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90 Day Fiancé: What Happened To Harris & Emma After Season 8

The affinities on 90 Day Fiance can sometimes get a little confusing between the not-always-honest planneds of the people involved and the manipulation of producers who want an interesting show. One of the most complicated affinities may be Harris and Emma from season eight. The on-again-off-again couple also has the lent complication of the Harris and Stephanie Davison debacle. It’s absurd to know exactly what’s going on. Here’s what we know about the “it’s complicated” relationship of Harris and Emma.

Emma and Harris were already in a long-term relationship and had at least three kids together when Harris ended up in a relationship with his cousin Ryan’s ex-fiancee, Stephanie. Viewers questioned Harris’ sincerity and feelings for Stephanie, but it turns out Stephanie was the one who allegedly asked him to falsify a relationship with her in order to help her stay on the demo after she is broken with his cousin.

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On the present, Harris claimed he was separated from ex Emma, and even Emma herself claimed the two were just co-parenting their children. Eagle-eyed followers noticed in one scene between Harris and Stephanie, Harris seemed to have a ring-finger tan-line that would imply he recently removed a marry pealing( via Instagram ). Knowing that the Stephanie-Harris relationship was hatched for the register, it seems likely that Emma and Harris were actually married and Harris was removing the ring for filming in order to go with the show’s narrative.

Harris and Stephanie aren’t the only marry to fake such relationships on the testify, but devotees very much seem to be rooting for Harris and Emma to stay together. Harris appears to genuinely be family-oriented, squandering money Stephanie had given him to support his children. Stephanie came forward about the whole fake storyline and the two are no longer a marry, real or otherwise. It seems likely Emma and Harris, who never actually is broken and were married the part age, are still together, though not currently in the public eye.

In a nature of fabricated ties-in, it’s hard to know what the real story is. In this case, it seems the real story is that Stephanie and Harris never had a real relationship and Emma and Harris have maintained a glad wedding. With Stephanie having spilled the nuts, Harris and Emma may not get a chance to play further roles in the 90 Day Fiance universe. For the sake of Harris and Emma’s children, it’s probably best.

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Source: Instagram/ 90 dayfiancenow

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