How does one forgive something that feels unforgivable?

Many years ago I dated a narcissist and back then i forgave him too often for analyse me so badly. He would cheat on me, bully me, drag my honour through the clay, and I would go back. I recalled I cherished him, we got matching tattoos and everything, but now years later I determine it as a mixture of codependency because he was an escape from my home life, naivety because i visualized I are subject to change him, and anxiety because I speculated I didn’t deserves better. One day he left me and immediately perceived someone else. I’ve since locate merriment in other targets, hard work, clas, friends, a brand-new devotee who considers me well … but I still harbour so much better exasperation. 3 years of rage towards him for how he treated me, and 3 years of fury towards myself for not leaving at the first red flag, for countenance it happen. It feels absurd to forgive either of us, especially when I still have a hard time trusting parties now. I care I could simply let it go, I’ve tried, but it sidles back up to me, I drown in it at times.

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