Chris Crocker sells ‘Leave Britney Alone’ video as an NFT for $41,000

YouTube star Chris Crocker, who shot to online notoriety for their’ Leave Britney Alone’ viral video, “ve sold” the original excerpt as an NFT( non-fungible sign) to potentially fund their transition.

The 2007 clip, which be turned into YouTube’s first-ever viral videos, participated Crocker offering a weeping and heartfelt defence of Spears in the middle of the singer’s very public breakdown.

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The video has now sold to an anonymous customer online for 18.69 ether, which is approximately equivalent to around $41,000( PS29. 7k ).

Speaking to Business Insider, Crocker explained that selling the video was their channel of restoring the excerpt after years of relentless mockery and abuse.

” I was almost like a lot of people might misconstrue why I wanted to sell it ,” Crocker said.

” But the real reason is because I felt like I made a lot of smashes — you know, literal pops ,” interpreting they had been” physically aggression at lesbian guilds” and received death threats.

Crocker was also pointed out that the money made from the sale would go primarily towards helping their grandmother, but any additional funds will be put towards their gender change surgery.

” I would perfectly articulate that towards, like, me being able to become myself”, Crocker said.

An NFT, as NME’s Mark Beaumont explained recently in a blog, is a form of cryptocurrency asset. Most cryptocurrencies are fungible( or’ spendable’) tokens; you can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or invest them on goods where they’re accepted.

“Non-fungible clues act like digital gold barrooms, rare trading cards or make-ups kept in safe storage- they’re kept on the blockchain( basically a Cloud for financial assets, but where anyone with an accounting deters a note of what the hell are you own) in your refer but you are unable sell or craft them as collectibles, ” he wrote.

However, “theyre not” without disagreement- it was revealed recently that sales of the digital pieces can have a huge outcome on climate change impacts.

Elsewhere, Elon Musk recently announced plans to release a song about NFTs as an NFT.

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