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Bill Perkins Notches Day 2 Victory in Heads-Up Match Vs. Landon Tice

Bill Perkins delivered his -Agame on Day 2 of a high-stakes heads-up poker match against the young poker pro Landon Tice. The hedge fund manager is off to a stronger start than most expected and booked a two buy-in win Thursday evening.

bill perkins landon tice

Bill Perkins and Landon Tice are both performing at a high level thus far.( Image: YouTube)

Tice booked a small win -- $18,000 -- on Day 1( Wednesday) when you have trailed by more than $130,000 early in the join. But Perkins registered in the course of the session he really might be a bit better than some seen. Even his tutor, MJ Gonzales has been critical of the prosperous amateur poker player's play, and said as much in an interrogation on the No Gamble, No Future podcast.

Two sessions into a heads-up match against a musician consideration by many, including Matt Berkey, one of the best up-and-coming poker pros in video games, he's certainly deemed his own. And while it's far too early for Tice and his backers to panic -- this join was planned for 20,000 sides -- another rough conference or two and things could start to get dicey for him.

Off to a Fast Start

In most heads-up matches, there is no reason to be concerned by early struggles. You can often chalk up a gradual start to variance. Daniel Negreanu led Doug Polk by over $170,000 early in the 25,000 -hand match but eventually lost by $1.2 million. Polk and Negreanu dallied at the same bets -- $200 /$ 400 -- as Tice and Perkins.

But an early inadequacy by Tice in his competition could be a recipe for disaster. That is because he's recognise his foe nine big blinds per 100 mitts, a pseudo-handicap. Assuming the accord runs the full 20,000 entrusts, Perkins will be owed $720,000 as a bonu, or an additional payout beyond his winnings during the course of its currency sport sessions.

Thus, the reason why it's important for Tice to avoid digging himself a deep excavation even early in the pair. But on Day 2, "hes taking" one on the kuki-chin a bit. Tice hopped out to a immediate pas of about one buy-in -- $40,000. After that, Perkins mainly dominated the two-hour session.

At the end of the day on the Americas Cardroom poker site, Perkins turned out a $79,791 win over over nearly 300 handwritings. The high-stakes adversaries have now represented just over 900 paws, with Bill Perkins extending by around $61,000.

For Tice to acquire the parallel, with the hindrance factored in, he'll need to turn a profit of nearly $781,000 over the final 19,050 -ish entrusts, or about 19.5 buy-ins. If the pre-match projections from Berkey and other pros are accurate and Tice has a huge edge over a recreational musician such as Perkins, that deficiency certainly is far from invincible. But if he precipitates further behind in the course of the coming few equals, the 21 -year-old poker pro and his backers might pause for concern.

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