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Effective Strategies to boost mobile app downloads

Effective Strategies to Boost Mobile App Downloads

Are you planning to develop a portable app for your business? Good idea! Sadly, you’re not alone. There were 2.47 million apps on Google Play and 1.8 million apps on the Apple Store, according to Statista.

While developing a portable app is one of the best business decisions you conclude, it’s precisely the beginning. You need to have a robust mobile app market policy. Let’s look at some approaches you can implement to increase mobile app downloads.

Optimize Your App

First things firstly, make sure your app is worth downloading. When person opens an app accumulate, the first thing they see is the app’s name and icon. If the icon is dull, suffering, or of low quality, users won’t bother downloading your app. So, rest assured that you was put forward a well-designed app icon that instantly intrigues the user.

The second thing to focus on is the app’s performance. If your app doesn’t provide a seamless customer experience, beings won’t use it. Furthermore, a dreadful used knowledge can result in poor ratings and refreshes, which can deplete the downloads. It’s essential to invest in-app performance and personalization so that when useds download the app, they experience using it.

Prioritize App Store Optimization

You’ve developed a portable app and listed it on the app storage. Now what? Just like you can utilize search engine optimization( SEO) to boost website traffic, you can leverage app store optimization( ASO) to increase mobile app downloads. Investing in ASO ensures that your app grades high on app store search results and comes more eyeballs.

Here’s how you can optimize your app for app stores.


According to Appraidar, more than 45% of users use app store search to find new apps. Therefore, choosing the right keywords in your app’s title and description is critical. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other third-party tools to identify high-volume keywords and search terms.


Your app’s category will depend on its type and the purpose it provides. Various app categories are available on app accumulates, including business, education, recreation, finance, productivity, personalization, and more. If your app falls into more than one category, choose a category that’s relevant to your app but not more saturated.


Determine if your app gratifies to a world-wide or regional audience. If you want to target a neighbourhood gathering, be sure to tweak your description according to their location. You can also translate the description into their language.

Title and Description

In addition to having high-volume keywords, your app claim and description need to clearly communicate the purpose and benefits of the app. By reading the entitle and description, customers should get an idea of what the app is all about and how it would make their life easier.


Users always check photos, screenshots, or videos of the app before downloading it. Multimedia components can highlight your app’s most important features, thereby encouraging downloads. Including one video and a few cases portraits of your app can go a long way in advance your app’s app storage performance.

Bonus Tip

While the App Store and Google Play are the most popular app accumulates out there, they aren’t the only ones who are present. TapTap is a popular app store designed specifically for mobile plays. For apps, you can check out AppChina, Aptoide, Softonic, and Apkpure. Since these accumulates have less race, directory your app on them can help you reach a broader audience and boost downloads.

Run Paid Ads

The Appraidar investigate likewise goes to show that 10% of users find apps through a network research, which comprises both organic and paid develops. We’ll come to the organic promotion of your portable app in a second, but let’s talk about paid marketing first.


Source: Appraidar

As discussed, a majority of users find brand-new apps via app place exploration. While ASO is crucial, you can’t overlook the fact that 29. 5k apps were secreted on the App Store last-place month( Feb 2021 ). The figure rises to 88. 5k for the Play Store. App accumulates are getting competitive, and focusing only on ASO won’t be enough.

Running search engine ads can give much-needed exposure to your mobile app. Though Google Ads has been traditionally used to market websites, almost half of Google traffic nowadays comes from mobile maneuvers. Therefore, utilizing search engine ads can go a long way in reaching your mobile public and increasing app downloads.

Launch a Website and Blog for Your App

As mentioned, your mobile app sell acts should go beyond app store optimization. If you don’t have the budget to run paid ads, having a website or blog for your mobile app can assist you drive effective publicity for your app. While your website might make some time to show up on the search results, the wait is worth it. Once your website is graded high enough, it can put your mobile app marketing struggles on autopilot mode.

If you have a paid ad policy in place, you can still launch a website to support the advertising struggles. Investing in SEO and paid ads at the same time will help you get more real estate properties on SERPs, resulting in more traffic and app downloads.

Let’s also talk about how your website should look like. Ideally, it should explain the benefits of your app in detail. There’s a attribute limit on the descriptions you can put up on the App Store and Play Store( 4,000 people for both ). Hence, you’ll need to be concise and highlight only the main features and benefits of your app.

You can expand on this information on your website and provide users with in-depth information about your app and how it can help them. You can also include scrutinizes, testaments, dispute studies, and other types of content to encourage engagement and downloads.

Let’s look at how Uber is triumphing the website game. The website designation- Earn Money by Driving or Get a Ride Now- attains the provides crystal clear. The homepage further illustrates the two business Uber furnishes- Become a Driver or Ride a Cab. The dissolve of every page on the website has Play Store and App Store download attaches. The website also has a blog, where you can find everything from testaments to news to work-from-home tips.

Promote Your App on Social Media

Social media is no longer a lieu where teens would share some crazy material they did at institution the last day. It becomes a potent medium for businesses to discover untapped business and communicate with potential customers. Research from Mobile App Daily showed that 70% of companies leverage social media for mobile app marketing.

Moreover, there are over 3.5 billion social media consumers worldwide. If you want to increase mobile app downloads, social media is something you can’t ignore.

The first step of promoting your app on social media is to identify your target audience and where they reside. If your app is a business productivity tool that helps overseers succeed their employees, you’ll likely ascertain your audience on LinkedIn. If it’s a camera app with cool filters and photo editing facets, Instagram and Snapchat might be the ideal pulpits to promote it. If it’s a video revising app, TikTok can be a profitable channel.

Once you’ve figured out which paths you want to target, you can utilize the marketing implements each of them offers. For example, almost every social platform- Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok- has a hashtag feature. You can be utilized hashtags to generate pre-launch buzz and build a social following for your app.

Every social media direct has an ad network that you can use to increase awareness and drive downloads. The push expenses on social media are relatively less than Google, so you can reach more people and get more downloads on a budget. You can select your target audience based on age, gender, location, maneuvers, etc ., are responsible for ensuring that your ads show up to the right people.

Leverage Email Marketing

Marketing approaches come and proceed, but hardly anyone comes close to the impact you can create with email marketing. A study conducted by DMA suggests that email commerce can generate an average return on investment( ROI) of about $51.

Once you’ve formed a website for your app, you are eligible to include an embedded sign-up form to collect emails of website visitors. Rest assured that you improved trust and rapport with your website visitors to encourage them to share their email addresses with you.

Develop a seamless onboarding process for your email customers. When they sign up for your email schedule, send them a thank you email to welcome them on board. Then, continue routing them related material, knowledge, sketches, and offers to keep them employed. Once the users have downloaded the app, you can send them in-app purchase offers, inform information, etc.

Take Your Mobile App Marketing Efforts Offline

Not many app owners and developers "ve realized that" they can take their mobile app commerce campaigns online. The fine front between the online and offline world is lessen, as integrated ordeals and omnichannel sell has become the brand-new normal.

The easiest way to promote your app offline is to create a QR code and relate it to the app download page. QR codes are easy to oblige, and there are many free implements available that allow you to generate a QR code.

Once you have the QR code, you are eligible to etch it on paper and region it just about anywhere. You can place them up on your business card, brochures, flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, etc. Since almost every phone camera come here for QR code scanning abilities, users can easily scan the system and download your app.

Encourage The examinations and Testimonials

Last but not least, get as countless critiques as is practicable for your app. When useds find an app on the app accumulation, the first thing they look for is its rating and inspects. If an app has good scrutinizes, it’ll get fewer downloads. Data from App Radar showed that ratings can increase your supermarket transition by 92%

 Apptentive App Ratings Conversion

Source: Appradar

App makes often offset the mistake of adopting a passive approach when it comes to collecting app recollects. Don’t wait for assesses to roll in. Actively ask for them and hearten your customers to rate the app on the app store.

You can use plugins like Appraiter that substantiate pop-ups in the app, seeking the subscribers to rate the app. You can specify the timing and frequency of the pop-up. Sending emails seeking ratings and assess is another effective action.

Wrapping Up

With portable consumers on the increase, apps have become an essential tool for businesses to communicate with their customers, fix sales, and generate revenue. However, the competitor in the app mart is continuously increasing, and companies need to implement the privilege strategies to increase mobile app downloads.

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