AJ Tracey reveals he made “a big loss” on his 2019 Alexandra Palace shows

AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey has discovered he made “a big loss” financially on his headline pictures at London’s Alexandra Palace.

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The rapper performed for two nights at the iconic, 10,000 -capacity North London venue in November 2019.

Speaking to Dotty on Apple Music’s The Agenda Radio, Tracey discussed running his own label and financing of the perils that come with that.

“I did Ally Pally, I made a loss monetarily, ” he said. “A big-hearted loss, but patently it’s not a loss because I throw the supporters a great show. That’s the very best demonstrate I’ve ever given in my entirety live. People left saying,’ Yo, that’s the best British show that I’ve ever seen in my life’. That’s what I wanted.

“So it wasn’t a loss, but patently in terms of money, economically, it was a loss. It cost a good deal. I don’t want to go into it, but it cost a lot. But it was worth it. Because, truly, when I saw the reactions[ from] the adolescents, saying,’ Yo, this is the show that AJ put on for us. We know he cares’, that’s what matters to me because now when you come and identify me at a demo, you know what you’re getting.”

He added: “They can tell their friends,’ Oh, AJ cautions. If you deplete your money on his thing, he’s reinvesting it into us. It’s not just like he’s just taking it and merely buying a Lambo and really putting on a rubbish show.’ I’m not on that.” Watch the full interrogation above now.

The Alexandra Palace pictures featured a big stage production including pyrotechnics, football tar stinks, a square place hung in the midst of the public and a TV-inspired theme. Speaking to NME at the time, creative director Bronski said the idea for the prove came from the venue’s former expend as “the home of British broadcasting”.

“AJ felt like that was a strong concept to run through the part present, ” Bronkski said. “It was perfect, we really jump-start on that concept and we worked on a plan with kind of smaller thoughts that frisked alongside that. We squandered a good deal of light-headed camera on the large-scale, we announced it a scoreboard, but the box LED screen.”

Meanwhile, Tracey will make the road last-minute this year when he launches on a new UK and Ireland arena tour. The flee of times will be in support of his latest album ‘Flu Game’ and will kick off in November.

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