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Danish AM Hub gets €5.4M to Invest in 3D Printing Denmark

Germany, Sweden, and the U.S. got an early lead in 3D printing because the first technologies were commercialized and found initial industrial applications in those countries. The Netherlands became a focal point of consumer interests 3D printing waving later on. Subsequently, Chinese firms and U.S. VC funding introduced their countries to the fore. But, in the acre of Lego and open-faced sandwiches, there was little to no 3D publish undertaking. Bereft of the tight focus of pro-3D printing Singapore and the largess of the gung ho kinfolks in the UAE, the Danish AM Hub must be given to make do.

Through summits and a tighten marshaling of available resources, the Danish AM Hub became remarkable progress and has impressed us with its efficacy and clevernes. Now they can expect more swelling because EUR5. 4 million from the Danish Industry foundation will be earmarked to drive forward AM in the country, specially targeting small to medium businesses.

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New ways of designing for 3D publishing to create more vigor efficient goods Creating circular poses for 3D printer wires based on various litter series Attempting to reduce CO2 releases in the process of establishing" more digital, assigned, and on-demand value chains ".

“Ever since the Bronze Age, we have fabricated with molds or milling methods. Additive is a new product technique with a huge potential to cut down on material, transport and waste. One of the drawbacks, nonetheless, is the large energy consumption per division, which is why we need to positioned the technology in play in countries such as Denmark with a large section of renewable energy ," said Danish AM Hub CEO Frank Rosengreen Lorenzen." One key initiative that we will develop with our members is to find a way to calculate the CO2 radiations by changing e.g. from formative to additive manufacturing and turning that into a piece of software that can help navigate how to create in the most sustainable way. We invite professionals, sizable manufacturers and technology providers to join us in that important initiative.

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" Danish AM Hub has brought together a committed expert crew and stretching structure of collaborators and investors all participated on the mission to transform manufacturing. Failing to make such a transformation will constitute climate targets unachievable. By 2050, the global demand for industrial cloths such as steel, cement, aluminum, and plastics is projected to increase by a factor of two to four.

" We have to start prioritising how we can fabricate with sustainable materials and with renewable energy and AM can play an important role working in partnership with Danish renewable energy sources ."

All in all, this is a very interesting way to look at the problem of global warming. The Danes look at how Danish light-green intensity is enticing data centre from Microsoft and Google to open up in Denmark. They then parlay this into Denmark becoming the best place to manufacture. It's a lovely thesis that the best manufacturing location should be the most sustainable. It would be a sea change since a lot of manufacturing is actually motivated to be less and less sustainable--e.g. move to a greenfield locate away from the city to be reduce costs.

In the light-footed of climate change impacts and electrification, it would be true that the most sustainable places are the ones exerting the least amount of fossil fuels and that perhaps there is a requirement to prioritized. This is a very compelling statement for Danish corporations offsetting Danish products for Danish parties. For how many miles away this thesis contains up depends on the transport methods and the carbon secreted through them. I do, nonetheless, enjoy the relevant recommendations of societies emulating to be the greenest targets to manufacture.

Will" more sustainable sword earrings" be a major decider for manufacturing houses or, surely, consumers? I would affection for the Danish AM Hub to promote such thinking and genuinely green branding of manufacturing. For now, this organization--that has so far managed to collectively bring together and empower a small community of 3D publishing firms with industry--has punched reservoir above its load. I actually to be expected that more nations and municipals look at how the Danish AM Hub is blending and deploying the resources of a community of companies to promote 3D reproducing there.

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