Best U.S. States for Healthcare Jobs in 2021

The demand for healthcare services in the US is at an all era high right now. While it is a rewarding time to start a career in healthcare, knowing where the capacities of healthcare errands are more likely to be honoring can be helpful in making an informed decision.

Whether you are looking to get started with your vocation in healthcare, or are looking to start fresh in a new locale, knowing where the very best opportunities in the field of healthcare lie is an added advantage.

We have compiled data from all the fifty U.S. states to uncover where the rewarding opportunities for pursuing a vocation in healthcare lie.

The following metrics were employed in our analysis to determine the best U.S. countries for healthcare jobs.

Healthcare wages across different positions Per capita healthcare spending in each state The concentration of healthcare personnel as a percentage of its overall working population The point quotient( accumulation of occupational employment to the national average concentration) Median cost of living across all other states Number of infirmaries in all other states

Here are the best governments for a career in the field of healthcare graded in descending order with the pros and cons of each.

1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is the national leader when it comes to healthcare. The territory had moved to adopt massive healthcare coverage stretches times before the cheap care act was elapsed. Less than 3.5% of specific populations remains uninsured and the state has 3rd highest healthcare spending across the country.

With healthcare workers earning roughly$ 5k more than the national average, Massachusetts ranks 5th highest in terms of healthcare salary. The mood too ranks highest in terms of location quotient for healthcare professions which translates to plenty of job opportunities in the medical field.

While the rival remained high owing to the presence of country’s preceding medical class in the state, and the cost of living is also high, the sheer spirit of opportunities and state of healthcare delivery in Massachusetts grades it at the top spot in our list.

2. Alaska

Alaska ranks highest in the healthcare worker’s salary with the top 10% healthcare workers earning $75,816, the most prominent anywhere in the country.

Currently, the healthcare sector is the state’s largest private sector employer. Out of its 700,000 inhabitants, 38,500 work in the healthcare industry, a 38% expansion over the last decade.

While the state’s relatively small population, difficult weather and terrains and quarantine from bigger marketplaces being their own challenges, little rival especially among specialty specialists, working in partnership with higher salaries, pay Alaska the 2nd highest distinguish in our list of promising orbits for healthcare employment opportunities in the U.S.

3. Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the best locates to start a occupation in healthcare in the U.S. Much like its neighboring state of Massachusetts, Connecticut ranks high-pitched in healthcare payments, with 6th highest stipend in the United States.

It also has 13% of its workforce employed in the healthcare sector, indicative of greater job opportunities in the state.

The high cost of living( 5th higher in the U.S .) is compiled equitable by the high-pitched salaries that healthcare workers get in the nation and Connecticut remains our top picking for starting a healthcare vocation in the country.

4. New Jersey

New Jersey has the 4th highest healthcare salary among all US states and has 12% of its total workforce employed in the healthcare industry. If you are looking to start your busines in healthcare, New Jersey can be a smart-alecky choice.

According to the U.S. dresser of proletariat statistics, New Jersey also has a location quotient of 1.68 for the health sector, which is indicative of good career opportunities. Among the 113 infirmaries and 71 acute charge hospices, 5 are nationally ranked and 15 assemble national high-pitched acting standards in 2020 ’s ranking of best infirmaries in the country.

5. New York

With the healthcare workforce in New York earning 7th highest payments as compared to the rest of the United Country, it remains a good alternative for parties looking to have high jobs in the field of healthcare.

Not simply is New York the 4th most populated state in the US, but it also has the 3rd highest healthcare workforce to population percentage with 13% of its workforce engaged in the healthcare industry. Thus, there are plenty of job opportunities represented in the state.

6. Washington

The state of Washington ranks 8th on the healthcare stipends list with a comparatively lower cost of living. In spite of the healthcare personnel get high wages, there is a shortage of characterized professionals in the state.

To remedy this situation, the government government is actively inviting medical professionals and passing legislation to make its healthcare environment more affectionate to newcomers.

Washington grades among the states with the lowest percentage of population engaged in healthcare across the country. Only Wyoming, Nevada and Hawaii rank lower. This shortage is indicative of a radiant future in terms of healthcare opportunities.

7. Maryland

Ranking 12 th highest among the U.S. states in terms of wages that beings with healthcare errands get, and 12% of the workforce employed in the healthcare industry, Maryland is an excellent place to start a healthcare career.

Maryland also ranks 10 th highest on the place constants, with a orientation quotient of 1.31, indicating good availability of job opportunities in the healthcare sector.

8. Rhode Island

Like its neighboring state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island ranks high-pitched in the healthcare stipend agency. Healthcare workers in Rhode Island earn the 9th highest salaries in the country.

Healthcare chores make up for 14% of the total workforce, indicative of high levels of employment in the healthcare sector.

With a site quotient of 1.17, the occupational concentration of healthcare jobs in Rhode island is higher than the national average. Smallest U.S. position is home to 20 infirmaries, indicative of a robust healthcare infrastructure.

9. California

California ranks at second place on the list of states with the highest healthcare stipends. The most populous mood in the U.S. also has a high demand for healthcare workers. Nonetheless, as the demand is high, so is the competition.

California has one of the lowest numbers of parties in the healthcare personnel as percentage points of its overall population, spawning it difficult to land a occupation in the state.

This combined with the highest cost of living in the U.S. may act as a possible deterrent, but if “youre ever” skilled, the career promises in the district remain high.

10. West Virginia

West Virginia has the highest healthcare workers to overall person rate. 15% of its part workforce comprises healthcare workers. However, the country also has the third-lowest salaries for healthcare jobs in the US.

On the plus back, the state has plenty of opportunities in the healthcare sector, spawning find a job easier for someone who is just starting out. The regime also has the 12 th lowest cost of living, meeting it an attractive option for numerous and deserving a situate in our list.

11. Delaware

Delaware grades fourth highest in healthcare spending as compared to all other states. The healthcare workers in Delaware are the 10 th highest paid workforce in the US. Delaware is graded 6th for Health Care Quality, set based on preventable hospital admissions, Medicare plan ratings and the quality of nursing homes and hospitals.

With 13% of its total workforce employed in healthcare, the job opportunities in the country are abundant and well paid, deserving it a place in the register of best countries for healthcare employment opportunities in the US.

12. Hawaii

The state of Hawaii has received top ratings among all US states for health care access, caliber of healthcare delivery and the government of public health. Hawaii has the 11 th highest healthcare wages across the country but has a comparatively lower percentage of workforce engaged in healthcare delivery.

While the contender positions for shoring a place in the regime are high and the cost of living too rank among the highest in the USA, the rewarding payments that people with jobs in the healthcare sector earn, estate Hawaii in the 13 th recognise on our list.

13. Illinois

The combination of 13 th highest healthcare wages in the United States and much lower cost of living in the regime makes Illinois a good place to start your healthcare job. With 11% of its workforce employed in the healthcare industry and 143 infirmaries in the mood, the opportunities for jobs are plentiful.

14. Maine

Maine volunteers great opportunities in the healthcare sector with low cost of living. While the salaries are at par with the national average in Maine, the state grades 12 th highest in healthcare spending and with 14% of its population working in the healthcare sector, it has among the highest percentages of healthcare employment, 2nd higher in the US.

15. Minnesota

The state of Minnesota grades 10 th on the parameters of percentage of healthcare workers in its part personnel. With 16 th highest wages in “the two countries “, people in healthcare jobs in Minnesota earn $1,300 more than the national average wages. The territory also grades 15 th in terms of healthcare spending and ranked 2nd in a recent inspect on best regimes for availing healthcare services determined by healthcare cost, accessibility, and outcomes.

Overall Rank State Healthcare salary Cost of living Healthcare workforce% Healthcare spending 16 Pennsylvania 19 th 25th 4th 14th 17 Michigan 18 th 47th 9th 28th 18 Colorado 19 th 15th 44 th 47th 19 Virginia 22 nd 21st 47 th 36th 20 Wisconsin 23 rd 31st 42 nd 19th 21 Ohio 25 th 45th 13 th 17th 22 Texas 24 th 37th 41 st 45th 23 Oregon 20 th 11th 39 th 29th 24 Indiana 26 th 40th 22 nd 22nd 25 Georgia 27 th 42nd 45 th 49th 26 Vermont 30 th 10th 15 th 6th 27 Missouri 33 rd 48th 27 th 26th 28 New Hampshire 16th 8th 28th 9th

29 Nevada 14 th 16th 51 st 48th 30 Arizona 22 nd 24th 34 th 50th 31 Florida 34 th 26th 20 th 27th 32 North Carolina 32nd 39 th 31st 43 rd

33 Montana 47 th 22nd 11 th 24th 34 Idaho 37 th 29th 21 st 46th 35 Louisiana 30 th 36th 31 st 32nd 36 Iowa 31 st 34th 23 rd 25th 37 Kansas 35 th 35th 19 th 33rd 38 Nebraska 44 th 30th 37 th 20th 39 Kentucky 38 th 44th 24 th 30th 40 Arkansas 43 rd 49th 19 th 38th 41 North Dakota 40th 18 th 32nd 7th

42 Oklahoma 39 th 43rd 38 th 35th 43 Alabama 41 st 41st 17 th 42nd 44 New Mexico 45th 27 th 30th 44 th

45 Utah 36 th 20th 46 th 51st 46 South Carolina 42nd 33 rd 40th 40 th

47 Tennessee 46 th 46th 33 rd 39th 48 Mississippi 50 th 50th 26 th 34th 49 South Dakota 51st 28 th 14th 14 th

50 Wyoming 48 th 19th 50 th 21st

In addition to the opportunities that exist in the state that you are planning to start your occupation in and the cash pros and cons, the report contains various other considerations that need to be thought about before you start your job in healthcare.

A due diligence into the law and licensing requirements and knowledge of telehealth requirements that every nation has can be helpful in throwing a improve to the career when starting out.

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