Lifestyle Bloggers

Before I launch into “Our Best Of” register, a word of caution to would-be lifestyle bloggers; even if you have many areas of interest yourself, try to whittle your material down to cover only one or two main topics. This helps when you are trying to grow a steady, loyal readership.

Male books don’t want to read about fishing, pattern, and creating a progeny of ankle snappers! A young professional will not be interested in “Ten Tips To Wean Your Child off Breast Milk”, and your Luxury Lifestyle blog will not impress our Tree Hugging friends who will recoil in horror at the decadence of indulgence lifestyles! Readers who enjoy luxury will also not be impressed with Frugal Living!

On the other hand, the lifestyle blogging niche allows the most freedom for bloggers who genuinely do have a vast array of topics that pair well together. If you can create the content and maintain the variety, then you will create space for a wider readership.

You get the picture, right?

Let’s begin!

Top blogs in life-style category

This collection of blogs showcases the variety and range of life blogs that get onto right!

1. Goop.com

Best blogs and bloggersGoop- a lifestyle blog

Goop was one of the first life blogs to affect the route, nature back in 2008. The brainchild of actress and father, Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop cover-ups everything for the modern woman. She focuses on wellness and how to create a balance between parenting and employ. Something all use mommas know about! She has a strong team behind her and Goop is a mini-empire in its own right.

Goop includes 😛 TAGEND

BeautyFood& HomeStyleTravelWellness

Target Audience: Women of all ages and instructed men.

2. The Pioneer Woman( thepioneerwoman.com)


This is a lifestyle blog that stands out for me. Unlike so many lifestyle blogs, Ree Drummond blogs about a lifestyle that all Americans know and enjoy. Pure salt of the earth, rustic ranch man. The blog backpacks a pierce! Ree has mixed recipes, wording, elegance, home& living, meat& cooking, report, and amusement. And enormous giveaways. She started as a lone commando but now has a team of editors assisting her in keeping the blog relevant, stylish, and homegrown.

Target Audience: People keen on ranch-style living.

3. iJustine

Best lifestyle bloggersiJustine- tech blog

Justine Ezarik founded her blog in 2002( when she was in college) creating video content about Apple produces. Today her blog belonging to one of the more popular in the tech industry. In 2017 Forbes recognise iJustine on the index of the top 10 tech& business influencers.( See more best tech blogs .)

Target Audience: People who love tech, jaunt, gaming, baking

4. Brightbazaarblog.com

Best bloggers in lifestyleBright Bazaar- blog

Bright Bazaar blog was founded in 2009 by Will Taylor. This is the place where Will blogs about his love for colorful scheme, jaunt, and mode. This blog is recommended by esteemed publishing houses Elle Decor, Martha Stewart Living, and many others.

If you need more home inspiration, look at other famous bloggers in the essay: The Best Interior Design Blogs.

Target Audience: People who love design.

5. Cup of Jo( cupofjo.com)

The best blogs this yearA Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard is a perfect example of what can be achieved through blogging. Joanna launched Cup of Jo in 2007, as a diversion. At that time her career was quite a high-powered one. She has quantities of editorial knowledge and her resume boasts the likes of Cosmo, Bene, Glamour, and New York.

Today Cup of Jo has a team of writers and is Joanna’s full-time gig. She lives in Brooklynn with her husband and two babies. The blog plasters liaisons, layout, food, style, travelling, culture, and motherhood. This is a great blog for women.

Target Audience: Women and mothers of all ages

6. Barefoot Blonde( barefootblonde.com)

Barefoot Blonde - Lifestyle blogBarefootBlonde.com

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Barefoot Blonde is another legend among life blogs, being one of the first lifestyle blogs to make it from a small part-time endeavor to a full-time business. And a hugely successful one at that! Full of positive energy, Amber Fillerup Clark, the author of this blog, shares daily thoughts, “hairs-breadth” lessons, passage tips, and mode tips. Whether you enjoy interior design, traveling, elegance, or fad, you’ll find inspiration here.

Barefoot Blonde is a classic pattern of where a blog can go when the blogger is authentic and passionate about her topics. Amber is a mom of three so her blog shifted from a strong focus on beauty, fad, and fuzz to one that includes decor and parenting, fixing it a true-life lifestyle blog!

Target Audience: Everyone that adorations fad, wandering, perfection, home decoration, and parenting.

7. Say Yes( sayyes.com)

Say Yes - lifestyle blogSay Yes

The founder of this award-winning site is Liz Stanley. She began her blogging escapade in 2006 with the Hoboken site, which in time became the Say Yes blog. Say Yes celebrates family life. This is a website devoted to lifestyle with practical advice on home, passage, and personal form. In my view, this is an amazing blog with beautiful photos.

If you want to know more about photography check out my essay: The best photography blogs.

Target Audience: Parents and women of all ages.

8. LoveTaza.com blog

Best lifestyle blogsLove Taza- Parenting blog

Love Taza is a parenting blog. Through her blog, Naomi( also known as Taza) shares her motherhood, parenting, and being in New York City. It is published in 2007 and started as a pulpit to share with friends and family. The blog taken away from and has even been mentioned in the Forbes Top 10, as one of the very best blogs around!

Target Audience: Family-focused people.

9. Wellness Mama( wellnessmama.com)

The best blogs in DIY categorywellnessmama.com

Katie Wells is the founder and prime boss lady of the Wellness Mama blog. Mom of 6, with a background in journalism, Katie is a woman of numerous endowments and desires. When confronted with health struggles, Katie hopped right in and began researching natural and alternative ways to get better. And from this fury, Wellness Mama was founded.

Katie is helped by a crew of medical advisors, scribes, and researchers. They raising accurate, trustworthy content to books and the blog has an excellent reputation as has become a reliable source on many aspects of natural living and parenthood.

You will find practical advice on parenting, DIY household hackers and beauty tips, natural and herbal remedies, recipes and so much more.

Target Audience: Parents and parties into natural living.

10. A Girl In Progress( agirlinprogress.com)


A Girl In Progress is a lifestyle blog aimed at providing empowering women to get the best out of life. It’s for women who are working for themselves, on themselves. It’s for all the women( but boys can gain extremely !) that are out there surviving and thriving. The blog facets commodities that will inspire, entitle, motivate, and encourage.

The blog has these categories: Do, Work, Grow, Glow, Accept, Love, Live.

Here are some recent blog affix designations 😛 TAGEND

5 Assistances of Practicing Gratitude- And How To Do It DailyHow to know if you’re choosing a life path for the right reasonsWhy we need to stop complimenting women on losing weightHow to steer adult affections in your 20 s

Target Audience: Millennial women and non-binary folk across the globe.

11. Wit and Delight( witanddelight.com)


Wit& Delight is an awesome lifestyle blog aimed at a wide audience. They focus on foolish topics, like mode and decoration, to the more serious ones like mental health issues and self-acceptance. But in between, you will find blog announces full of energy and zest. This is a great lifestyle blog for people who want a bit of everything on the same plate.

Target Audience: People with a zest for life.

12. Downshiftology( downshiftology.com)


Downshiftology is a lifestyle blog that manifests the relevant principles of its scribe and benefactor, Lisa Bryan. Lisa is a “food lover, snack prep fanatic, big wanderluster, and a house follower in self-care and’ taking it down a notch’.” It’s all about poise. Her blog aspects a savory recipe section that has recipes by trend, by ingredients, by holidays, and by special foods. The walk segment has blog posts that are laden with practical admonition for trip as well as recommendations for accommodation and sightseeing across the globe!

13. Cookin with Mima

Best Lifestyle blogs to followCookin with Mima

This food blog was founded by Mariam Ezzeddine, and grew out of her fondnes for food. Mima- mom of two wonderful lads, shares her obsession with books, wants to convey to everyone that cooking does not have to be difficult, and everyone can do it. On the website, Miriam represents simple recipes of savory dishes that everyone can prepare. You can also find CookinWithMima on Instagram.

Luxury Lifestyle Blogs

14. Luxe Digital( luxe.digital.com)


Luxe Digital is a classic pattern of a high-end lifestyle blog. It caters to professionals, both men and women. The blog is chic and sophisticated. No dowdy ads are popping out at you which, in my opinion, is beyond irritating. There’s nothing worse than trying to spend a few stolen times in the working day, gratifying in some fantasy patronize, and half the time is depleted sidestepping ads!

You feel me, right?

Luxe Digital is a new blog that was launched in 2018. Florine Eppe Beauloye, the editor-in-chief, heads up a global squad. Together they source and procure all things luxe. The blog itself is a dream to navigate and it’s split into’ Business’ and’ Lifestyle’. When you subscribe to their mailing list you get given the option of a monthly business letter, a lifestyle letter, or both.

Luxe Digital also offers discounts, previews on brand-new entries, and special offers.

Here’s what you will find 😛 TAGEND

Business 😛 TAGEND


Lifestyle 😛 TAGEND


Target Audience: Young professionals with fund to spend on luxury items.

15. The Fierce Diaries( thefiercedairies.com)


This blog is a household name throughout the Middle East. Nadya Hassan has captured the spirit of elegance and form and converts her flavours for fashion, appeal, supplementaries, and travel.Her blog portrays snippets of her life as she travels the world and enjoys life to the fullest. Excellent content and stupefying photography.

Target Audience: Millennials with a big budget for online browsing!

16. Luxury Society( luxurysociety.com)


Luxury Society is the editorial division of the Digital Luxury Group( DLG ). It plies excellent resources and in-depth interviews and essays for parties in the industry.

This lifestyle blog is aimed at luxury brand executives but anyone that has a passion for comfort brands, and what goes on in this industry, will find this blog remarkable. The commodities encompass retail, digital, consumers, commanders, and happenings in the world of luxury retail browsing. The focus is on how the digital countryside is shaping the way forward for both the symbols and the consumers. And causes penetrations into where the market is heading and what to look forward to from various labels in the coming year.

Excellent sections cover topics that are informative and laden with huge mode and produces. What gives this blog apart is that there are no adverts or stores. It does stipulate huge analysis, reports, studies, and pieces. This blog is purely to inform and enjoy!

Target Audience: Luxury Brand Executives, Industry Heavyweights, and Thought Leaders.

17. Prestige Digital( prestigedigital.net)


Prestige is a digital and etched upmarket life-style store. It is quite elite and exclusively 15,000 mimics are printed and distributed amongst 42 airfield lounges. This magazine, based in South Africa, is filled with international and local furnishes of the highest caliber.

Prestige Digital aspects Lifestyle, Travel, Videos, News, and Automotive slice on their digital stage and that is available to everyone for free. So this is a great find.

Target Audience: “High Net Worth private individuals and Motivated Aspirational individuals”( Prestige’s commands .)

18. The CEO Magazine( theceomagazine.com)


Another high-end magazine aimed at investors, rulers, financiers, and thinkers of the day. The store is an issue of inspiration that provides in-depth interviews and top quality essays that provide insight into rising financial trends and feature companionships, ideas, policies, and beings that inhabit the top echelons of society.

Target Audience: Powerful Ruler, Executives, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Health and Foodie Lifestyle Blogs

Food and life blogs cover developing trends in food, articles on cooks, eateries, and neighbourhoods to visit. Food blogs that talk about residence entertaining or banquets for households or dining out become more than exactly food blogs. Their generators share amazing recipes and fables with readers and often have publicities, rebates, and special offers on numerous products and services. The pipeline between menu blog, life-style blog, and health blog is fuzzy, to say the least.

For most of us, nutrient is more than exactly gasoline for the body. Meals shared with friends and family create retentions and because our foods influence our health, it fixes sense that these topics are an integral part of the lifestyles we espouse. This next batch of food, state, and life-style bloggers bring us riveting, colorful material regularly.

19. Carrots’ N’ Cake( carrotsncake.com)


Tina is a licensed Nutrition Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner( FDN-P ). She combines fitness curricula with nutritions and life-time coaching to help people get a balance in animation through gobbling right and biding fit. This blog leans more towards the health and fitness genre than it does towards the health and life-style one. Her blog focuses on weight loss, fitness, colitis, recipes, and nutrition.

Here are some normal blog post claims 😛 TAGEND

The# 1 misstep brides see with dietsWhy don’t the calories and the macros in MyFitnessPal match? How to break a weight loss plateau

Target Audience: Women wanting to improve health in all areas.

20. Fit Men Cook( fitmencook.com)

Lifestyle blogs to followFit Men Cook- Lifestyle Blog

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Kevin Curry started his health and fitness passage back in 2012. He started FitMenCook as a lane to hold himself accountable during his diet but what happened was even better. Kevin lost force, got fit, and constituted an online health society through his blog.

FitMenCook is where Kevin shares simple recipes he used during his diet. He found that blogging caused him to stick with his diet and he was right in reviewing it would induce others to join him. The residue, they say, is history.

Kevin focuses on easy, simple recipes that are the basis for building new, healthful wonts. Fit Men Cook rose from a small personal blog to a earn formula. Kevin is the author of the FitMenCook cookbook and the FitMenCook app.

Target Audience: Men who want to get healthful and lose weight.

Read more about The Best Health Blogs here.

21. Kayla Itsines( kaylaitsines.com)

Best lifestyle blogsKayla Itsines

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Kayla Itsines is a powerhouse of aptitude, success, and hard work. She generated the BBG workouts and ebooks and is co-founder of the Bikini Body Training Company. In 2016, her “Sweat with Kayla” app was the highest-grossing fitness app that year. She is also recognized by Time magazine as one of the 30 more influential people on the Internet.

The content of her blog offers training guides, recipes, and blog announces that civilize books on state and fitness. She is a great motivator. And there is an online BBG community that shares their accomplishments and metamorphosis Kayla’s mission is to help women achieve a perfect level of fitness and a sense of greater confidence and happiness.

Target Audience: Women who want to get fit and lose weight.

Read more about The Best Fitness Blogs here.

This is also a blog that strays more towards health and fitness than it does towards meat and life. Below are three more examples of food, traveling, and life blogs.

Food and Travel Lifestyle Blogs

Travel and food is another stellar combination that joins the lifestyle blog category. For countless beings traveling is a great way to experience new cultures and different foods. But not everyone gets to travel and that’s why expedition and food blogs are gobbled up so voraciously by thousand of books who love cooking meals from all over the world. Food and jaunt bloggers are often lamented photographers so these blogs are laden with idols of strange ends and culinary adventures.

22. Molly Yeh( mynameisyeh.com)


Molly has been blogging about her jaunts and food myths since 2009. She is a Juilliard graduate that has swapped the bright lights of New York for the starry nighttimes of farm living. Her blog is a journal of her excursions and adventures as well as a programme to share her stunning collection of recipes.

Target Audience: Millennials and Gen Z maids that want a savor of country living with a smash of travel.

23. Food Fun Travel( foodfuntravel.com)


Tommo and Megsy are a pair of fearless foodies that invest their lives traveling, cooking, and making photos! They are living their dream. And we get to share it through the content in their blog which is laden with excursion tips, recreation and activities, recipes, and destinations. You’ll find accommodation reviews and a variety of tour packages. The nutrient area showcases dishes from different ends various regions of the world and also admonishes on where to find the best eateries on your travels.

Target Audience: Everyone that beloveds menu and walk!

24. Pilot Guides( pilotguides.com)


This is a awesome site for couchsurfing travelers that want to be inspired by food and culture from around the world. Pick a continent and then pick a country. You will be directed to podcasts and essays featuring everything you need to know about the individual countries. Read about meat, religion, dress, and communications. Clauses include interesting beliefs and urban legends of famous sits as well as more current story, nutrient etiquette, and more.

And then get off the couch and book your next tour to a brand-new destination !!

25. Shut up and vanish

best lifestyle bloggersShut Up and Go

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Shut Up and Go is a blog founded by a pair of well-known YouTubers: American Damon Dominique and Brazilian Joanna( Jo) Franco. See for yourself that the world has no limits, live as you dreamed , no one will stop you- unless you.

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Fashion and Beauty Lifestyle Blogs

Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle blogs are often favourite because the blogger is also a social media influencer. So there are many blogs referred after the bloggers themselves. This is more common today than in the past, thanks to Instagram.

Here are two manner and lifestyle blogs that might catch your fancy.

26. Refinery2 9( refinery2 9. com)

refinery29.comrefinery2 9. com

Refinery 29 is an awesome lifestyle blog. It has something for everyone. Whether you like browsing online for cosmetics and fashion or remaining on top of the latest news in entertainment, artworks, and culture, you’ll find something that arouses your interest now. The blog is broken up into the following categories 😛 TAGEND

EntertainmentStyleFoodWork and Money- personal finance, tech, etc.News- featuresWellness- bodyLifestyle- bridals, movement, dwelling, and decorBeauty- cover-ups cosmetics for bark, hair, and fingernails

Target Audience: Everyone that likes to stay updated on new trends in food, style, decor, tech, pas, entertainment, and more.

27. Akanksha Redhu

Best lifestyle blogsAkanksha Redhu

This is a normal mode& life-style blog. An unexpected compounding of countless infatuations in one mesmerizing place. Akanksha writes about revelations and daydreamings, about mode, lifestyle, elegance, walk, and yoga.

She started this blog in 2010. Over the years as her admirers and readers flourished she modelled collaborations with labels and companies and today her blog remains one of the best lifestyle blogs on the internet.

Find commodities with designations like 😛 TAGEND

First Trip Post Lockdown- Narendra BhawanEasiest Ice-Cream You’ll Ever Make/ No Ice-Cream Maker/ No ChurnVaru By Atmosphere- Maldives

Target Audience: Women between 20- 50.

28. Huda Beauty

Best Lifestyle blogsHuda Beauty Blog

In 2010, Huda Kattan set up her Huda Beauty blog to share her fervour for attractivenes and make-up. From her childhood, Huda felt that” Beauty can change the nature a woman feels ,” compiles her” fearless, unstoppable .” The blog was created out of pure passion and willingness to share hacks and DIYs. On her blog, Huda shares her beautiful tips-off, exams produces, advises on professional make-up. She founded the cosmetic symbol Huda Beauty. Explore other popular beauty blogs.

Men’s Lifestyle Blogs

These differ from female-orientated lifestyle blogs in that they’ll feature typical “Guy Stuff” like automotive, DIY home restorations, grooming, tech, and men’s fashion and mode tips.

29. He Spoke Style( hespokestyle.com)


Here’s one just for the boys! Brain Sacawa started this blog in 2013. He curates chorus that are geared for the modern, fashion-conscious man. He offers practical advice on style and grooming, but also blogs about the most recent in men’s accessories, like watches and colognes.

Never heard of’ Accordion pleats’ or’ Argyle’? For men who are new to fad, Brian offers a glossary that explains the different styles and calls of clothes.

Target Audience: Millennial Men.

30. Primer( primermagazine.com)

The best lifestyle bloggersPrimer Magazine

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Andrew has created a lifestyle blog for men who are facing the usual the questions that crop up between their 20 s and 30 s. This blog is a statement as well as a go-to-guide for men who want to look good and feel good without spending a fortune. It likewise addresses deeper issues that humanities these days have to navigate, like job success and personal wellness, both organization and mind.

Primer Magazine shares content for men who are looking to improve their life and dres wordings. This is not a normal male blog. Primer Magazine looks at new ways of bettering ourselves, as well as returning to the ideas of manhood that may have hop-skip our generation.

Target Audience: Millennial men.

List Of Lifestyle Blogs Worth A Visit

These blogs have either been showcased by me in other essays, materialize both in published and digital format, or stand out in some unique action. There is not enough space to mention all the brilliant lifestyle blogs out there.

HighsnobietyLuxury AsiaLuxury Lifestyle MagSphereStylish By NatureGet Busy LivingThe Sunday ChapterThe Skinny ConfidentialBlissful GalA Piece of ToastVerve MagazineConscious Lifestyle MagazineDad CampThe Quintessential MindHand Luggage OnlyThe Expert Vagabond

Conclusion- and some final advice for new lifestyle bloggers

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These are all huge examples of very successful lifestyle bloggers. Don’t feel like you need to have over a million partisans on Instagram before you start writing your blog if you have something to say- WRITE IT!

Don’t let the lack of people knowing who you are, stop you from following your passion. No one got their start easy; it takes time and devotion. If you’re ready to start your own blog, I have some simple tips for you, that will help you get started.

As long as you write about what is important to you, you’ll do well. I’ve seen more blogs neglect because the author wanted to go with the trends of blogs, didn’t speak knowledgeably about what they were writing about, and eventually, they lost sight of their goals. Why? Because they didn’t have a passion to follow their dreams.

Do some experiment- follow a few cases popular influencers and bloggers in your niche. Use them as “guidelines” for topics and such. Remember that merely since they are wrote about it doesn’t mean you can’t very! Everyone has their perspective and enunciate about a topic. Follow the advice of Julie Sarinana, “Dream, Believe, Achieve.”

Do you have other suggestions for lifestyle blogs?

If you want to learn more about how to make money blogging, read my article.

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