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5 Negative Google Reviews of Auto Shops and Ways to Respond

If you own a local automobile store, you know how important it is to be getting consistent positive examines on Google, Facebook and other evaluations websites. Evaluates are what promotions boost your online stature and captivate brand-new clients. After all, more than 90 percent of clients say online revaluations jolt their buy decisions.

Of course, you also know that while the majority of your reviews are hopefully positive, getting the occasional negative review comes with the territory -- no matter how diligently you strive to provide a good customer know-how.

The good news? As long as you respond and do your best to address customers’ concerns, negative revaluations can be good opportunities to explain your area of the legend and try to make it right. A compassionate, attentive response might even be enough to change an happy customer’s mind about its own experience. Plus, it’s a chance to show promises your willingness to sympathize with an unnerve customer and give a answer.

Here at Broadly we’re in the business of helping auto shops get Google reviews, so we’ve seen our fair share of positive and negative lessons. Here’s a look at some of the most common negative refreshes we’ve seen -- and suggestions for how to best be answered. See if any of these bang well known to you!

Example# 1

This example demonstrates one of the most important things to keep in mind when responding to a negative review: If you made a mistake, take responsibility for your part and apologize for not convene expectations.

negative google review auto shop

Example# 2:

Many auto supermarkets are probably all-too familiar with customers complaining about occasioning and project taking too long. In this sample, the owner offers a sincere confession and also does a good job of presenting the facts without announcing defensive or accusatory.

negative google reviews auto shop

Example# 3:

When possible, find a solution and a fertile next step. For pattern, furnish your epithet and contact information and invite the customer to try to resolve the situation with you in person.

negative google reviews auto shop

Example# 4:

If it performs gumption -- after rationalizing and addressing the issue -- mention your key certifications and any other keywords you’d like are connected with your business( for example, locating, type of services provided, vehicles you work on, etc ). This can help SEO and likewise facilitate potentials learn more about your business.

negative google reviews auto shop

Example# 5:

No matter how mad the review is( remember, some of these reviews may be fake or spam ), always answer and before post, reread your send and remove anything that musics defensive or emotional.

negative google reviews auto shop

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