can I ask contacts at other companies how much money they make?

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Is there an acceptable way to ask distant contacts at other companionships how much they’re making?

I’m in a character that exists across most industries but at wildly different levels of pay and responsibility( exec auxiliary ). I often come in contact with other manufacture aides through gratify setups and other letter. Is there any respectful room to send a couple of them a LinkedIn message mostly saying,” I conceive I’m underpaid, but my boss is open to reviewing my compensation if I can find market comps. Would you mind giving me an idea of your compensation that I can be utilized as market research ?” Could you suggest a more professional write for that?

People can be really hesitant to share what they’re making, especially with people they don’t know well.

That’s a problem. It’s bad for everyone that our culture is so reticent about stipends; it situates proletarians a impediment in negotiating, and the committee is also assistants disguise and perpetuate wage bias along race and gender issues cables.( Or more accurately, it’s bad for everyone except supervisors. They tend to benefit .)

But given that people aren’t always open to sharing what they move, one method to approach it is to ask not for their payment but for a general theory of what their company monies parties in their role. For illustration, you could say: “I suspect that I’m underpaid for the market, and my boss has agreed to revisit my wage if I can introduce her with comps for executive deputy roles at similarly sized firms. Would you be willing to share with me the general range your busines pays for jobs like ours? I’d be happy to share my own range in return if that would be helpful to you.”

People may still be shy though. Some business even consider their salary organizations confidential, and parties may be hesitant to share openly because of that( peculiarly when you’re framing it as market research that your boss will be examining, which is likely to this feel more official than informal info-sharing ).

A totally different option: Could you start a google spreadsheet for stipends in your environment? You and other executive auxiliaries could fill it out anonymously, and you were able to include environments not just for salary but for things like immensity of corporation, benefits, and years of experience. If all of you had access to the data on it, it could be brought to an end being a useful tool for everyone.

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