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Discord Usage and Funding Statistics: How Many People Use Discord in 2021?

Discord is an online community platform, initially created as space for gamers to communicate with one another.

While gamers retain a strong presence on Discord, the programme now boasts a wider appeal. Millions of servers are active on Discord every week, spanning arenas from skill to programme.

The chat startup has raised nearly half a billion dollars in total. It is now valued at$ 7 billion, rivaling launched stages like Reddit.

In December 2020, Discord reached a milestone of 140 million monthly active useds. The active user base has redoubled since 2019.

Here’s an overview of the Discord stats we’ll cover on this sheet:

Key Discord Stats Discord monthly active customers Average time spent on Discord How much has Discord raised in VC funding to date ? How much is Discord worth ? Discord annual receipt How numerous Discord servers are there ? What are the most popular Discord servers ? Discord server conversation times Discord usage among US teenages Discord for streaming How numerous parties work at Discord ?

Key Discord Stats

Discord has 140 million monthly active useds. Its active customer basi has doubled during the past year. Disagreement has raised a total of $483.8 million, including $100 million in his recent fund round( Series H ). Discord renders $130 million in annual income. Dissension is currently valued at$ 7 billion. 13.5 million servers are active on Discord each week.

Discord monthly active users

Discord has 140 million monthly active useds( MAUs ). The programme has redoubled its active used basi since December 2019.

Here’s a table register the growth in Discord MAUs since May 2019:

Date Monthly active users

May 2019 56 million

December 2019 70 million

November 2020 120 million

December 2020 140 million

Sources: TechCrunch, Quartz, GamesIndustry.

Average time spent on Discord

In the US, the average Discord user expends 280.6 times a month on the scaffold. That equates to roughly 5 hours per month, or 9 minutes daily.

Source: WSJ.

How much has Discord raised in VC funding to date?

Discord has raised a total of $483.8 million across 9 disclosed funding rounds.

In December 2020, the latest funding round( Series H) promoted $100 million. This equals the amount raised in the previous round.

We’ve plotted Discord funding history since July 2012:

Funding round, year Deal sum

Seed, July 2012 $1.1 million Series A, November 2013 $8.2 million Series B, February 2015 $4.5 million

Series C, January 2016 $20 million

Series D, January 2017 $50 million

Series E, April 2018 $50 million

Series F, December 2018 $150 million

Series G, June 2020 $100 million

Series H, December 2020 $100 million

Sources: Pitchbook, CB Insights, Crunchbase.

How much is Discord worth?

As of the latest funding round( December 2020 ), Discord is worth$ 7 billion. Discord’s post-money valuation has double-faced since the Series G round raised in June 2020.

Here’s a table with Discord’s post-money valuation since November 2013:

Date Post-money valuation

November 2013 $23.34 million

February 2015 $48.5 million

January 2016 $108.42 million June 2016 $282.28 million

January 2017 $725 million

April 2018 $1.65 billion December 2018 $2.05 billion June 2020 $3.5 billion December 2020 $7 billion

Source: CB Insights.

Discord annual revenue

Discord draws in an estimated annual receipt of $130 million. That’s an increasing number of 188.88% since 2019 when the company produced nearly $45 million.

Source: WSJ.

How many Discord servers are there?

Each week, 13.5 million servers are active on Discord.

Source: Discord.

What are the most popular Discord servers?

YouTuber MrBeast has the most popular Discord server, boasting more than 700 thousand representatives.

11 Discord servers have more than 400 thousand members.

Here’s a higher-ranking of the top 10 most popular Discord servers, sorted by the number of members:

Server name Number of members

MrBeast Gaming 700,011 Nookazon 507,213 Mythpat 483,534 Live Insaan 486,053 Among Us 481,107 Roblox 479,147 Anime Soul Discord 476,664 TWO SIDE GAMERS 413,668 Dynamo Gaming 409,557 Servidor do Goularte 408,367

Source: Top.gg.

Discord server exchange hours

Discord servers host 4 billion minutes of communication every day.

Source: Discord.

Discord usage among US teens

3% of US teenagers report that Discord is their favorite social platform.

Snapchat( 34%) and Instagram( 25%) have considerably more mainstream popularity, but Discord grades ahead of Facebook( 2 %).

Source: eMarketer.

Discord for streaming

Discord is not a dedicated streaming pulpit but is still the 4th most used platform for video game streaming among US gamers. Only Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook are used more.

Source: eMarketer.

How numerous parties work at Discord?

300 works work at Discord. The median payment is $131,679. Among works on an H1-B visa, the median salary is $180,000.

Source: WSJ, Comparably, H1B Salary Database.


That’s it for my collect of Discord stats in 2021. The platform has taken off recently, diversifying beyond gamers to a wider audience.

Thanks in part to its consumer proliferation, Discord has redoubled its valuation in six months. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the platform.

Now I’m curious to hear from you:

Do you have any queries or notes about any of the figures included here? Do you think something is missing from this Discord stats roundup?

Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.

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