has Covid killed work-life balance?

This post, has Covid killed work-life balance ?, was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

When Covid sent much of the country into lockdown last March, most workers whose jobs became remote overnight figured they were in for a few months of making from the kitchen counter; few of them expected they’d still be doing it a year later. Yet here “we ii”, with kitchen fables across the nation still crammed with laptops and toil files.

It is about to change that having their jobs invade their homes has significant forks for people’s ability to disconnect from task and have real downtime. Work-life balance has been elusive for many of us since long before Covid arrived on the representation, but pandemic-driven changes in how “were working” have cleared it exponentially more difficult for beings to draw a clear line between work life and home life. At Slate today, I wrote about how to get your life back.

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