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There are a lot of things to consider when looking for the best cheap phone plans in 2021, whether you need a ton of data or just enough to get by when you’re away from Wi-Fi. One of the most important considerations is coverage and phone compatibility. Mint Mobile’s 4GB program renders huge coverage with 5G foundation and enough data to get you by with a bit discipline.

Best Overall: Mint Mobile 4GB

T-Mobile’s network is home to some of the best cheap phone projects in the industry and Mint Mobile takes things a stair further with huge rebates for those who are willing to pay a little more upfront. Mint Mobile come here for unlimited announcing and texting in the U.S. and portable hotspot is enabled if you need it. With the 4GB hope coming in at a low-pitched $15 per month when purchasing 12 months, it’s hard to find a much better value.

While the total cost of $ 180 for a year will sting once, it can be a great way to take advantage of hours when you have a little extra cash on hand, such as getting a imposition indemnity. Plus, it’s nice not thinking about your phone bill for a year. You can go for a shorter duration with a six-month plan coming in at $20 per month and 3 month at $25 per month. “Theres been” currently a promotion to try out three months at the 12 -month rate if you’re not sure if Mint is a good fit.

Mint Mobile consumes T-Mobile’s stretching network with coverage that’s ever improving peculiarly if you have an unlocked 5G telephone like the Samsung Galaxy S21, which supports both of T-Mobile’s sub-6 5G bands. 5G is included with Mint Mobile for free.


Multi-month savings Hotspot enabled Great T-Mobile coverage with 5G Limitless label and texting


Must buy at least three months No physical places

Best Overall

Mint Mobile

From $15/ mo. at Mint Mobile

Just enough data relating to a big network

Mint Mobile’s 4GB programme come here for unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited 2G acceleration data if “youre using” all of your data.

Best Value: T-Mobile Connect 2GB

T-Mobile Connect is the cheapest of T-Mobile’s first-party prepaid strategies. It come here for unlimited talk and verse with 2GB of high-speed data. Not simply that, the propose thrives each year by 500 MB, entailing it proliferates with you. Still, at $15 per month, this is easily one of the best ways to get solid phone service with no risk of overage and no minimum word requirements. A mobile hotspot is even supported as long as you have data. T-Mobile’s brand-new scam-blocking protection is present to reduce scam calls as well.

However, this assistance wouldn’t be a good fit for heavy consume. It doesn’t have unlimited music streaming or even international scream; it’s for people who want to get online quickly and inexpensively and for that, it’s hard to do better. It’s also worth remembering that you’re covered by the entire T-Mobile network, which is consistently turning in some of the best speed and coverage solutions in the country.


Gigantic T-Mobile network Data extent originates with term No overages Hotspot included( as long as you have data) Scam-blocking included


No unlimited data( data capped) No international service

Best Value

T-Mobile Connect 2GB

$15/ mo. at T-Mobile Prepaid

Data that thrives with you

T-Mobile connect is a great and cheap way to get unlimited calling, texting, and 2GB of data that flourishes by 500 MB each year.

Best Custom Plan: US Mobile

US Mobile can be very cheap if you are a light user. US Mobile doesn’t have a traditional rectify of plans, instead earmarking each client to put together exactly what they need and nothing more. You can check your current phone bill to see your usage so you can pick the liberty schedule and minimize trash. US Mobile also has a absolutely unlimited contrive starting at $40. For an additional $10, you can add on 20 GB of hotspot data.

With service on either the Verizon or T-Mobile network, there’s a very good chance you’ll be covered by US Mobile’s network. If you fetching three, or four texts, you get to choose from a roll of services to get for free like Disney +, Apple TV, or even PS Plus. If you were already paying, this is a great way to save some money.

If you build your contrive right and construct enormous employment of Wi-Fi networks for data, you can create a extremely cheap plan. It’s also worth noting that US Mobile is one of the few companies to still sell a flip phone.


Create your own plan to save Unlimited schedules are available Verizon and T-Mobile networks substantiated Streaming benefits with numerous arguments Actually still sells a turn telephone


No physical accumulations

Best Custom Plan

US Mobile

From$ 2/ mo. at US Mobile

Create your own plan and save

US Mobile pieces all of the right recess to keep your premiums low-spirited while give huge coverage and even an endless plan.

Best Unlimited: Noticeable

Visible readily has the best cheap phone programme with unlimited data. For $ 40 per month, you get unlimited talk, textbook, and LTE data on the Verizon Wireless network with no contract. While Verizon-based MVNOs aren’t going to get top priority on the network, in the majority arranges, there’s plenty of capacity to keep you going more than fast enough. On top of that, mobile hotspot data is enabled at 5Mbps and it’s too unlimited.

One thing to consider with Visible is that it only uses the Verizon LTE network. That symbolizes no roaming, international or local, and no 3G if LTE tells you down. For the most part, this will be fine but be sure to make sure you’re shielded on Visible’s coverage map even if you have awesome Verizon coverage. 5G coverage is also absent, although on Verizon, that’s not a big loss.

One of Visible’s best aspects is Party Pay. Party Pay causes you join a party for free an if your party has at least four parties, your invoice comes down to precisely $25 per month. You can even attach the two parties from the community page on Visible’s website. Keep in sentiment that Visible also has a much smaller list of supported phones than most MVNOs but it has the majority of members of the big names including most newer iPhones and the Galaxy S2 1 series.


Unlimited talk, verse, and LTE data in the U.S. Big Verizon LTE network Save with Party Pay Unlimited hotspot


No 3G or moving structure Fewer patronage telephones

Best Unlimited


$40/ mo. at Visible

Affordable without limits, domestically

Visible only has one plan and it’s a good one with unlimited data and even a mobile hotspot at 5Mbps with Verizon LTE coverage.

Best Family Plan: Walmart Family Mobile 14 GB

Walmart Family Mobile is yet another T-Mobile-based prepaid carrier and is one of the best cheap phone plans for a family. With it, you get 5G connectivity and one tonne of opened phone options. Designs come in 2GB, 5GB, 14 GB, and unlimited lengths. While numerous beings will be able to get by on the smallest designs without concern, you can’t mix and match so you can pick a design that will work for everyone.

The best part of Walmart Family Mobile is that each additional front is exclusively $25 no matter the cornerstone mean you start with. The biggest savings will come from the unlimited plan with various rows but most people will have no trouble getting by on 14 GB. Unfortunately, if you or a family member employments up the data, there is a lack of overages and they stay connected at 2G speedings. This is enough for emails and messaging apps but not much more.


Great T-Mobile network with 5G Great multi-line savings Works with the majority unlocked telephones Unlimited talk and text Find it in a Walmart store


Single way expenditures aren’t anything special Merely one network to choose from No overages if you use up data

Best Family Plan

Walmart Family Mobile 14 GB


$40/ mo. at Walmart Family Mobile

Add directions to any plan for $25

Walmart Family Mobile tells you add up to five arguments for $25 each to your contrive allowing you to get a ton of data for a low price.

Best for Basic Phones: Tello

Tello’s custom strategy make it one of the best options for light-footed useds. If you need no data at all, you can get unlimited talk and text on the T-Mobile network for really$ 8 per month. Tello likewise causes you call Canada, Mexico, China, and Romania representing it a great option for those wanting to keep in contact with friends and family. If Grandma wants to call her friends back home in one of these countries, there’s not a much less expensive or easier action to get it done.

Tello’s strategy are fully custom meaning that you can add data as needed inlcuding an unlimited option with up to 25 GB of high-speed data. Hotspot is inlcuded on data programs as well. Tello too causes you are updating or downgrade your strategy at any time so you don’t need to sweat about over or underbuying when you construct your design. Still, it’s worth taking a peak at your last money to get an idea of your usual usage.

Tello is also one of the remaining carriers to still stock a fling phone on its website.


Unlimited talk and verse Practice data proposes Call Mexico, Canada, China, or Romania free Make with most telephones


A chip expensive for data consumers Only 25 GB of high-speed data on the unlimited plan

Best for Basic Phones


$ 8/ mo. at Tello

Exactly what you need and nothing more

Tello smacks the hammer on the leader with its unlimited talk and text contrives with enormous features and coverage. You are also welcome to computed data any time if you need it.

Best Postpaid Plan: T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile’s Magenta plan is by far the most expensive on the inventory starting at $70 per month with one indication. If you have a few directions to get connected, there are some savings to be had. Likewise, when you include a second line, Netflix is included for free. It’s simply SD Netflix on one screen, the basic package, but it’s a great addition. To watch your videos, you get prioritized LTE or 5G data with a 5GB high-speed portable hotspot. The hotspot even has unlimited data at 3G speeds which can be a lifesaver if you work online and your internet communication runs out.

Magenta is a postpaid scheme signify you have to sign up with T-Mobile proper with a ascribe check and a billing address. Still, you get access to T-Mobile supermarkets for technical support as well as phone and accessory auctions. You can also pay in cash at a store if you please.

You get international texting and data with 5GB of LTE data in Mexico and Canada before dropping to 2G fasts. If you jaunt a lot this is a great benefit and one hour of in-flight Gogo Wi-Fi will move the trip there nicer too.


Priority data on the T-Mobile network with 5G 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot then unlimited 3G fast Netflix included with two or more strands Scam-blocking Taxes and fees included


Expensive without multi-line dismiss

Best Postpaid Plan

T-Mobile Magenta

$70 from T-Mobile

Postpaid benefits with multi-line savings

Get the full T-Mobile experience with Netflix, hotspot data, and priority 5G while multi-line savings keep your cost low.

Bottom line

Thanks to increased competition and forever improving cadre systems, feeling the best cheap phone plan is easier than ever. Specially when paired with a cheap unlocked phone. Whether you need a ton of data or just something basic, there is an MVNO available for you. If you require the potential benefits of a postpaid intention you are able save a good deal with numerou positions and with multi-line rebates, the premium becomes even more reasonable.

When it comes down to it, most people will be able to get by with a few gigs of data on a prepaid MVNO plan. At the end of the working day, the most important thing is coverage and with T-Mobile’s ripening structure, most people will have no trouble with signal persuasivenes. Mint Mobile gets the balance of data and savings pretty close to perfect with solid data bundles and savings if you can pay more upfront.

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