BAM Construction returns to profit

BAM Construction returned to profit last year even in the face of working challenges imposed by Covid.

Latest notes for the parent BAM Construct UK group show the construction building arm recovered from a PS2. 4 loss in 2019- due to a PS30m provision on its Sheffield University job- to PS8. 4m.

Revenues across the BAM Construct UK group as a whole, including blueprint, creation, facilities management and property development businesses, slipped by 15% to PS793. 1m while pre-tax profit increased to PS1 3.7 m( 2019: PS9. 4m ).

A spate of big-hearted job prevails has swelled BAM’s lineup journal to PS1. 47 bn( 2019: PS1. 4bn ). Of new manipulate won in 2020, 58% was for public sphere clients and 42% was for private sector clients.

This included a project to build the world’s most sustainable film studios for Sky Studios, Central House agencies in London, Derby Cathedral Free School, and the Clydebank Health Centre.

Subsequent to year-end BAM Construction has also picked up the PS250m-plus deal for the Manchester Arena.

The year-end cash balance remained stable at PS81m( 2019: PS86m ).

James Wimpenny, BAM Construct UK’s chief executive, said the second half of 2020 appreciated BAM returned to more normal levels of productivity after business rationalizing consider 150 redundancies.

He said: “We participated 2021 as a strong business and have proven to be very resilient, supported by a healthful require bible and balance sheet.

” We remained fruitful and continued operating and winning high quality new business because of the resilience and loyalty of our beings, our are concentrated on strong client rapports, a commitment to selective tendering, and since we are delivered safely, efficiently and sustainably.”

During the year BAM improve pay hours to its ply chain from 39 epoches to an average rate of 36 days.

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