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Happy Days On The Ranch: Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary is a 100% off grid non profit temple based in Temecula, California. They render rescue and sanctuary to animals disposed by the food industry. Their mission statement states 'We conceive animals are living, breathing, beautiful beings who are someone , not something. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate on their behalf while promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and shortening our impact on the earth.' Now that is a mission that we can get behind!

The sanctuary is hop-skip with wholesome farm cuties. Enjoy a gallery of photosstraight from the ranch see below! Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary also are working with and reaches out to the members of their community in an effort to provide education regarding the plight of swine in industry. We fully support any strive at animal save and expanding the public knowledge on important animal concerns!

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