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His ancestor enslaved his ancestor

The Rev. Pegram Johnson's ancestor William Johnson enslaved Richard Stewart's great great immense grandpa, Charles Stewart. They grew up at the same time in the 1950 s in Petersburg, Virginia not knowing of the other's existence. Johnson, an Episcopal priest, retired in 1998. Stewart, who retired from the military in 2003, worked his life savings to start a museum dedicated to Black history.

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In 2017, Johnson, who's developed a number of the historical markers in Petersburg, acquainted Charles Stewart's placard near the enter of Pocahontas Island. Among those attending the unveiling of the marker was[ Richard] Stewart, they promptly realized their unique connection.


The now elderly men sat down in Stewart’s museum, the Pocahontas Island Black History Museum, located at the heart of the island to talk about their friendship and their history. A myriad of colorful trifles, formulated records, and memorabilia, offering a view of the island’s history, bordered the two men. Old jokes and evoked shoulder signatures powered the two men as they searched back on their own lifetimes, and the ones of their ancestors.

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Charles Stewart, a horseman, was born into slavery near Petersburg and spent part of his childhood on Pocahontas Island. At about persons below the age of 12, he was sold to William R. Johnson, one of the foremost figures in colt scooting, then America’s most popular sport. Stewart succeeded as a rider, trainer, stable manager, and stallion lover, opening him fund and fame. Artist Edward Troye painted his description with the stallion Medley in 1832. Johnson sent Stewart to run a stable in Kentucky in 1837 and later sold him to Alexander Porter, U.S. senator from Louisiana. Stewart then administered Porter’s highly regarded stables. Harper’s New Monthly Magazine published Stewart’s dictated memoir in 1884.

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