Clean hydrogen company receives £26m boost from investors

Clean hydrogen company receives £26m boost from investors

HiiROC’s new technology produces zero carbon “turquoise” hydrogen

Zero-carbon technology company HiiROC this week announced it has attracted around PS26m in fresh speculation, in the latest vote of confidence in the fast-expanding hydrogen sector.

The funding will be used to expand deployment of HiiROC’s pilot measurements, which can be used on a smaller scale to provide hydrogen for transport and heating or on a larger scale to decarbonise gas-fired power stations and fusion hydrogen into the grid, the company said.

The investment will also support HiiROC’s technical development, which aims to see its technology adapted for application in more orbits, such as low-grade carbon synthetic oils and mitigating gas flaring/ expressing to help meet the world-wide methane emission reduction goals announced at the COP2 6 Climate Summit earlier this month.

HiiROC’s technology is used to produce so-called “turquoise” hydrogen which proselytizes biomethane, explosion gas or natural gas into hydrogen utilize thermal plasma. Harmonizing to its proposes the process is zero carbon and compels one fifth of the energy required to produce dark-green hydrogen utilizing electrolysis, while the main byproduct, carbon black, can be used in building materials and as a grime enhancer.

The technology can also be used with existing infrastructure where hydrogen is needed and induces hydrogen at a same cost to steam methane, according to the company.

HiiROC caused fund from a range of new investors, including HydrogenOne, Centrica, Hyundai, and Kia, and existing strategic investors Wintershall Dea and VNG.

“We are delighted to have completed this major fund round at this extremely exciting stage in our developing, ” said Tim Davies, CEO of HiiROC. “Our technology will induce lower costs, zero emission hydrogen, delivered to customers on a modular, scalable basis at the point of demand. We are now very well positioned to move to commercialisation and look forward to contributing to the transition to the hydrogen economy and the key role in achieving Net Zero.”

HiiROC has recently ensure an agreement with Wintershall Dea and VNG to produce 400 kg of hydrogen per era in their brand-new facility from 2023 and has proliferation possible in grid dose, power generation and decarbonising industry.

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