Flexible OLED isn’t just for foldables, boasts LG Display’s CES concepts

LG Display Media Chair CES 2022

Credit: LG Display

CES 2022 is still a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped LG Display from teasing out a few of its showcase parts a little early. This time, LG Display is showcasing two brand-new product abstractions based on its flexible OLED technology. “Media Chair” and “Virtual Ride” are both based on display technologies once commercially available for LG Display’s patrons. Their main purpose is to showcase what new markets may progress around its recent panels.

Media Chair, depicted above, would make a great addition to any dwelling theater setup. LG Display notes that the 1,500 R bowed radius OLED Tv is set at the most optimal viewing distance and moves with the reclining gesture of the chair. The Tv itself can also switch orientation, flip-flop between biography and countryside with the flip-flop of a button, along with Cinematic Sound OLED that produces voice by vibrating the panel itself.

The company envisions this type of concept in VIP airport sofas, for example. LG Display is also working with a South Korean massage chair company to integrate this OLED display into a commercial-grade product. So who knows, you might see something like this in the real world in the not-too-distant future.

LG Display Virtual Ride CES 2022

Credit: LG Display

LG Display’s second, and perhaps more out-there concept is its futuristic Virtual Ride installation. Pictured above, this setup is built from three 55 -inch adaptable OLED boards, with the central panel showcasing the most severe 500 R curvature while still maintaining image quality. Combined with an indoor cycling setup, you can burn off those festivity calories in all regions of the world. The idea also displays utilization information and the like as a heads-up display, although I speculation this setup would expense a fair bit more than a Peloton.

This concept ties into LG Display’s virtual and augmented world topic for its OLED technology, which we might sounds a little more about at Ce 2022. Cool impressions or crazy concepts? Let us know in the comments.

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