California accelerates NCAA athlete pay law to take effect Wednesday

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday night he indicated a greenback that intensifies the timing of California’s collegiate athlete pay law, building it effective Wednesday instead of in 2023.

The Golden State’s Fair Pay to Performing arts, a first-in-the-nation bill signed in 2019 alongside NCAA and professional athletes, earmarked student-athletes to profit from their reputation, idol and likeness, which until recently wasn’t admitted due to strict amateurism guidelines. Ever since the California law went into effect, other states and even the NCAA itself have followed suit.

“California headed service charges against the unjust power imbalance in college sports, launching a national movement and stimulating long-overdue changes in this multibillion-dollar enterprise, ” Newsom said in a statement. “I’m proud to build on our leadership with today’s legislation to expand and protect our college athletes’ liberties to reap the payoffs from their relinquishes and success.”

Newsom on Tuesday signed Senate Bill 26, which moved up the implementation date of California’s athlete bribe statute from Jan. 1, 2023, to Sept. 1. State legislators wanted SB 26 to take effect immediately so the state’s colleges and universities wouldn’t be confused by the NCAA’s interim postponement of its rules against mention, persona and likeness compensation.

Without California’s law make gist, universities in the district could develop their own governs, according to Sen. Nancy Skinner( D-Berkeley ), one of the authors.

Pressure from states, with California taking the lead and Florida, New York and New Jersey speedily piling on, led to the breakdown of that longstanding NCAA policy. The organization’s unanimous poll last-place sink came after more than a decade of complaints and festering disbelief over the status of student athletes — who earn nothing while their colleges and managers derive riches.

SB 26, authored by commonwealth Sens. Skinner and Steven Bradford( D-Gardena ), received unanimous referendums in both houses of the California Legislature in August. The value would also apply the Fair Pay to Performing arts to the state’s parish colleges, in addition to expanding athlete compensation to include earnings from their sporting reputation.

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