36 Funding Resources for Black-Owned Businesses

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When it comes to starting a business, fastening asset is often one of the greatest challenges for Black inventors. Less access to banking in Black societiesand a record of discriminatory lending traditions have fixed it harder for Black benefactors to secure credits or financial assistance.

And formerly your business is open, unexpected accidents like a pandemic can wreak havoc on even “the worlds largest” fixed business’ bottom line. While numerous jobs contended in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-1 9, Black jobs were hit even harder.

According to a Stanford reporton the impact of COVID-1 9 on small business owners, between February and April 2020 there was a 41% drop in the operation of Black-owned occupations. The fallout from the pandemic left countless ventures urgently trying funding to stay open.

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The need for sustainable funding resources is an urgent need to support the future of Black business. In recent years, a number of nonprofits, private equity firms, and grant platforms have developed with the sole focus of supporting Black jobs.

This guide compiles the top resources to fund your business with curricula for lends, concessions, and private equity conglomerates known to support Black-owned business. Whether you’re looking to scale up or get started, there’s a resource for you.

While this list has been gathered with the intention of helping Black business owners, many of the financial programs are also open to non-black people of color, and those with other marginalized names, such as ex-servicemen, girls, and the LGBTQ+ and incapacitated communities.

In addition to this list, the HubSpot YouTube team caused the video below sketching helpful approaches Black business owners can implement to secure business funding.

Funding Assets for Black-Owned Organization Loans Accion International

Accion International is a global , non-profit micro-lender that provisions financing to disadvantaged populations. They connect low-income entrepreneurs, financiers of complexion, and women to economical fund, educational reserves, coaching, and business networks.

Accompany Capital

Accompany provisions economical asset, fiscal education, and training for immigrant and refugee inventors in New York City.

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund

This fund is part of the U.S. Treasury Department. CDFIs are financial institutions such as banks, credit union, lend funds, microloan funds, or risk capital providers.

These organizations accommodate residents and firms lends funded by the U.S. Treasury Department to create economic opportunities in low-income parishes. Head hereto find a local CDFI in your neighborhood that can provide business assistance.


DreamSpring is a nonprofit function inventors in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas. They render access to credit, lends, and provide support to help you re-start and re-open your business.


EnrichHer is a fintech platform that offerings small business loans for women-owned enterprises. Their Accelerator+ Portfolio Match curriculum is open to members of Black-owned jobs across the United States.

Founders First Capital Partners

Founders First Capital Partners offers flexible revenue-based investments for service companies led by minorities, ex-servicemen, and women founders, with a focus on preserving business ownership. In addition to investments, they render business accelerator programs and a hear scaffold that can help business owners.

National Minority Supplier Development Council

National Minority Supplier Development Council is a corporate representative group with a mission to advance business opportunities for minority businesses. They furnish a Business Consortium Fund where eligible businesses can receive financing and advisory services.

Pursuit Lending

Pursuit Lending is a financial making acting business loans to New York, New New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They have more than 15 lend planneds, including programs to help you start a business and develop working capital.

Runway Capital

This investment firm furnishes Black, Indigenous, and People of Color( BIPOC) entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, Northern California, and Massachusetts with early-stage funding and holistic business patronage. Their program includes”friends and family” wording money, weekly instructing, and be made available to a network of other entrepreneurs of color in their portfolio.

Small Business Administration( SBA )

The SBA is a U.S. government agency that provides support to small businesses and industrialists. Whether you’re looking for investment capitalor a loan, they can match you to the right programs and commodities to help your business.

If you’re looking for help keeping your business open in light of COVID-1 9, look into their Paycheck Protection Program. Their new guidanceaims to prioritize minority-owned transactions among other underserved communities.

Union Bank

Union Bank is committed to suffice underserved parishes with its Diversity Lending program. This program is designed to support minority, ladies, and veteran business owners with adaptable approval the guidance and access to capital.

Grants Business For All

Business For All is a grant program offered by Hello Alicein partnership with Verizon. This planned offers 18 total concedes comprising $285,000 to Business for All applicants. Thirteen of the 18 subsidies will go to transactions led by women, people of color, LGBTQ+ inventors, military-connected business owners, and inventors with disabilities.


This database presentations all the federal concession planneds from every eligible U.S. bureau. If you are looking for government gifts, this entrance are likely to be your guide.


iFundWomen is a crowd-funding platform for women-owned transactions. They offer an exclusive program for women of color, as well as access to grants, leader to crowdfunding, business coaching, and support.

Minority Business Blooming Agency( MBDA )

The MBDA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that promotes the growth of minority-owned professions. They do not immediately disburse funds, however, MBDA Minority Business Centerscan connect you to the right resources for capital.

The National Association for the Self-Employed( NASE )

The NASE gives a Rise Concedes Program with micro-grants up to $ 4,000 to the organization’s representatives. This platform is not specific for Black business owners but may be ideal for small business owners looking for alternative funding.

Reclamation Ventures Fund

Reclamation Ventures renders affect subsidies to underestimated inventors guiding wellness business.

Shea Moisture Women of Color E-Lab

This e-learning platform for women of color financiers offers education, access to resources, and mentorship in response to the COVID-1 9 crisis. After program completion, members will have an opportunity to develop a pandemic business recovery plan and pitch for $100,000 in funding.

The Small Business Innovation Research( SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer( SBTT )

These concessions are powered by the Small Business Administration and store a diverse portfolio of startups and small businesses across engineering the regions and groceries to stimulate technological innovation, specifically in research and development. Entrepreneurs of complexion, women and people with physical disabilities are living below the United Nation and U.S. subjects are encouraged to apply.

The USDA Rural Business Development Grant Program

This grant program is for eligible small businesses operating in rural areas who seek to improve their community.

Equity Crowdfunding Kiva

This nonprofit online lending stage connecting industrialists to crowdsourced lending. Their unorthodox lending platform can be a fit for nontraditional borrowers.


StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding site that allows startups and investors to find their excellent fit. If you want to maintain control of your asset and your companionship this option might be for you. Equity crowdfunding allows your biggest devotees to become your backers.

Private Equity Firms Backstage Capital

Backstage Capital, led by Managing Partner and INBOUND speaker Arlan Hamilton, be invested in companies to be provided by underestimated benefactors, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ founders. They welcome jobs at any stage to apply and have invested in more than 150 companies.

Cleo Capital

Currently raising $20 million for its second fund, Cleo Capital is a sector-agnostic, early-stage fund endorse tomorrow’s best startups.

Collab Capital

Collab Capital is an investment fund supporting Black founders to build sustainable, innovation-centered businesses.


DivInc gives accelerator planneds with non-dilutive seed funds for characterized underrepresented founders.

FirstCheck Africa

This angel fund is on a mission to support women-owned businesses in African tech to promote equity and leader opportunities.

Harlem Capital Partners

This New York City-based risk capital firm is on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship. Harlem Capital Spouse has determined a exalted objective to invest in over 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. They places great importance on disruptive firms answering important problems.

Hello Alice Black-Owned Business Center

This online database compiles active fund opportunities and resources for Black businesses.

Humble Ventures

Humble Ventures is a private equity firm investing in diverse founders and organizations.

Hustle Fund

Hustle is a venture capital fund investing in early-stage startups operating in B2B, application, fintech, and digital health manufactures. Just getting started with your business? No problem, Hustle Fund invests in pre-seed and seed rounds. Their core mission is investing in “hilariously early start-ups.” Hustle founders are CEOs themselves so they know what it may be necessary to hustle.

Kapor Capital

Kapor Capital is an impact investment fund committed to investing in diverse financiers organizing large-scale social impact. They’re looking for diverse tech-driven fellowships focused on closing opportunity gaps.

New Media Ventures

New Media Ventures is a seed fund and national system of angel investors be concentrated on inventors and organizers striving innovative comings to progressive change.

Oakland Black Business Fund

This investment platform supplies concedes and investments to Black-owned industries in Oakland, CA with the goal of addressing gaps in access to capital and real estate properties. In addition, OBBF has a $10 M easing money to help Oakland enterprises are affected by COVID-1 9.

Other Actively Investing Fund

Provided by Backstage Capital, natural resources indices several active investing funds for underrepresented founders.

Reign Ventures

Reign is a Black woman-founded early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on Seed and Series A stage investment opportunities. They believe in investing in women and minority-owned businesses and have a commitment to build a portfolio with at least 50% women or minority founders.

As we uncover more resources for underrepresented founders we’ll continue modernizing this list.

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