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Dame Dash Responds To “Reasonable Doubt” Lawsuit, Wants To Sell Entire Stake In Roc-A-Fella

Dame Dash is finally speaking out following the Reasonable Doubt lawsuit against him from Jay-Z, claiming he's trying to sell his part stake in Roc--AFella.

Damon Dash Celebrates the Launch of Dame Dash Studios

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Recently, Dame Dash was the second person to be on the receiving intent of a lawsuit over Jay-Z's entry recording, Reasonable Doubt. The first was Jonathan Mannion , who is being sued over artwork being sold on his website and profiting off of the famed album.

When the word of Dash's lawsuit came out, it was made that Dame was being indicted for selling digital artwork and NFT's of the Reasonable Doubt. However, TMZ is reporting that Dame has called out that reasoning and claims it's because he wouldn't sell his stake in Roc--AFella for pennies.

Damon's shooting back after coming indicted by RAF for attempting to sell off Jay's "Reasonable Doubt" recording as an NFT. Dash tells us the lawsuit is full of corrects, and it's not the album he's trying to sell ... it's his ENTIRE stake in Roc--AFella !!!

In fact, Dash claims as recently as March of this year, Jay-Z attempted to buy his 1/3 share of RAF at," world prices I regarded unreasonable" ... so he's looking for a buyer on his own.

If he comes to an agreement with someone, Dash says," Under the terms of the deal with a possible customer, the buyer would buy my share of Roc a Fella Records and Jay-Z will have exclusive administration rights ."

With Jay-Z and how dear this album is to him, we disbelieve the furnish was pennies, but still, if it's a billionaire negotiating, we can all believe there's more money to be made. It seems Dame is ready to be hands-off with his stake and wanting to sell to anyone not referred Jay-Z. With the individuals and their brilliant attentions involved, sooner or later, they'll find a batch and hopefully, this will all be behind them.

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