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Get a Scheduling App and Use It!

Did you know using a scheduling app can change your life? Yes, I’m completely serious. There are two apps I’d be completely lost without if they were to disappear off my phone( or my computer ). I’ve talked at length about my budgeting app, YNAB, and the fact it’s vitally important to keep me on budget.

I haven’t talked much about the scheduling app, Cozi, despite the facts of the case that I use it ALL THE TIME. Here’s the spate, I don’t care if you use Cozi or another app. I DO care that you use an app to organize your life.

I’m a tactile party. If I’m studying a bible, I need it to be a physical fake. Sure, I know Kindle’s do foregrounds and can export those highlights, etc. but my brain needs to touch a bible to understand it. Maybe there is something to the whole idea of learning by osmosis. I built no exception for my scheduling attires. I had a beautiful newspaper planner on my desk that I loved for years. I adored handwriting each appointment and color-coding it. I adoration throwing through the sheets to see what the future viewed. My garage is full of these planners from times gone by. The problem with that is unless I had my planner with me, it was a complete debris. My husband was always calling to ask if we had something scheduled on a specific day. If someone asked me to schedule something over a weekend, I’d madly e-mail my work e-mail so I could write it into my planner Monday morning. It was a hot mess. A mess I adored, but a mess nonetheless.

Why did I leave it up? Why did I give up my beautiful planner? And WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MONEY !?!?!

A $45 physician appointment.

My' perfect’ system was exceedingly far from perfect. I didn’t have my phone to e-mail myself a doctor’s appointment and I missed it...and I paid $45 for a missed appointment. Ugh. Oh sure, there were a lot of missed appointments with friends, with home, with the school, but when I started getting hammered with fees, I recognise' tactile’ me couldn’t earn in this situation.

We switched to Cozi and I was angry at myself for harbouring out so long. Now when I sign up for one of those hiking participations or publication dues that auto-renew, I drop in a remember a month or so before they auto-renew so I can cancel.

My husband doesn’t have to call me while he is at the doctor’s office with the kids to schedule their next appointment, he simply attracts up the app on his telephone and experiences a seat in our schedule. Each person has a color so we can see who has what and when. We can also automatically advise each other when we schedule something through the app. "Its certainly true it is" a bummer when I want to claim he didn’t tell me he planned dinner with his mothers. The app tells him I was apprise.;)

Between homeschooling, design, traveling, COVID, four children, and a million other things, it’s just really darn nice to feel like I have a tiny part of my life wholly under control. This is related to your budget. Being disorganized WILL cost you money.

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