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Automated Betting on Betaminic Strategy Picks with BF Bot Manager for Betfair in 4 Easy Steps

Save time and exertion residence gambles on the Betaminic large-hearted data strategy picks by wholly automating the process. You can now relation your Betaminic collects to the BF Bot Manager autobetting software which will automatically check for new collects and lieu the bets for you on the Betfair Exchange. Set it up in 4 easy steps.

By using Betaminic Strategy Picks with the BF Bot Manager software you will be able to 😛 TAGEND

Save Time- All gambles located for you. No need to waste time manually sought for groceries. Never Miss a Bet- Your Pending Picks are checked for new collects every 5 minutes. Track Makes- Easily watch exactly how many wagers ought to have situated, earning/ loss, stumbled charge, and more at a glance. Expend Staking Plans- Easily apply a wide choice of venturing plans to the strategies. Follow More Strategies- It is now much easier to follow more policies. The practical impediment impediment of manually placing a large number of strategy gambles is now removed through automation. Reach Portfolio Target Faster- Why realize 100 wagers from 5% -yield programmes over 6 months, when you can originate them over 1 week. Following the privilege specified of low drawdown policies with consistent fruit can produce faster arises. Efficient Use of Betting Bank- Betting capital is used for shorter meters, letting more stakes per day.

The BF Bot Manager is software that you download to your PC and then set to place bets automatically distributed according to your rules. It can run multiple strategies with different settings.

Save Time

On a hectic weekend, if you are following various approaches, you could have over 50 pots to place. If you like to place your speculations all in one go on Saturday morning, then it is possible to take over an hour to find 50 parallels and neighbourhood speculations on them, and even longer if you have to check staking plans to decide stake sizes or if you enter the wagers carefully in a database. With automated potting, this time is saved. Even if you follow precisely a few cases programmes, the time taken each day to check up on brand-new pending collects, check "if youve already" placed those speculations, then home new gambles, it all takes away more of your treasured day. You been in a position to make engineering direct all of the busy work for you.

Never Miss a Bet

Betaminic Picks frequently get is sending out 24 -4 8 hours before kick-off, but on rare occasions, when Pinnacle settled a smaller market up late, picks can get sent out less than 24 hours before kick-off. If you happen to have a busy schedule that day or if you did not notice the Betaminic Pick email, then you were able to miss out on pickings. With a potting bot, you will never miss a pot again, since the software will automatically check for new Pending Picks EVERY 5 MINUTES.( You can even place that is something that as low as every 1 minute if desired .) But it means you can be sure that any brand-new Pending Picks will be found and imported to the software.

Line Ensues

The BF Bot Manager software automatically impedes track of your stakes, odds taken, earning/ loss, acquire rate and decisions. So you no longer have to manually do that in a spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. You can also export causes if you want to add them into your own spreadsheet or feed staking tests with them.

Exploit Staking Plans

29 staking projects are currently available in the BF Bot Manager with more supplemented every year. You can now easily apply a wide range of venturing plans to the strategies with all the calculations handled by the software such as Percentage Staking, Fibonacci Staking( which is called “Simple Sequence Overall P/ L” in the software ), Bookies Bank Staking, D’Alembert, Kelly, Labouchere and many more. It also includes the highly recommended “Secure Staking” plan by Tom Whitaker in his Staking Plans book, which is called the “Odds Staking Ladder” in the BF Bot Manager application. Multiply profits with the claim venturing plan.

Follow More Strategies

Big Data betting is based on finding value from the quirkies calculated by the bookmaker frameworks. Numerous long term approaches have yields in the 5-10% assortment. The more programmes we follow, the more we can spread our danger and increase overall profit. But when manually situating wagers, there is a physical restraint to how much time we have to place the bets. Now, with automated locating of gambles, you can focus your time on the management side of your programme portfolio. More term for researching, developing, reviewing, managing and selecting programmes. It is now much easier to follow more programmes. The practical railing of manually residence a large number of strategy gambles is now removed through automation.

Reach Portfolio Target Faster

Why make 100 speculations from 5% -yield strategies over 6 months, when you can conclude those 100 wagers over 1 week. Following the right prepared of low-spirited drawdown approaches with consistent provides can render faster arises. With big numbers of programmes being used together, low-spirited drawdowns become more important. If we use time 5 approaches and 1 strategy’s trend has a large negative difference, it can slow progress towards our target. But if we use 20 strategies, we can spread our hazard and reduce dependence on a small number of policies. This also means we can shape more wagers in a shorter time. If our strategies everyone has low-toned drawdowns and harvests above 5 %, then we can decrease the time to reach targets.

Efficient Use of Betting Bank

Since gamblings are usually determined within 2 hours, the wager asset is used for shorter eras. This allows more bets per daytime. If we had to place 100 speculations on a Saturday morning to cover our strategies for the working day, that limits stakes to 1 degree or less, and then there is no betting bank left over if good opportunities arise in-play. But since the games take place at different times, with the BF Bot Manager software, a smaller portion of the wager bank would be used. If there are 5 plays at 1pm, 50 competitions at 3pm, 30 activities at 5pm, 10 tournaments at 8p m, 5 tournaments at midnight, then at most half the bank is unavailable from 3pm-5pm. This leaves some potting bank free if the opportunity comes. i.e. Bayern Munich exiting unusually 0-1 down at home to Hoffenheim after 10 times; a rapid lay on Hoffenheim seems like an easy bet.

Get Started Now Setup Automated Betting in 4 Simple Steps.

1 Buy a package of picks and follow the strategies you want.

2 Download and install the BF Bot Manager software.

3 Enter your unique Betaminic Pick URL.

4 Set the bet grade for your gamblings and start your bot.


1 Buy a pack of pickings and follow the strategies you crave.

In this short guideyou can find out how to generate the collects that will be automatically incorporated in the bot.

2 Download and install the BF Bot Manager application.

The BF Bot Manager is subscription application( with a free no-commitment 7-day trouble) that you download to your PC and then set to place speculations automatically.( The best importance subscription is an annual option that works out to exactly PS10 per month. A reasonable extent when you consider the time "youve been" saving every day .)

A) Click on the link and adopt “Try for FREE” BF Bot Manager software.

B) Select the BF Bot Manager for Betfair version of the software and enter your name and email address to receive a free 7-day trial license.

C) Download and install the software. Enter your Betfair login details and BF Bot Manager license key when you start the software.

3 Enter your unique Betaminic Pick URL from the BF Bot Manager tab in the Betamin Builder.

A) Email support @betaminic. com to tell us that you want to enable autobetting on selects. We will put your URL on the BF Bot Manager tab in your Betamin Builder.

B) Please simulate and glue this Betaminic Pick URL into the "Strategies" invoice( 1 )->" Manage Tips" structure( 2) ->" Betaminic auto import regulates"( 3) sort of your BF Bot Manager software.

4 Set the bet grade for your gambles and start your bot.

A) In the strategies invoice of the bot. Find the “EXAMPLE- Bet on all imported tips” strategy. Click on the toggle viewpoint button on the far left to open up its settings.

B) Select the “Staking” tab of that programme. Click on the arrow in the midst of the “Level/ Initial stake” rule. The default post is PS2. You can change this to your elevated venturing level.

C) The software begins in simulation procedure. If we start the “EXAMPLE- Bet on all imported tips” strategy by clicking on the Start/ Pause button , no real stakes will be targeted, but we can see how the software drives. We recommend that you try the software in simulation mode firstly to make sure that it is running precisely. You can check that the bot neighbourhoods the speculations and at the stake elevation that you selected.

D) When you are ready to make real gambles, you can switch the software into “REAL MODE” applying the button in the “HOME” tab.

E) Go back to the “EXAMPLE- Bet on all imported tips” strategy and start the strategy again in real mode.


The BF Bot Manager is then established in order to automatically bet on the Betaminic picks from your Pending Picks page. It will check for brand-new gratuities every five minutes by default. If you leave your computer on, it will continue to automatically sit all the gambles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advanced Features

In our next clause we will explain more advanced boasts accessible where there is Betaminic Picks and the BF Bot Manager software together. Advanced peculiarities stand dominance over every aspect of the bet process.

Create Multiple Plan- Bet on each Betaminic strategy individually or combine multiple programmes into betting systems the hell is easier to follow as a whole. Apply different venture positions and venturing plans to each aggregated speculation method.( e.g. Low Drawdown System, High Profit System, High Yield System, Betaminic-PRO System, Colossus2 1, Proven8, Golden6, etc .) See daily advantage conversions easily. Export Bet Results- Easily export makes to analyse further and plug into staking analysis software. Determine Time to Bet- Choose the time you require your speculations located. 10 hours before kick-off? 20 seconds before kick-off? The bot will do it for you every time. Check Odds- Set bot to include or omit pots that are below the recommended minimum quirkies. Regulate Security Stop-Losses- If "youre using" a brand-new high-pitched peculiars approach or convalescence staking programme. Set safety limits to prevent negative variability going over your risk limits. Come Live Updates- With the Betfair mobile app, it will automatically apprise you of objectives and solutions in the competitions you are automatically betting on. No need to select each fixture in other livescore apps. Wherever you are, you’ll know your bot is arranging speculations and doing the hectic work for you. Create Lay The Draw trading strategies that use the Betaminic Picks as accord selections and then automatically impel the organize pots and trade out distributed according to your settings. Leveraging even more value out of the Betaminic value picks. Create trading programmes that use the Betaminic pickings as excerpts for automated trading.( For sample, if the underdog values first in a Pro-Home favorite picking, provided the bot to automatically lay the underdog at 0-1 in-play if it is still the first half. Or if the score is still 0-0 at HT, provided it to make another home bet on the Pro-Home favorite pick at better quirkies than pre-game. Or even try to get better odds by setting the bot to situate pots five minutes into in-play, instead of pre-game .)

Big data gambling with Betaminic just got BIGGER!

Important Notes about the BF Bot Manager 😛 TAGEND

You need a Betfair account to use the BF Bot Manager application. The PC running the BF Bot Manager software needs to remain turn on and connected to the internet in order to locate pots. The BF Bot Manager leads on Windows operating systems exclusively.

If you don't have Windows or don’t want to leave your computer on, then you can run your bot on a VPS( Virtual Private Server) that runs 24/7 and access it from anywhere!( For instance: TAGADAB)

Sign Up for free to access the Betamin Builder now .

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