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Check Samsung TV, fridge virtually before buying

Samsung has today expanded its contactless offerings for purchasers with Augmented Reality( AR) enabled demo for its refrigerator and Tv. This will be allowed them virtually know how their favourite Samsung makes would look like in their homes.

Consumers can use the AR Demo to virtually region Samsung’s lifestyle TV The Serif in their living room. They can have a 360 -degree view of how the latest SpaceMax FamilyHub refrigerator would look like in their kitchen while also exploring detailed features of the products. Buyers can also are searching for the product's features and competitor it with the space and decor of their homes.

The AR Demo makes it easy for consumers to explore and detect Samsung produces from the convenience of their homes and construct informed buy decisions without stepping out of their homes.

Samsung has propelled AR Demo with The Serif lifestyle TVs and SpaceMax Family Hub refrigerators and will soon expand it to other products.

How Does the AR Demo Work?

Samsung Experience Consultants will share a link to the AR demo with consumers very interested in a produce. Consumers are also welcome to access this relate from Samsung’s Facebook page. Once the link is sounded, the AR demo would be activated on their smartphones.

The user can then view the make in their home environment, residence the television or refrigerator at the desired location using their smartphone camera.

The camera will scan the infinite and lieu the commodity to scale, supporting a clear idea of how the commodity would be examined aesthetically in their homes. In situations of a refrigerator, users can even open the doors and look inside for a holistic commodity experience.

After the virtual ordeal, the customer can “Request Callback” and connect with their nearest Samsung retailer. This ensures that they can purchase Samsung products without stepping out of their homes.

Samsung has gone out several contactless offerings for buyers over the last few weeks. This allows them to experience and purchase their produces in a safe environment and with ease.

Shop by Appointment

Consumers can now set up appointments at their nearest retailer by simply crowding up an on-line form. Once the structure is filled, a Samsung Experience Consultant contacts "the consumers ". He then assists in setting up an appointment for a collect visit.

Live Video Demo at Home

Samsung Experience Consultants will take purchasers through the demo of any concoction via a video request. This will help them select commodities from the solace of their dwellings.

Post selection, consumers are also welcome to make an online payment and get the product delivered to their homes.

Buy Products Directly from Neighbourhood Retail Storage

With a simple Google search, shoppers been in a position to find websites of their nearest neighbourhood retail store that sell Samsung commodities. Furthermore, they can select and make payments for the products on these storage websites through the digital fees platform Benow.

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