Hedge fund titan Ray Dalio warns investors against trying to time the market as Omicron rocks stocks

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Hedge fund boss Ray Dalio warned against trying to time the market as Omicron starts volatility. He said it’s important to be invested in a balanced portfolio and prudence against impounding money. Dalio also said money printing doesn’t raising living standards in their own economies, but said productivity is key.

Legendary investor Ray Dalio has advised beings against trying to time the market as doubts about the Omicron coronavirus variant shakes stocks.

Dalio told CNBC on Tuesday that the most important thing for investors is to be in a safe, well-balanced portfolio and to not try to be too smart.

“You will not market-time this. Because even if you were a great market timer, the things that are happening can change the world, so it changes what should be priced into the markets, ” he told CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin.

The discovery of a new coronavirus variance, which the World Health Organization has called Omicron, has triggered volatility in stocks after a placid season for the market.

The US benchmark S& P 500 index plunged 1.9% Tuesday, after Moderna’s CEO said existing inoculations were unlikely to be as effective against the new virus strain.

Scientists are scurrying to find out more about Omicron. In the meantime, investors have been left guessing about the possible economic wallops. Countless psychoanalysts have recommended staying invested, and said that the fundamentals of the US stock market still search sound.

Jean Bovin, is chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute, said during a document the coming week: “We stay invested for now as a brand-new virus sprain and European COVID surge are hurting threat sentiment. Any lag of the strong restart now symbolizes more later.”

Dalio, the founder and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Identify, the world’s biggest hedge fund, was dismissive of those buying and selling around the volatility.

“To say, here’s the stock market, and I’m going to time the movement into the market, I’m going to see hour the movement out of the market …. You’re going to see guess what the next discrepancy move is? ” he said.

The veteran investor did have some advice, nonetheless: stay away from cash. Dalio has long argued that “cash is trash, ” given its significance is gnawn by inflation.

He also weighed in on Federal Reserve policy, saying that simply publishing more fund to buy ligaments isn’t going to make the economy more productive.

“You can’t raise living standards by raising the amount of money and recognition in the system, because that’s merely more money chasing the same number of goods, ” he said.

Dalio told Insider the coming week that diversification is key for investors in volatile experiences. “You have to pay attention to inflation, and don’t thought being safe as being in cash, ” he said during an interview about his new book.

“Instead, you can have a liquid and diversified portfolio of assets.”

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