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A Life With No Risk Taking is *NOT* a Life Worth Living

Our entrepreneurial adage in animation. A animation with no likelihood taking is abiding. And wearines is far worse to be dreaded than any other pain or suffering in life!

Entrepreneurship by KIM

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Become the modify which you desire to see proven in the world!

Become you.

Dissatisfaction is Good GREATER STRENGTH, GREATER CHALLENGES . In Praise of the New Uncorrupted Desires You Cannot Fake Passion SELF-OVERGOING FORM YOURSELF . Personal Entrepreneurship RELENTLESS . PUT YOUR NAME ON IT . A Life of Expansion SELF-ENTREPRENEURSHIP YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION . Use Your Life as an Experiment to Self-Develop Yourself to Heights Never Seen Before Invest in New Developments Investing Towards What End ? The 90%/ 10% Principle in Entrepreneurship Speed Wins The Philosophy of Happiness When to Over-Estimate, When to Under-Estimate ? Never Stop Iterating Money as a Tool for Life and Artistic Experimentation Less But More Premium Mainstream vs Low-Key Success Why Dissatisfaction is Good SEEK YOUR OWN PERSONAL MAXIMAL BENEFIT INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING Manifest Your Destiny Is it Best to* Not* Communicate Your Inner Thoughts or Ideas With Others ? CREATE THINGS YOU WISH TO SEE MANIFESTED IN THE WORLD How to Do More Work CONTROL . Competition is for Losers Change . Your Competitive Advantage with Insanely Fast Wifi and High Speed Internet Pseudo Individualism Natural Internal Promoting vs External Promptings

Think for Yourself.

Survival vs Thrivival Become Rich SECRETS . Why it is Better to Beg for Forgiveness than Ask for Permission Thinking About the Past Prevents You From Thinking About the Future How to Predict the Future Tools of Mass Distraction So What ?


On Leaving a LegacyI wanna be me !Productivity for personal freedomHow to Purchase your Freedom

Never stop innovating:" Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Photography Entrepreneurship ".

Entrepreneurship Mindset

What is Your Dream in Life ? 8 Blogging Productivity Tips Why Be Normal ? How Much Suffering Are You Willing to Endure to Achieve Your Dreams ?

Put a Dent in the Universe.

Innovate for the Sake of Innovating ! Reality is Malleable ! Stoic Entrepreneurship Against Self-Preservation The Purpose of Life is to Make New Stuff !

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