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Here’s the Real Reason Sam Isn’t in the ‘iCarly’ Reboot—& Whether She Could Be in Future Seasons

If you're a diehard of the original, you may be wondering why Sam isn't in the iCarly reboot and whether Jennette McCurdy's character could return for a future season of the revival.

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iCarly premiered in 2007 and followed Carly Shay( Miranda Cosgrove ), a girl in Seattle, Washington, who made her own web support worded iCarly with her best friends, Sam Puckett( McCurdy) and Freddie Benson( Nathan Kress ), in the apartment loft that she and her oldest brother, Spencer Shay( Jerry Trainor ), live in. The support was created by Dan Schneider, who also organized The Amanda Show, Drake& Josh, Zoey 101, Victorious and other Nickelodeon evidences. iCarly rolled for six seasons until its climax in 2012.

After iCarly's finale, McCurdy starred in a spinoff alongside Ariana Grande entitled Sam& Cat. The demonstrate followed Sam and Grande's Victorious character, Cat Valentine, as they become roommates and start a babysitting business. The sequence led for one season from 2013 to 2014. Given McCurdy's popularity with Nickelodeon, fans expected her to be in the iCarly revival. So why isn't Sam in the iCarly reboot? Read on to find out.