Dell sued over Alienware laptop’s ‘unprecedented upgradeability’ claims

Photo by Vjeran Pavic/ The Verge

Dell is being indicted in California over its claims that its Alienware Area-5 1m R1 laptop would give “unprecedented upgradeability, ” Tom’s Hardware reports. Alienware customer Robert Felter is accusing the company of rush a “false and misleading” marketing campaign, in which it predicted that the laptop’s core components, including the CPU and GPU, could be swapped out for most powerful models. A year later, the Area-5 1m R1’s heir was announced with new ingredients not available as improves for the original model.

“Consumers were misled by Dell’s false and misinforming commerce safarus and paid a significant premium for the Area 51 M R1 under the incorrect belief that this’ unprecedented upgradeability’ would save them fund in the…

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