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how can I come out as queer mid-career?

This post, how can I come out as queer mid-career ?, was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

It's the Thursday" ask the readers" question. A reader writes 😛 TAGEND

I've been with my employer for over 10 years and in that time my personal identity has shifted hugely from the professional identity I projected at my hiring. I stood my colleagues to assume I was a straight, cisgender wife in a monogamous relation. That was never true but when I was younger I was willing to hide key specific areas of my identity for an important career opportunity.

Something about having all my fellow members "in" my house via Zoom has determined the dissociation between my personal and professional life more upsetting. Addintally we have an active team working to deepen our diversification and I struggle with the exclusion of LGBTQIA+ identities from "whos working". The world is I am a non-binary, bisexual human in a polyamorous rapport. How can I redefine myself as a queer party at work?

Readers who relate as homosexual or otherwise LGBTQIA +, what's your suggestion?( I'm asking others to drop behind on this one; let's hear from parties with personal experience .)

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