7 Best Oscilloscope Probes 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

The oscilloscopes are technological instruments that are used to measure or study the electrical waveforms engendered within the experiment. These waveforms are visible on the digital screen of the oscilloscope where they can be properly examined for further analysis.

The most popular oscillometer available nowadays is digital and they require a special probe that connects the maneuver with the source of the signal on the experiment. These examinations played a critical role in the operation of the oscilloscope and you must not neglect the following factors if you are looking for one.

Bandwidth: If you own an oscilloscope already, you must know its bandwidth capacity. The same croaks for the oscilloscope probes as well because each probe has a certain signal bandwidth limit which it is feasible displace to the oscilloscope without faults. Length: The oscilloscope probes are connected to the device via cables. Hence, you will need to have sufficient length on your probes so that you don’t go through compatibility questions later on. Attenuation Ratio: The attenuation fraction is also provided with the examinations. Your oscilloscope will read the probe attenuation ratio and presentation the results based on this ratio. With a higher attenuation ratio, you will be able to examine higher signals on your oscilloscope.

You must find the accurate probe for your maneuver if you are aiming for precise solutions. We will be recruiting some of the best oscilloscope probes on our roll today that will definitely be useful for a variety of lotions and fit perfectly with your oscilloscope. Before you buy one, make sure you go through our ” Buying Guide “ for the best oscilloscope introduce later in the article.

Best Oscilloscope Probes

Best Oscilloscope ProbesBandwidthLength of ProbeBuy Now

Hantek PP-2 00 Oscilloscope Probes2 00 MHz1 200 mm Check the Price

AUTOUTLET P6100 Universal Oscilloscope Probes1 00 MHz– Check the Price

RioRand PP1 50 Oscilloscope Clip Probes1 00 MHz– Check the Price

Proster Oscilloscope Clip Probes1 00 MHz1 200 mm Check the Price

Universal Oscilloscope Probes1 00 MHz– Check the Price

Proster BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes1 00 MHz9 00 mm Check the Price

Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes1 00 MHz1 100 mm Check the Price

Best Oscilloscope Probes 2021: Revaluations 1. Hantek PP-2 00 Oscilloscope Probes( 200 MHz )

Hantek PP-200 Oscilloscope Probes

You must previously know about Hantek as it also develops oscilloscopes and same electronic instruments apart from the added feelings. If you too have an oscilloscope from Hantek, this probe will be a perfect choice for you.

Coming in 1st lieu, we have the most advanced oscilloscope probe available in the market right now. The Hantek PP-2 00 Oscilloscope Probe is the only choice available on our roll today that peculiarity a bandwidth ability of 200 MHz. While it is compatible with 200 MHz oscilloscopes, “its also” a respectable selection if you have a lower-capacity oscilloscope to generate precise outcomes. There is a set of 2 examinations offered in the container with 1200 mm segment on each probe.

The attenuation ratio on this examination is x1/ x10 with total arrangement input resistance of 10M/ 1M and 5 mm tip-off vogue. The Hantek PP-2 00 Oscilloscope Probes can operate on the maximum voltage faculty of 200 volts on DC on x1 ratio and up to 600 volts faculty on x10 ratio. It is also the only option that facets a warranty reporting period one year which is great for professional use.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

200 MHz bandwidth restriction 1200 mm long probe Placed of 2 examinations Most boosted oscilloscope probe x1/x10 attenuation rate 10M/1M structure input resistance Maximum voltage ability 200 volts on x1 and 600 volts on x10 one year warranty age

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

It has a dedicated assurance interval Coming from a familiar label Conformity won’t is something wrong

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

Most expensive oscilloscope examination planned

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2. AUTOUTLET P6100 Universal Oscilloscope Probes( 100 MHz )

AUTOUTLET P6100 Universal Oscilloscope Probe

Having exactly an oscilloscope examination will not be a complete solution as you will also require multiple accessories along with it to solve compatibility difficulties. Hence, Autoutlet is providing a complete set of accessories kits with this oscilloscope examination set.

Our 2nd pick is coming from Autoutlet and it is more than just a simple oscilloscope probe set. This set includes a terminated supplements kit along with the oscilloscope probe so that you don’t have to buy anything apart from the plan itself. The included examinations are universal in nature and feature 10:1 and 1:1 attenuation rates with a switchable bandwidth up to 100 MHz. Thus, it can be used with any oscilloscope that has a bandwidth capacity of 100 MHz or lower.

The probe tip gets injured readily as it is always exposed to the source of the signal. Thus, the probe tips on the AUTOUTLET P6 100 Universal Oscilloscope Probe are interchangeable. This allows you to always have a high sensitivity on your examinations to ensure proper examination and reactions on the source signal. It also has a very high input impedance with a x10 range that allows you to use it with any oscilloscope irrespective of its manufacturer.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth restraint Primed of 2 probes Comes with a ended supplementary pack Universal oscilloscope launch 10:1 and 1:1 attenuation fraction Switchable bandwidth up to 100 MHz Interchangeable tip-off high input impedance with x1 0 range

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

Universal probe defined was in keeping with all oscilloscopes All necessary accessories are included Free from compatibility difficulties

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

The span of probes is not specified

Buy Now From Amazon

3. RioRand PP1 50 Oscilloscope Clip Probes( 100 MHz )

RioRand PP150 Oscilloscope Clip Probes

RioRand is one of the popular firebrands can be found on our roster today as there are already a lot of positive recollects available for this product. Too, it is one of the budget-friendly symbols with economical oscilloscope examination sets.

The RioRand PP1 50 is similar to any other standard oscilloscopes present in the market, but with a significantly lesser price tag. It too peculiarity service standards 100 MHz bandwidth capacity that builds it useful for a variety of lotions. You should carefully check if your invention supports the attenuation ratio of x1/ x10 before buying this probe so that you don’t run into issues later on. It has a maximum system input resistance of 10 M/ 1M with a normal input faculty of 18. 5-22. 5PF.

You will be able to use this probe set at a maximum voltage of 200 volts DC on x1 and up to 600 volts DC on x10 including the peak AC voltage. With the standard tip type of 5 mm, you will not find it difficult to change the gratuity of this oscilloscope probe at all. Too, it has a compensation range of 15 -4 0 PF which forestalls general flaws at the time of venture and observation.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth restraint Prepare of 2 probes One of the cheap oscilloscope examination sets The attenuation ratio is x1/ x10 The maximum organisation input opposition of 10M/ 1M Typical input capability of 18. 5-22. 5PF Maximum voltage faculty 200 volts DC on x1 Maximum voltage faculty 600 volts DC on x10 Compensation collection of 15-40 PF

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

The compensation assortment is great It can be used on high voltage applications Comes with supplementaries

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

It does not have a warranty season

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Proster Oscilloscope Clip Probes( 100 MHz )

Proster 100 MHz Oscilloscope Clip Probes

Proster is also one of the significance for coin symbols on our roster today as it pieces a great oscilloscope probe set that has a legitimate price tag for its specification and application range.

Up next, we have one more universal oscilloscope probe set coming from an economical symbol announced Proster. This universal specified of oscilloscope probes will deliver you a switchable bandwidth ability of 100 MHz possible with the attenuation rate of 10: 1 and 1:1. It be appropriate for all oscilloscope devices produced by all creators. The probes have standard BNC connectors on the end that are easy to connect to the source as well as safer to operate.

The 48 inches mini grabber excerpts are color-coded by default in the emblazon pitch-black and red to keep the operation as simple as possible. It peculiarity a very high sensitivity thanks to the fully shielded BNC connector that is not stand external signal intervention. The amber pins are plated externally with pure copper that shortens the contact opposition and initiates a stable connection.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth restraint 1220 mm long probe Primed of 2 examinations Universal oscilloscope probe pitch Attenuation fraction of ten: 1 and 1:1 Standard BNC connectors Color-coded 48 inches mini grabber clips Pure copper plated golden bolts

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

Contact opposition is negligible External signal obstruction can be avoided Long cables for better applicability

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

It does not have a warranty span

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Universal Oscilloscope Probes( 100 MHz )

Universal Oscilloscope Probe with Accessories Kit 100MHz

Thsinde is a lesser-known brand present on our listing today that has earmarked a slot by providing a respectable and highly reliable oscilloscope examinations kit. This alternative is preferable for those who are looking forward to regular implement with their oscilloscopes.

Here, we have one more universal oscilloscope probe set that can be paired with almost every single standard oscilloscope portray on world markets. Thanks to its switchable bandwidth capacity of up to 100 Mhz accessible with the attenuation fraction of ten: 1 and 1:1, it has increased remit for various forms of works. Even the tips-off on these examinations are interchangeable. Hence, it is possible to maintain high sensibility with these examination positions even after long-term use.

Similar to the options we have said earlier, the Thsinde Universal Oscilloscope Probe aspects a fully shielded and welded BNC connector for small-minded signal intervention and to maintain precision while recording. The rods on the other hand are unadulterated golden with pure copper plating for versatility and high work ability. The probes are comprised of 1 BNC double-headed alligator clip, 1 BNC double-headed hook, 1 BNC doubled stack, and 1 double-headed BNC coaxial line.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth restriction Mount of 2 probes Attenuation fraction of 10: 1 and 1:1 Interchangeable tips-off Fully shielded and welded BNC connector Pure golden pins with unadulterated copper plating Includes additional accessories

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

Highly sensitive examinations with interchangeable tips-off Switchable bandwidth up to 100 MHz Compatible with all creators

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

Comparatively expensive than similar alternatives

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Proster BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes( 100 MHz )

Proster BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes BNC to Dual

As we have already you some of the premium and heavy-duty alternatives so far on our inventory, let’s take a look at some of the cheapest yet highly applicable probes that are excellent for casual exploit whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

The Proster BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes is one of the cheapest oscilloscope probe places you will find on our listing today which is specifically designed for casual implement. Still, it has a good value as there are 900 mm long BND dual alligator excerpt probes present in the packet. It grants a maximum bandwidth capability of 100 MHz which makes all 3 probes highly efficient. The BNC to mini hook has a 150 mm copper mini rob with a 5 mm increase which is perfect for application.

Even though the Proster BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes is comparatively less costly than most other options, there is no compromise made in the high quality and durability. It boasts a fully shielded and welded BNC connector for very small signal interference and a copper-plated gold pin for good contact capability. They are likewise color-coded so that you can easily bypassed troubles at the time of connection.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth limit 900 mm long probe Laid of 3 probes One of the cheapest oscilloscope probes 900 mm long probes 150 mm copper mini secure with 5 mm extension Fully shielded and welded BNC connector Copper plated amber rod

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

Little to no signal obstruction Contact ability is great Inexpensive price tag

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

Not is ideal for professional utilize

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes( 100 MHz )

Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes

We have earmarked the cheapest oscilloscope probe for the last on our roster of the best oscilloscope probes. Micsoa is presenting an ideal option for hobbyists who are studying oscilloscopes and their functionality.

The Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes is the most affordable oscilloscope examination deep-seated available in the marketplace right now that you can get to save a couple of extra bucks. These examinations are made out of PVC material and peculiarity good value on the backpack. The included examinations are BNC to alligator times, BNC to mini assessment clips, and BNC to BNC coaxial cable probes. The premium cloth facilitates with high performance and likewise maintains a low-grade loss of around 50 Ohm.

The Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes are easy as well as safe to use for everyone. It can be easily connected with your oscilloscope and used from great distances thanks to the 1100 mm long probe period. It is perfectly suitable for a variety of employments including and not limited to signal generation, video surveillance, standard BNC interface testing, and much more.

Best Features πŸ˜› TAGEND

100 MHz bandwidth limit 1100 mm long probe Set of 3 examinations Most economical oscilloscope probe determine Build out of PVC material High-performance probes Low-spirited loss of around 50 Ohm

Pros πŸ˜› TAGEND

Suitable for numerous works Easier and safer to use Good significance pack

Cons πŸ˜› TAGEND

Additional accessories are not included

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Oscilloscope Probes

Tools and instruments are not certainly standalone devices, extremely if we are dealing with electronic implements. The oscilloscopes are one of the most used electronic machines in the industry right now and they also require additional affections to perform. One such attachment for the oscilloscopes is the oscilloscope probes that are needed to connect the design with the source of the signal.

As it is the only medium of data transfer from the source to the oscilloscope, you must be extra careful while choosing an oscilloscope probe for your oscilloscope. If you demand accurate and precise reactions, you must go through our top collects for the best oscilloscope examinations present in our commodity today. If you are having trouble selecting an option from our pickings, take a look at the following important factors of an oscilloscope probe and make sure your specifications of the probe meet your requirement.

Attenuation Ratio

Different oscilloscope examinations have different attenuation fractions which alter their applicability and compatibility towards numerous oscilloscopes. In most cases, the attenuation fraction is switchable so that the signals that are going through the probe are properly received by your oscilloscope. It likewise changes the maximum operating voltage capacity of the probe.

With a higher attenuation ratio, you will be capable of operating your device over a higher voltage source without worrying about the safety of the device. But, a higher attenuation ratio on the probe generally increases the amplifier interference that is likely to interfere with your results.

Examination Compensation Range

The compensation range on the examinations allows it to adjust the impedance caused by the probe material and fine-tune the data for proper causes. This impedance reach varies from model to pattern, beginning differ results when you swap the oscilloscope probes for your design. It too varies when you connect the probe to a different channel on the same device.

If the compensation range on your oscilloscope probe is adjustable, you can manually match it with your oscilloscope for the best makes. The impedance collection is likely to be manually adjusted on most oscilloscope probes with the help of a special screwdriver that is available in the accessory kit.

Bandwidth Capacity

While looking at the oscilloscopes, you must have chosen one that suffices your requirement for bandwidth restraint for your lotion. Each oscilloscope comes with a dedicated bandwidth restriction up until which it can detect the signals and parade the research results on the screen. But, if you want to use a high-capacity oscilloscope up to its full capacity, you will also require a similarly potent oscilloscope probe that allows higher, if not equal, bandwidth ability. It is always beneficial to have a higher capacity probe compared to the bandwidth of your application to avoid potential problems in the results.

Probe Length

The oscilloscopes are very intricate designs that can get injured easily if dropped accidentally. Thus, it is always suggested to keep the oscilloscopes at a safer length from the source of an experiment where they might come in contact with shock and vibration.

But to do that, you will need a sufficiently long oscilloscope probe that can allow keeping your maneuver at a safer interval. You can take a look at the length of the oscilloscope probe before buying one and simply look up the accessible area on your experimentation space to get an idea about the requirement for oscilloscope examination length.


To get started with your freshly bought oscilloscope, you first need to get your setup ready for the job that usually necessary purchasing some additional attachments for your device. Most oscilloscopes creators involving the compatible oscilloscope probe with the design so that you can get started right away. But, these examinations are not the most durable parts and they get readily injured and need to be replaced to use the device.

Hence, we have brought you the best oscilloscopes examination you can find in the market today. Selecting one out of our picks should not be a problem as we have mentioned the necessary details with each of our collects. Still, if you have any second thoughts, you can refer to our buying guide for the best oscilloscopes, or you can get one of our top recommendations given below.

If you are a hobbyist and miss a cheaper alternative for a basic oscilloscope probe, you should pick the Micsoa BNC Test Leads Set Oscilloscope Probes . This probe pack includes a determined of 3 probes accessible under a unusually inexpensive price tag. Still, the examinations are made up of PVC material for a longer life span. Considering you already own a high-end oscilloscope, the Hantek PP-2 00 Oscilloscope Probes is a excellent option for you. This is the only probe available on our inventory that peculiarity 200 MHz bandwidth capacity. Too, it comes with a year long assurance age. Proster Oscilloscope Clip Probes is also a respectable option if you often require an oscilloscope for various categories of applications. These probes are among changes of 2 where each probe is nearly 1220 mm long. It has 100 MHz capacity which should be good for most employments.

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