Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Getting the Message Might be the Most Important Thing

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Have you ever had a dream or nightmare that indicated a health problem which was compelling fairly for you to take the message dangerously? In our new volume Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Illness, we propose you ask two questions to get you started on your quest for more information.

Is the dream about a health concern of my own or someone else’s? Is the dream a notification about a real physical illness or is it a analogy for the purposes of an emotional publication in my life?

The inspiration for the book came from dreams warning of breast cancer reported by two close friends of mine. As a holistic radiologist who was one of the original investigates in MRI of the knee and shoulder 30 year ago, I published a technical article on’ Warning Dreams Preceding the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer’ in 2015.

My co-author Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos had breast cancer warning dreams about 20 years ago and was a participant in my study. I will provide background information on dreams and cancer in the first half of this article, and Kat, as friends announce her, will provide details about her amazing dream counseling in the second half.

My first friend, a cardiac physiologist-turned-meditation schoolteacher, was awakened by a very lucid dream of being in an operating room having breast cancer surgery by a woman surgeon. The dream was so disturbingly real that she immediately went for a mammogram despite not feeling a lump or having any manifestations.

The radiologist reassured her that the mammogram was normal, but she wouldn’t leave until an ultrasound was performed against the radiologist’s advice. She pointed to where the cancer was in the dream, and the radiologist was outraged to find the cancer. She last-minute had surgery by a woman surgeon who she recognised from the dream.

My second friend, a physician, had two hallucinations in one night, first about a serial gunman, and then one registering her that she had breast cancer. She also had no manifestations and was told by the radiologist that her mammogram was normal.

However, she was not reassured and told me that she knew she had breast cancer from a dream. They looked at the mammogram again together focusing on the area of her tit where the cancer appeared in the dream and acquired a slight questionable lesion that had been ignored in the first interpretation.

A biopsy showed that it was cancer and the dream had been correct.

After hearing these two suffers, I found out that a third friend had a similar breast cancer dream that regrettably was rejected by her physician.

Even though she pointed out that “shes been” had anguish in her tit near the sternum, the doctor concluded it was normal breast tissue on physical examination and did not order a mammogram. This was a tragic mistake, as she eventually died of metastatic breast cancer that was not detected until it was too late.


That story spurred me to do an international survey involving 18 women whose dreams warned of breast cancer to learn more about this unusual phenomenon which I had never heard of before.

The results of this study showed that the most common characteristics of advise dreams were( in descending order of frequency ): a sense of decision about the importance of the dream; more glowing, real or intense than regular dreams; an feeling gumption of menace, menace or dread; the use of the specific texts breast cancer/ tumour; and the sense of physical contact with the tit.

In more than half of the cases, the dreams were shared with consulting doctors and led instantly to a diagnosis. Guides sometimes appeared in the dreams in the form of deceased family members, healthcare professionals in white-hot hairs, or in the unique case of my co-author Kat, Franciscan monks in hooded robes.

Shortly after the study was published I started examining legends about other types of cancer dreams from my friends. One of my high school classmates shared that she had disturbing ordeals about blood in the toilet every night until she ultimately felt compelled to get a colonoscopy.

A tiny, but aggressive, pea-sized colon cancer found that had already spread to the lymph nodes necessitating surgery and chemotherapy. Fortunately, she made a full convalescence thanks to the early warning from the dream. If “shes had” waited until there actually was blood in the toilet, it probably would have been too late.

Another friend, a retired MRI technologist, talked about a puzzling dream that was more difficult to interpret. Her dream was about giving birth, but as a post-menopausal woman, she knew that was impossible. She wondered whether it might be merely a metaphor for a creative projection she was giving birth to as an creator.

However, she asked for a clarifying dream the next light and was taken to see a gravestone surrounded by daisies accompanied by a utter that warned she would be pushing up daisies soon if she didn’t act on the previous dream. Despite her having no evidences, the gynaecologist noted an endometrial cancer of the uterus on ultrasound which was dried by a vaginal hysterectomy, symbolically delivering the tumour through the vagina as prophesied in the life-saving dream.

I told many of these narratives in a TEDx talk in 2016 that got censored despite being based on my scientific research. However, you can still watch the talk at www.larryburk.com. In the talk, I recommend keeping a dream diary and sharing any telling dreams with your doctor. I’ve been personally are concerned with my dream diary for over 30 times and have had many precognitive dreams that came genuine including about my father’s kidney cancer.

In 1987 I had a dream about having a brain tumour diagnosed on a CT scan which offended everyone because I inspected so healthful. I recorded the dream during a uncommon visit by my mothers who lived in a different city. A week later my father was diagnosed with a kidney tumour on a CT scan, and we were all sickened because he seemed so healthy.


I realised that I must have intuitively sensed the presence of the tumour during their visit and decoded it into a dream about myself, as I am named as a junior after my dad. The kidney has some of the same anatomic formations as the brain with a cortex and medulla, and it was located on the same side of their own bodies.

Now if I have a health-related dream, I ever ask for a clarifying dream as to whether it is about me or someone else like my friend did to clarify whether her giving birth dream was about a real physical illness or a metaphor. I recommend you do the same and start maintaining your dream journal today. My co-author Kat will next share her remarkable dream legend with you and some important tips about recollecting and interpreting your own dreams.

My name is Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, co-author and one of Dr Larry Burk’s research cases. I am a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed my cancers all three times when the medical community and the tests on which they relied missed it.

My navigated dreams with Franciscan Monks as feel ushers/ ministering angel caught the attention of Dr Burk, along with the attention of the Dr Oz Show (‘ The 6th Sense: Shocking Premonitions’ ), and George Noory’s Coast to Coast Radio Show on which Dr Burk and I were both clients. The friars were a big hit to the audience because they were incredibly entertaining with their feathering, but to me, they were life-savers.

The year is 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts. A leader dream from the previous darknes involving a Franciscan monk has sent me scooting to my doctor’s office for an examination. This is the first of many medical tours we will have over the next three months.

When Dr Wagner recruits the examining office the theme song from’ High Noon’ plays in my premier because he resembles the late actor Gary Cooper. “I can’t feel anything on or around your heart, Kat. Perhaps you felt a fibrous tumour sensitive to your menstrual cycle.

Let’s do another mammogram and keep an eye on it. You’re only 43, too young for breast cancer, you know. Going to go. I’ll call you with the mammogram and blood measure ensues. And, I’ll see you in six months, ” he concludes and snaps my map closed.

If he isn’t worried about this invisible hard-boiled distinguished, why am I? After all, he’s the doctor, right? But the spokespeople from my dream world refuse to be silent in my waking nature and nag my every reflected. “Go back to medical doctors, ” they retain saying.

My life has always been active and healthy. But three mammograms, three blood tests, three physical exams, three yellow copies of healthy mammogram reports over a three-month period, and three recurrent lucid diagnostic and prophetic dreams with grim Franciscan monks would mail me scurrying back to my doctor many times. After my final healthy mammography report, I had this life-changing and life-saving dream lead by Franciscan monks.

While enjoying my dream, it suddenly stops, like a frozen computer screen or a Tv evidence put on pause. In the center of my dream a pop-up window seems, too like on personal computers.

Lucid dreams

The window expands into a entrance, and a atmosphere template/ ministering angel dressed as a Franciscan monk in a long, brown, hooded robe complete with a knotted-rope belt, leather sandals, and a conjured hood disguising his face steps through the Sacred Dream Door. It looked like St. Francis of Assisi has just kindness my dream. This dream has happened before. “Come with me. We have something to tell you, ” he says and causes me through the dream door.

Am I dreaming in a dream, I wonder, but obediently followed him into a apartment I call the Room Between Realms, a plaza that is neither of the living nor the dead. It is a parallel universe of consciousness. Waiting for me are two other monks, one of whom makes my hand, targets it on my title breast, and says, “You have cancer right here. Feel it? ” I did. “Go back to your doctor tomorrow without an appointment and ask for a different initiate of tests.”

I start to cry in the dream and tell the monk that the doctors won’t listen to me tomorrow any more than they did yesterday, or at any of the other appointments over the past three months. “They just remain giving me the same tests over and over and tell me I’m healthy and returned to their homes. If I genuinely do have breast and you want me to live, assist me.”

The monk reachings into his enormous sleeve, drags out a white feather no larger than one that escapes from a pillow at night and slips to the bedroom floor, and entrusts it to me.

“Use this plumage as a sword to verbally fence with your doctor, and you will win against his arguments and scientific facts. You need exploratory surgery. If you present your case to the doctor as though you were an attorney standing before an incredulous adjudicate who dislikes you, you will win, ” he says, then turns and marches out of my dream.

As the Sacred Dream Door closes behind him, my previous dream begins again where it had stopped, as if someone had taken it off interval. Time had stood still while the monks from beyond go and cavity delivered their life-saving message on the esoteric dream-plane.

There is more dream detail in the book, but the dream is proved right with pathology reports that state I have stage 2 aggressive fast-growing breast cancer with one affected lymph node. If I had been given an MRI three months earlier my medicine might not have involved variou surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

This is a perfect example of how a dream can be used for the early detecting of illness.

Dream journaling is important to our waking world. One thing that induced the dreamers in Dr Larry Burk’s Research Group and subsequently the daydreamers in the book so successful in the utilization of dreams to guide and save their lives was the fact that they journaled. This allowed them to return to their dream journal and racetrack their dreams, and progress from dream lead.

Our dreams may be repeated to us in different ways in order to be better understood. We have recurrent dreams until we understand a dream’s message. By apply clues, emblems, a guardian angel, deceased loved one, or a articulate, our dream may render us the same message many different ways until we understand it. Journaling can help connect the dots, so the content starts out at us often creating an Aha-moment.

If you are struggling to remember your dreams, the seven-letter acronym SO DREAM may cure.

S= Set Your Intention. This is the dream part of the Law of Attraction. A simple seek like “Tonight when I dream I will remember it and it will be about. ” You fill in the blank.

Write your desire on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow to sleep-on-it, a play on words that holds profound dream meaning. By doing this, you are showing your inner self, through your eyes considered the windows to the soul, what you intend to do: take a dream from the synopsi fifth-dimension of sleep and drawing it into the concrete third-dimension of being by turning it into written messages.

O= Organise yourself before sleep to better record your dream upon awakening. Put your dream journal, pen, or recording machine such as a smartphone( and a flashlight, if necessary) beside your berthed. If your dream awakens you, it may be telling you to write down or record related information before you forget it. Hunting for pencil and paper is likely to cause you to forget your dream.

D= Dream! Studies have shown that all living things dream, including you, because you began to dream in the womb at seven months. Dreaming is the first step in training your ability to remember dreams.

R= Remain in your same sleep slot when you first awaken to Remember and Record your dream. Moving around may cause your dream to dissipate.

E= Emotion which refers to those parts of the dream, or snippets, that Elicit Emotion that deposits in your thought and organizes a physical response, such as rapid breathing or cold sweats.

A= Add to your dream by asking, “What qualities, rackets, paroles, beings, swine, embeds, signeds, and symbols did I attend? What specifies and terms did I examine? ” If more of the dream returns during the day, jot it down on a piece of paper or record it on your phone is in addition to your journal later. This can help you with dream tracking; keeping track of dreams, contents, and epitomes to see if they come true.

M= Meaning. What do the smaller feelings dream components known as snippets mean to you? Dreams are as individual as the dreamer. Portraits, chassis, humen, colourings, shortcoming of emblazons, people, and terms are all part of your individual dream lingo. It is one of countless methods we connected to ourselves.

Finally, give your dream a name, even if it’s The Dream Without a Name, so if part of it returns during the day, you will know where to add it to your journal.

Our dreams often use a play on words to speak to us. This play on words can be in picture form because a illustration can be worth a thousand commands. “Washing your hands” of a situation, “kicking something around” in the dream are examples that come to mind for working out a mixture or ridding yourself of a problem.

So, tonight, dream your intention and remember that everyone dreams, but some dreams save lives.

The authors’ book Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Maladies is available from all good bookstores.

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