Get a $50 free gift card with an Oculus Quest 2 purchase

Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 considers are live right now on the popular and very affordable VR headset. Rather than discount the hardware directly though, Amazon and Best Buy are providing a $50 gift card with all buys of the maneuver. We’ll take that slew all day long rather than some paltry $10 discount off the MSRP.

This credit can be used to buy anything you want on these websites, and we’re sure you’ll be able to spend 50 bucks there, especially with all the treats flying around for the remainder of the year around the holidays. You might even be able to use the money on some of the best Oculus Quest 2 supplementaries or maybe the best Oculus Quest 2 sports.

As for the Oculus Quest 2 itself, it really is a incredible standalone VR experience. Gone are the days where you need to pick up an overpowered gaming PC and a separate, more costly, VR system if you want to enjoy the world of virtual reality. Now, you can just grab the Quest 2, find some formidable competitions to play, and start knowing video games in ways that you merely imagined would be possible.

Oculus Quest 2 batch of the working day

Free $50 gift card with Oculus Quest 2 buy


$299 at Best Buy $299 at Amazon

Best Buy will automatically email you your $50 gift card when you end your purchase. If you’re buying it from Amazon you’ll need to either sounds the “redeem” button on the make inventory, or recruit the special “OCULUS5 0” code during the course of its checkout process to get your gift card.

Whether you’re a VR veteran, or just someone who is trying to get into the hobby, the Quest 2 is the best place to start and to go for pretty much everyone. You also won’t need to worry about the audio character, as the Quest 2 pieces built-in loudspeakers and have already been implemented so you can replace the front leash without ruining your VR headset.

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