Here are the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in 2021

Once upon a period, the idea of setting up a foldable phone elicited “oohs” and “ahhs” at a futuristic abstraction parties never thought they would envision come to market. Now, various foldable telephones continue to launch, Samsung is on the third iteration of its favourite simulate. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 boastings batch of amends compared to the previous generation, including bigger screens, a better camera, more RAM and storage, plus support for the S Pen. It’s a versatile invention you’ll want to do lots with, which requires some of the most wonderful supplements. First and foremost, you’ll need a case, and we rounded up some of the best disputes for your Galaxy Z Fold 3. But what other supplements can you buy for this smartphone? Here’s what we found.

Protect your investment

Spigen Neo Hybrid S Case

Staff Pick


I’m a chump for a great deal, and while the ideal option is to go with the Samsung-branded S Pen Folio Cover, you can save a bit of money( and bulk) by opting for this case that is slim and lightweight with a built-in kickstand, and seamlessly crimps with the phone. When it comes to third-party bags, Spigen is always one of my top choices.

$60 at Amazon

For the car

DearHot 15 W Qi Wireless Car Charger


Use this convenient car charger holder with an extra-wide clip, becoming it was in keeping with the Z Fold 3, among other large-screened manoeuvres. Mount the phone in the car while driving so you can use it hands-free for navigation and music playback. It also supports fast blaming and will automatically fix around the phone when it appreciations you target it inside.

$49 at Amazon

Listen up

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless Earbuds


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 genuine wireless earbuds are like a equal obliged in heaven, perfectly and seamlessly syncing together so you can shift audio from the Twigs to the phone and back again as needed. While wireless earbuds are devices in and of themselves, as a Galaxy phone companion, the Galaxy Buds two are perfect.

$116 at Amazon $120 at Best Buy $120 at Walmart

Your writing utensil

Samsung Galaxy S Pen Fold Edition


While you would think, given the high price tag, that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with an S Pen in the box, it does not – you have to buy one separately. So naturally, you want the authentic Samsung S Pen, and there’s a special edition for the Fold that comes with a expres pouch and slim 1.5 mm pencil tip.

$44 at Amazon

Cover your screens, plural

( 2 Pack) Supershieldz Screen Protector


With the Galaxy Z Fold 3, you need to consider protecting two screens , not only one. That requires a screen protector with a little bit of intend clevernes. This set includes two tempered glass screen shields, one for each screen. You’ll get complete protection thanks to the 3D curved glass that goes on easy and bubble-free, give an anti-scratch layer.

$12 at Amazon

Extra cables

Anker USB C Cables- 2-pack


With a phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s essentially impelled for the eventual multitasker. So you’ll require extra cables to make sure it’s sufficiently blamed at all times. This set includes two six-foot braided nylon USB-A to USB-C cables that support up to 15 W fast accusing. You can keep one in your briefcase and another as a spare in your travel bag.

$15 at Amazon

Which accessories should you get for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

The best supplements for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 are ones that likewise work for any device: a protective event, a screen protection, and an extra charging cable or two. Then, you move on to other parts that weren’t initially on your radar, but instantly realise they can come in handy, like a gondola attach. Then, of course, there’s Samsung’s handy S Pen, which will cost you a bit additional, but to get the most out of the phone, it truly should be near the top of your listing to get.

You can get two-in-one by opting for the Samsung S Pen Folio Cover, our top picking of the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases. But if you crave something a bit more heavy-duty with kickstand functionality that’s a bit slimmer, and you’re OK buying the S Pen last-minute and storing it separately, the Spigen case is a great option.

If you prefer to stick within the Samsung labelled ecosystem, you can take a look at our round-up of first-party Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 supplementaries you can get right now.

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