5 best Android apps for screen recording and other ways too

Vysor best screen recording apps for Android

One of our more frequent requests from readers is to tell them how to record your screen on Android. The functionality has been available for fairly some time but typically necessary some dabbling and adjustment to get it. In Android Lollipop, they have a screen preserve procedure building into the OS and that’s how most people do it these days. Let’s take a look at a few Android apps and some other methods to get you screen preserve. Please note, changes to Android Pie prohibit apps from recording internal tone so your videos most likely won’t have the seems of whatever it is you do. It’s unfortunate, but it’s Google’s blame.

AZ Screen Recorder Google Play Games Screen Recorder by Kimcy9 29 Twitch Vysor

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AZ Screen Recorder

Price: Free/ $2.99

AZ Screen Recorder is the gold standard for screen record-keeper apps. It’s illuminated, easy, accessible, and cheap. It peculiarity an overlay button that doesn’t interfere with the recorded content. In addition, you can add the breast facing camera for things like tournament torrents or commentary. It even has a small video editor built-in. That practice you can shave away the places that don’t matter. Of course, it doesn’t ask seed, has no watermarks , no time limits, and more. The pro form croaks for $2.99. It’s probably the best and most popular screen recorder available.


AZ Screen Recorder screenshot 2020

Google Play Games

Price: Free

Google Play Games is not just a hub for your mobile gaming. It also has a screen recording role. It makes rather well. However, it is mostly exclusively for gamers. You propel video games with the screen record-keeper immediately from the app. It records your nonsense and then stops like it is desirable to. You can get around the games-only restraint by exit the game mid recording and then going to whatever app you demand. Nonetheless, at that point, we’d probably just recommend AZ instead. It’s probably a better alternative for gamers rather than regular stuff.


Screen Recorder by Kimcy9 29

Price: Free/ Up to $20.99

Screen Recorder by Kimcy9 29 is a good, simple screen record-keeper. It does the basics quite well and has support for several languages. Some of the features include recording the screen, taking screenshots, support for the phone cameras, and some super basic video editing at the end of your chronicle. It’s good for the simple substance like showing off something on your phone or something like that. We still recommend AZ Screen Recorder firstly, but this isn’t a bad( and simpler) option. The free account worked very well as well.


Twitch and same screen recording apps

Price: Free

Many streaming services now include mobile support. Twitch and YouTube Gaming are two of the most prominent ones. You simply stream your competition comedy like normal. Both business allow you to download your footage after you’re done. It’s a good answer for gamers specially. In reality, it’s probably better than Google Play Games for this kind of stuff. Unlike Google Play Games, it’s kind of difficult to use this one for apps or anything other than gaming. At least these services are free.


Twitch screenshot 2020

Vysor and similar apps

Price: Free with ads/$ 2/ month/ $10/ time/ $40/ lifetime

Vysor is a fun little app that allows you to cast your design to your computer screen over USB. From there, you can use it on your computer or screen record it on your PC if you’d like to. It tends to work pretty well although you will need to fork out a little bit of coin in order to get HD quality. This app doesn’t record anything on its own so don’t expect any options to do so. You’ll have to record it on your computer on your own. If this app isn’t pare it for your, TeamViewer is another decent option in this space. You is necessary in order a screen recording app on your computer in order to better to captivate footage, though.


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best Android apps for screen recording

Other methods for screen recording

There are other ways to record your screen on Android and that is by using hardware. There are two main ways to do so squandering hardware πŸ˜› TAGEND

If you’re on a design with Android Lollipop( or higher ), you can use ADB to record your screen. We have a great tutorial you can read to learn how and you can find it by clicking now. Additionally, Android 11 has a native screen record-keeper. If the facet makes it to the full edition, that’ll be the new easiest path to record your screen. Professionals often use a capture card to fix their Android device right into their computer and record it from there. Capture posters can get preferably expensive but you’ll get probably the best frame frequencies and excellence. Plus it records directly to your computer hard drive which allows for much larger enters. Do note that you’ll have work around some possible HDCP troubles so get the ole search engine up and running. Most capture placards come with screen recording software. That solves that problem for you. There are other apps like Vysor on the Google Chrome app store. The basic suggestion is to connect your phone to your computer. It them reflects the screen instantly to your computer. From there, you just have to figure out how to record it yourself. It’s not the easiest method by any pull. Each app also has a different set up. However, it is an option. Some Chromebooks now include the ability to mirror your Android device directly to it. This, of course, involves buying a Chromebook. That’s an unjust outlay for what should be a relatively simple task. However, we do try to cover all of the footings now and this is definitely an option. You still need an app to record your Chromecast screen, though.

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If we missed any enormous methods of screen enter on Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our recent Android app and activity lists!

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