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Food waste-powered trucks: Bristol set for ‘world’s largest’ biomethene refueling station

Food waste-powered trucks: Bristol set for 'world's largest' biomethene refueling station

CNG Fuels plans to open Avonmouth refuelling station later this year to support fleet hustlers switching their trucks to run on biomethane made from food waste

The "world's largest" renewable biomethane refuelling terminal is set to open near Bristol later this year, enabling truck drivers to fill up on low-pitched carbon gasoline produced from food waste, CNG Fuels announced today.

Located in Avonmouth near the M4/ M5 conjugation, the refuelling terminal is geared at servicing of the some of the busiest consignment superhighways in the UK, in a bid to encourage more hustlers of heavy goods vehicle( HGV) sails to fix the switching away from diesel fuel, according to the biomethane infrastructure developer.

Renewable biomethane provided at the refuelling depot will be sourced from 100 per cent food waste, enabling sail operators to "run their vehicles on low-carbon fuel, brace net zero intentions and save money", the company said. It claims the renewable biomethane is the most cost-effective lettuce alternative to diesel for HGVs, enabling them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 per cent while also cutting costs by around 35 -4 0 per cent.

HGVs account for 4.2 per cent of UK carbon emissions, it said, and the Avonmouth refuelling station will enable up to 80 trucks to fill up every hour.

CNG Fuels currently passes six refuelling stations across the UK, with plans to open a further 14 following the adjournment of 2022, quoting increasing demand, which it said was growing at 100 a year at present. By 2025, the conglomerate said it expects 10 per cent of the UK's high-mileage HGV fleet to be running on Bio-CNG fuel.

"Avonmouth is a key site for CNG Fuels' stretch across the UK, " said Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels. "Such a strategically crucial locating necessitates our biggest refuelling station yet. This station will enable even more fleet motorists and hauliers to reduce their carbon emissions and save money."

The Avonmouth station will open up potential for more low-grade carbon delivery vehicles to begin operating across the South West of England and South Wales, including for firebrands such as Warburtons, Farm Foods, and Hermes, it said.

Steven Gray, Warburtons national delivery manager, said switching the meat brand's HGV fleet from diesel to biomethane was "critical for reaching our haul decarbonisation goals". "CNG Fuels' new low-carbon refuelling station in Avonmouth is perfectly based for our spread cores in the area and will expand the wander of low-carbon transmissions we can make across the country, " he added.

In other developments, CNG Fuels is currently securing equips of biomethane derived from manure to create a fuel it claims will be "net zero on a wheel-to-wheel basis". Manure renders off the greenhouse gas methane, which is 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in some estimations, and using methane as an HGV fuel can frustrate this gas from being released into the atmosphere.

The EU's Renewable Energy Directive recognises biomethane from dung as a carbon negative ga, and the UK is expected to follow suit in 2022.

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