ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels: Things are Changing (2021 Edition)

Sales pours help you have well-nurtured conducts and steadfast customers who feel like they can’t function without your products and services. Your sales pour is always’ on’ as long as a well-crafted marketings funnel is used.

Building auctions moves is an uphill battle if you don’t get an end-to-end marketings pour make. ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels are designed to give you high-converting auctions funnels.

While there are other landing page implements like Wix, Buiderall( review ), or Karta( review ), they don’t have marketing progress in these two powerhouses.

Any suffered purveyor has heard of ClickFunnels’ Russel Brunson. He’s considered one of the most brilliant marketers in the world.

ClickFunnels promises to help you proselytize even ice-cold traffic to sales. It helps you start fast-loading marketings pours and property sheets without paying a fortune to web designers.

GrooveFunnels has been developed by trendsetters in the marketing world. Mike Filsaime is credited for Butterfly Marketing, WebinarJam, and Kartra.

Groove is more than just a sales funnel software. It sorts you out with moves, websites, shoring pages, marketing expeditions, body places, and webinar/ video hosting solutions.

ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels are top of the food chain funnel-building software. Without a mistrust, they are effective in online auctions and unbelievably robust.

Today, we’ll do an in-depth review of these two giants. You’re going to enjoy this. So let’s get down to business.

What do we like about ClickFunnels over GrooveFunnels?

It has been the best sales move make since its entry into force in 2015. Their marketings moves are optimized to convert your commerce to marketings whether you’re selling digital or physical products. It is second to none in the market.The upsells and down-sell feature allows you to offer your clients various lots to increase your sales revenue. It gives people a second and third chance to convert your visitors.ClickFunnels can be used to A/ B exam your sales funnels so you can use better-performing ones optimizing your ROI. You can test every aspect of your marketings move. From headlines to portraits, videos, simulate, buttons, and so much more.It has an thorough knowledge base so it acts as an educational platform. FunnelFlix is commonly referred to as the’ Netflix of online marketing’ thanks to its rich knowledge base.

What do we like about GrooveFunnels over ClickFunnels?

It comes with a free lifetime platinum option to brand-new customers equipping life-time be made available to all its concoctions and including future updates.It is also an email service provider( GrooveMail) with a behavioral tagging structure that’s very close to ActiveCampaign. You can send your programmes, email sequences, and follow-up emails.No need to use a third-party video hosting mixtures like Vimeo and YouTube to host your videos. You’re able to upload videos to your pages using GrooveVideos.They have a digital calendar and helpdesk tools even for their most basic plan.You get a fully functional blog platform thanks to GrooveBlogs allowing you to publish various types of content.Their pages are well optimized to rank high and get organic freight. This is important for your auctions and symbol exposure.

Explore ClickFunnels

Explore GrooveFunnels

ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels

Funnel facets

Nowadays, big-time marketing gurus are pushing online business owners to use auctions funnels. They are the wizard lozenges for makes and conversion.

ClickFunnels won’t has become a 360 million dollar company if it didn’t have pieces to back it up. And it’s pretty simple to work with. You have a product you need to sell or promote, a volume, software, coaching, webinar, courses, etc.

ClickFunnels has you comprised. All you need to do is build a landing page for it and a sales page to sell your concoctions/ services.

ClickFunnels funnel templates

Then let ClickFunnels do all the ponderous lifting for you. It has a rich library of ready-to-use auctions move templates.

From lead capture moves to membership funnels, concoction start funnels, canvas funnels, crush sheet moves, and so much more. You merely need to tweak it to meet your needs using the draw and drop-off editor.

ClickFunnels follow up funnels

You can create autoresponder emails employing the Follow-Up-Funnels feature. This feature allows you to segment your email index and send related emails at the right time to the right people. And you can manage an unlimited number of subscribers.

If you want to establish more money, they have a share funnel feature that allows you to generate a link to your funnel and pay some mullah. If a visitor joins ClickFunnels use your tie-in, you get a 40% commissioning. It’s passive income at its best.

GrooveFunnels is really similar to ClickFunnelsbut with more features hence the publicity. GrooveFunnels membership opens entrances to a swath of various aspects that are easy to use.

GrooveFunnels landing pages

Whatever products or services you need to sell, you can do it with GrooveFunnels. They have a pre-built landing page and funnel templates in GroovePages. It is most effective with bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate purveyors, coach-and-fours, consultants, eCommerce owneds, social media marketers, etc.


It is your terminated online marketings method. You get to create landing sheets with opt-in fleshes to grow your email directory. Then you nourish them through their strong email automation tool, GrooveMail. It gives you access to behavior calling and marketing to communicate hyper-targeted emails to your followers.

You can also sell your high-converting pours to others and earn passive income if people are astonished with your work. They have increased the commission from 20 -4 0% if anyone connects using your move/ acre sheet connection.

However, most GrooveFunnel peculiarities are still in the development stage so they are still tweaking and improving them.


The user interface is usually a huge determining factor when it comes to customer experience. People love boundaries that are easy to use, fast-loading, intuitive, and responsive.

When it comes to usability, both ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels are very easy to use.

With ClickFunnels, the interface is clean at a glance, with only three tabs.

ClickFunnels interface

But, when you click on the tabs they are all loaded with facets. It can be overwhelming especially when you’re starting out. Good thing their seminars help you start out with ease.

You don’t need to have any coding sciences to create even the sophisticated auctions moves. You get to learn on the go.

With GrooveFunnels, you have quite a modern interface that is optimized for move. The bring page builder has some immediate links to make it easy for you to navigate.

groovefunnels interface

It’s too very easy to use and move around. However, it’s important to note that GrooveFunnels works best with the Chrome browser. It’s a bit sluggish on Firefox.

Also, when it comes to utilizing all the features available in these two ground page builders, you better gear up for a steep study arch.

It will take a while to original all the features existing and how to use them efficiently. But the more you learn, the better you get at proselytizing, eventually increasing your ROI.

The good bulletin is that there is an in-depth knowledge base on the ins and outs of using these two sell funnel tools.

Bottomline: Tie. ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels have been designed to be dummy-proof. They both have an excellent UI uttering it easy for both novices and pros to build landing pages with ease.

Drag and drop make

Today, a draw and throw builder is a critical component for all selling tools.

ClickFunnels drag and drop builder

With ClickFunnels, you get a robust and well-designed drag-and-drop editor. In less than 10 instants you can create a high-converting sales funnel. They have ready-to-use funnel templates that are fully customizable.

ClickFunnels funnel templates

The builder allows you to use over 18 constituents and widgets to create personalized auctions pages. You have access to SMS Sign up, visual font picker, Countdown Timers, surveys, pop-ups, Pricing Tables, Facebook Comments, Progress Bars, among other widgets to help your marketings funnels stand out.

ClickFunnels split testing

And you also get to A/ B exam your sheets. You can test the headlines, images, videos, follow, buttons, and so much more.

My merely quibble with them is how they’ve designed the draw and descent journalist. They can do a better place to give useds an intuitive sailing experience.

Over to GrooveFunnels .

GrooveFunnels funnel templates

I have to admit their draw and sag editor is quite easy to steer and straightforward. It’s got a WYSIWYG editor that’s very similar to the Unbounce landing page builder but much better.

You don’t get the buggy interface that comes with Unbounce require you to work with a coder to get the best pages. Too, the accessible widgets and constituents on GrooveFunnelsare very much like ClickFunnels .

They have a drag and drop interface that is straightforward even for novices. You can compare it to the game of blocks we represented when we were kids. All you have to do is drag and lowering the elements that you need and you’re done.

GrooveFunnels mobile ready pages

It also comes with ready-made funnel templates that you can use to create customized pages. Simply drag and droop any constituent that you see fit and you’re done. And the best part is that the pages are portable and SEO optimized.

But there is no A/ B testing boast yet.

Bottomline: ClickFunnels . The two programmes have almost similar lag and plummet builders merely that ClickFunnels has added the split testing capability. But in terms of design and usability, GrooveFunnels wins.

Selling commodities

The main goal of a sales funnel builder is to sell products.

Are you running an eCommerce business that sells online tracks? Or anything that it was necessary to special access?

Well, both programmes allow you to set up membership entrances. They allow you to give different levels of access to parties on your membership site.

ClickFunnels memberships

ClickFunnels has only one inbuilt participation range that you can use to create online routes and monetize your skills and knowledge. But you’ll have to integrate registration formations and the fee gateway sheet. It’s also not mobile responsive and doesn’t have members interaction tools.

But, you can create sales words, lead contemporary sheets, one-click upsell and down-sell pages, thanks for coming sheets, and so much more. When it comes to selling, they do a great job. Basically, ClickFunnels translates to no stress, fewer headaches, and more sales.

And we can’t forget the built-in shopping cart feature that ensures you can sell your produces safely online. You don’t need third-party consolidations like SamCart or ThriveCart for this.

GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, is designed after Kajabi( review ), a robust online directions and learning conduct organisation. You have plenty of implements to assist you in customization as well as ensuring members interact.

groovefunnels dashboard

For instance, GrooveVideo, a video hosting platform to entertain or communicate with your public on your page. You don’t have to use Vimeo or YouTube like in ClickFunnels.

GrooveFunnels report

With GrooveMember, you can offer varying membership schedules, restraint access, or other different levels of access. The free detail allows you to have up to 100 representatives but the paid lifetime plan allows for unlimited members.

Bottomline: ClickFunnels. The biggest selling moment of ClickFunnels is its ability to convert your visitors to paying customers. Everything on the scaffold is designed to sell your make/ busines. Nonetheless, GrooveFunnels are a close second. It’s pretty easy to set up and offers you customization alternatives to keep our members locked and interactive.

Payment gateways

ClickFunnels Payment gateways

With ClickFunnels, you need to integrate your detail with a third-party payment gateway. With the basic plan, you can integrate three remittance gateways.

The platinum plan allows you up to nine desegregations while the Two Comma Club X gives you be made available to 27 payment gateway consolidations. The most common payment gateway with ClickFunnels is Stripe.

Over to GrooveFunnels .

GrooveFunnels sales dashboard

GrooveSell is their inbuilt fee gateway so you can opt not to integrate with a third party. It calculates how you’ll collect your money.

There are four options available. PayPal, credit cards, GrooveSell payments, and PayPal risk mitigation. But, you can also integrate GrooveFunnels with any other payment gateway of your choice.

Bottomline: GrooveFunnels. I have to admit their GrooveSell feature is a powerhouse on its own.

Marketing aspects

ClickFunnels isn’t a full-blown marketing platform but a sales funnel builder. It is dedicated to directing your pilgrims where you need them and using them ended the desired action. The simple marketings funnels and territory sheets are optimized for clear sell contents and minimal distractions.

It was specially developed for online marketers who need to operate sales pours flawlessly. You get ClickFunnels OTO( one-time offer )/ one-click upsells and downsells to increase your sales.

ClickFunnels marketing features

Just before customers’ checkout, ClickFunnels allows you to sweeten the pot by yielding them a agreement to get the product or service bundle at a dismis resulting in an increasing number of sales. Your one-click upsell page comes immediately after they get to the order form.

A down-sell page comes after the upsell sheet. If the customers decline your upsell offer, they are directed to a lower-priced referred product or service. ClickFunnels gives you a few seconds chance to alter your customers and for them to reconsider their decisions.

The squeeze pages, auctions pages, downsell sheets, upsells, webinar pours, etc. are very similar to what you can get with a powerful all-in-one scaffold like HubSpot.

However, keep in mind that the more upsells and downsells you have in a funnel, the more purchasers get annoyed and they might abandon the funnel.

GrooveFunnels popups

GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, is a full-blown marketing solution for your business wrapped under one dashboard. It has a plethora of works meant to help you achieve your marketing points. It’s a jack of all transaction when it comes to giving you everything you need to sell your products under one dashboard.

The feature that stands out for me is the GrooveSell. It’s the one piece that blows ClickFunnels out of the sea. This boast allows you to create unlimited funnels, upsells, down-sells, dynamic thanks for coming sheets, receive fees, and so much more.

And it helps you analyze the performance of your checkout sheets so you can maximize ROI. Plus, we can’t forget the order lumps that allow you to advertise added products as your customer is checking out.


They’ve likewise came GrooveWebinars that come in handy here as you are eligible to have live/ recorded training sessions and demos with your audience without much hustle. GrooveBlog, a fully-functional blog platform to boost your material approach is also included.


GrooveAds is another outstanding market peculiarity that allows you to manage Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads. You’re able to see all your ads on one dashboard and check their performance helping you optimize them for better ROI.

Finally, there is GrooveMail. We’ll get into it in our following session but I have to say it’s one potent autoresponder.

Bottomline: GrooveFunnels . They win this round hands down. You get to do 360 grades market ensuring all facets of your marketing programme are met.

Email commerce and CRM

Like I had stated earlier, ClickFunnelsisn’t an email platform but a funnel-building software. For that reason, you’ve got to cough some platinum dough to access the email commerce function.

ClickFunnels actionetics

One feature that stands out for me is Actionetics. It come here for the platinum programme but it’s the key to unlocking auctions. This feature ensures all your online actions are learnt on the ClickFunnels dashboard.

This way, you can see the customer journey from beginning to end enabling you to set up smart email lists and operate effective email safaruss. But don’t expect it to have the raw power of GetResponse email marketing and automation.

Especially with their new Autofunnel tool, they give ClickFunnels a run for their money for being cheaper with an automated pour generator and robust automation.

ClickFunnels follow up funnels

The Follow-up Funnels feature( formerly Actionetics) has an autoresponder functionality. You’ll find various beautiful templates that you can use to send email programs to your list.

ClickFunnels action funnels creation

That’s not all, they have this cool feature announced Funnel Actions. You get to use these to send personalized emails to your contacts based on the actions they have made on your sales funnels.

It helps you contribute tags to segment your index. This way, you have highly-customized and related emails delivered to your contacts at the right time.

ClickFunnels split test options

And you are eligible to A/ B research your email campaigns before you send them out to your email roll. This is the one piece that GrooveFunnels hasn’t lent hitherto. You can measure likeness, content, buttons, videos, subject rows, etc.

But since it’s not an email platform, you can integrate ClickFunnels with ESPs like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, or any others you see fit.

Now to GrooveFunnels .

GrooveFunnels automation

GrooveMail is their inbuilt CRM and email automation tool very similar to Mailchimp or Aweberbut more powerful. The dashboard is pretty easy to figure out if you’ve applied any email commerce implement before.

You can add calls to your subscribers based on their actions on your website or marketings move. This style, you can segment your register based on the different calls. As a make, you’re merely referring hyper-targeted emails to the right people.

It also allows you to personalize your emails employing dynamic variables. And the one thing, their conditional divide run. You can use this to create a ended workflow that’s based on customers’ acts. Very same to the if-the-else function.

GrooveFunnels conditional split test

I like that you get lifetime access with a one-time payment of GrooveFunnels.

Bottomline: GrooveFunnels . It gives people a fully functional email marketing and CRM system. You can create indices, segment your roll, create automated workflows, and mail broadcast emails.

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are a huge source of revenue for most online jobs. One of the most rewarding ways of monetizing your website is through affiliate marketing. But to get the most out of affiliate marketing, it is necessary to a tool that will help you administer your affiliates effectively.

ClickFunnels  affiliate program

ClickFunnelshas an affiliate management application announced Backpack. But you’ll have to pay the Platinum Plan $ 297 per month to access it. Or you can use Tipalti, a 3rd party tool that ClickFunnels use to manage their affiliates.

GrooveFunnels affiliate dashboard

For GrooveFunnels, they use GrooveAffiliates, an affiliate management software that handles all their affiliates. You are able to set affiliate committees, track affiliate ties, cause marketing substances, etc.

All you need to do is create a GrooveSell account and you’ll be able to handle your affiliates at nearly zero costs.

Bottomline: GrooveFunnels. They have everything you need to help you manage your affiliate marketing effectively and maximize your returns.

Analytics and reporting

You can only tell the performance of your marketings pours by moving their performance.

ClickFunnels reporting and analytics

ClickFunnels goes to show you all the basic metrics you need to see the performance of your sales funnels. You’re able to see the gross sales, average go-cart cost, earnings per clink, and other basic metrics. You get to see your ROI clearly.

ClickFunnels and Google Analytics reporting

But, the good news is that they now have in-depth integration with Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see in-depth analytics including land sheet and produce performance.

You’ll see the demographics of your audience, their point, sheet deals, return charges, and even the duration beings spend on your page. It will give you the real-time performance of your auctions funnels.

GrooveFunnels reporting and analytics

With GrooveFunnels, you get GrooveSells to give you all the analytic data it is necessary to. You’re able to keep track of all the important data metrics. You will be able to see initial sales, brand-new sales, rebills , board, gains, revenue, and even refunds.

Bottomline: ClickFunnels . It gives people basic reporting metrics but when combined with Google Analytics, it takes your tracking and analysis to a whole new level.


The saying’ No man is an island’ applies to marketing implements as well. A tool that can’t play well with others will simply limit your commerce efforts.

ClickFunnelsdoesn’t have numerous incorporations. It natively integrates with email service providers like Drip, Constant Contact, Aweber, and HubSpot as a CRM platform. But it has Zapier which fastens you up to thousands of third-party integrations.

ClickFunnels integration

GrooveFunnels too doesn’t have a long list of native integrations. But it integrates with all the necessary applications, email pulpits, social media programmes, payment gateways, and CRM platforms.

GrooveFunnels integrations

On the brighter feature, you’ve got Zapier and Piesync. They open doors to thousands of other works so you’re sorted.

Bottomline: Tie. They both don’t have a long list of integrating options but they haven’t been around long enough. However, you still can get anything you need using Zapier.


Money talks. We’ve talked about all the strong features and high-converting moves you can create. Now, what the hell is it provided free of charge?

ClickFunnels has three payment plans. A basic plan for $97/ month. It’s the most popular one and it allows you to create up to 20 funnels. It allow you up to 20 K monthly guests and 3 domains.

The platinum plan ($ 297/ month) is the one that carries all the goodies. Unlimited funnels, monthly guests, follow-up pours, hack-a-thons, FunnelFlix, and so much more.

ClickFunnels pricing

And then there is the big-hearted sons team. It’s called TwoCommaClubX that extends for $2497/ month.

Now over to GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels pricing

GrooveFunnels lifetime deal

They have two pricing programmes. The freemium schedule and Lifetime platinum deal ($ 1397 ). The free copy comes with GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages. The Lifetime plan gives you all the Groove products. But this is for a limited time.

They will adapt a monthly payment structure with three pricing tiers. Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Bottomline: GrooveFunnels. It’s a very affordable tool. And considering all the features you get even with the freemium proposal, it’s a steal.


Once in a while, we need help when using digital marketing tools.

ClickFunnels has relatively improved over the years. Their live conversation and email substantiate options have become very accept. The platinum scheme even has dedicated VIP phone assistance.

They too have a rich knowledge base with tutorials, webinars, eBook leader, and so much more. Let’s not forget the’ Netflix’ of digital marketing, FunnelFlix. It has extended knowledge in digital marketing. They likewise have a vibrant online community. Their Facebook Group has about 250 K members.

GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, has a dedicated endorsement app. The GrooveDesk. They have an active and awfully accept support team. You get real-time assistance on any arising matters. GrooveDesk is very much like Zendesk so you can expect a robust ticketing system.

They also have a vibrant Facebook community of about 36 K. And you can also get multiple resources and essays to guide you.

Bottomline: ClickFunnels. The knowledge base can knock out almost all other tools in the market. But they are both outstanding when it comes to giving support. Both good in their own ways.


Now to the big question, which is better? They are both very good programmes with countless similarities and divergences. It depends on what you need for your business.

Choose ClickFunnels if 😛 TAGEND

A high-converting auctions move is your major need.You need magnificent templates for your sales funnel.All you require for your online business is an integrated sales pipeline.You miss an thorough digital commerce knowledgebase.You prefer to make a call to get support.

Choose GrooveFunnels if 😛 TAGEND

You crave lifetime access to GroovePages and GrooveSells( for your eCommerce platform ). You need so much more than a sales funnel builder. You want to host videos, have an automated digital calendar, multitude webinars, etc.You need a fully-functional blog platform.You don’t intellect exploiting a ticketing system to sort your the questions and inquiries.

What are you going to choose?

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