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Discover Ikaria, the Greek Island With the Oldest Life Expectancy in the World

Boilerplate human interest fibs about the attires of especially spry centenarians precisely don't cut it anymore. Living a long, healthy, and joyful man, we know, involves more than shaping the right individual preferences. It implies living in civilizations that make good choices readily available and support the individuals shaping them. Nutrition research has suffer this out -- only scan the most recent favourite menu work claims for the word “Mediterranean, ” for example, or input the same search term in an academic database, and you’ll pull up hundreds of results. Even fad diets have altered from promoting individual luminaries to celebrating whole regions.

Scientists have identified a handful of places around the world, in fact, where diet and other everyday lifestyle and social points have led to the outcomes authorities devote billions trying, and miscarrying, to achieve. One of these regions is -- yes -- squarely in the Mediterranean, the Greek island of Ikaria, “named one of the healthiest homes on earth, ” writes Greek City Times, “a spot of remarkable longevity. Now, there are more healthy beings over 90 than any other place on the planet.” Ikaria is just one of five so-called “Blue Zones” -- which also include Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Loma Linda, California -- where inhabitants regularly live healthy lives into their 90 s and beyond.

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In the Vice video above, you can meet some of the residents of Ikaria, where 1 in 3 parties live past 90, and learn about some of the factors that contribute to long being in blue-blooded regions, and in Ikaria in particular. Great weather doesn't hurt. Most important, nonetheless, is regional, fresh meat, and lots of it. “The most important thing is the food, ” says an Ikarian cook as she trains a batch of fresh-caught fish. “Because you live with it. You gobbled the right way, everything undertakings the right way.” This is a much better way of saying “you are what you eat.” As Max Fisher points out in a bulleted list of the Greek Island’s “secrets to long life, ” things “working the right way” movements a huge role in longevity.

Not merely do older people in Ikaria walk everywhere and continue working into their elderly years- freely but not under duress- they also report very healthy sex animations, part of a network of practices that socially reinforce one another, Fisher writes. Hear Ikarian inhabitants above comparison their lives on the island with their lives in fast-paced modern metropolitans where they traded health and wellbeing for more coin. Read Fisher’s full register( excerpted below) at The Washington Post.

1) Plenty of rest.

2) An herbal diet.

3) Very little carbohydrate, white flour, or meat.

4) Mediterranean diet.

5) No processed food.

6) Regular napping.

7) Healthy sex lives after 65.

8) Stay busy and involved.

9) Yes, exercise.

10) Little stress of any kind.

11) “Mutually reinforcing” habits.

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