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How I Study Languages: A Quarterly Check-in for Welsh, Italian & Chinese

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This blog post is an my own language learning goals and progress.

Read on to hear about

what happens in my life and business so far this year which communications I’m learning and how I’m doing in them which courses I’m taking and creating what I’m planning to do next!

I’ll be referring to January-March as “Q1” from here on, since it was the first three months of 2021.

Lockdown Language Life in Q1 2021

I live in the UK, and our wintertime was not exciting. Shortly after the brand-new time started, our country went into a fairly strict coronavirus lockdown which is only now beginning to ease.

Cue...another 3 months spent in and around the home. I’m unbelievably luck to have space and placid available in my home, and the rules allowed for just enough outdoor activity to help me scaped loneliness and depression.

I am so happy to know that our inoculation programme is progressing well, and the succour it’s going to bring vulnerable people, their carers, and all who work in healthcare.

We maintain another Women in Language online conference!

WIL 2021 FB Header (1).png

Let’s start with the biggest event first: Gals in Language 2021! The meeting was another smash hit and we learnt SO much over the course of 4 epoches - it’s absurd to sum up everything, but here are some of my personal highlights.

Kache Knowles from The Bahamas helped us kick off the event in the best possible, sunniest, most celebratory mood. I affection her intensity! I moderated the “Language Learning in Australia” panel and ascertain time SO much about languages down under from Michele Frolla, Bec Howie& Karla Zuluaga. Australia is a 360 unit usage opening with so many indigenous, regional, and immigrant speeches. Wow wow! Loved it! We supplemented our first ever bilingual productions with contributions in Spanish, French and Mandarin

We had an entrepreneurial stripe moving through many proposals, including

Inspired Teachers Create Inspired Learners! by English word icon Lindsay McMahon A 5-Step Manifesto on Becoming a Language Teacher Rebel by Swedish teacher and Author Anneli Haake A wonderful conference on Mindset and Self-Worth as you originate your word business by Gwyneth Jones& Marija Dobrovolska I attained myself participated and agitated for the many baby language industries in the chatroom, loving the opportunity to share my knowledge through mentoring.

Stats round-up: 599 participants, 34 loudspeakers, 56 countries, 1145 Facebook group remarks over 4 epoches. PHEW! It is really cool to see more and more humankinds attending this event each year.

Mobile Mentoring by Kerstin Cable

Through February, I have been softly trying out a new mentoring volunteer for online teachers and I’m so excited to share that this is now LIVE! I have offered instructing/ mentoring for online coaches for a few years now. It’s the excellent mix of

Talking store Helping usage business owners find the answers that they need for all those decisions about rates, proposals, marketing and more Lighting that flaming of exhilaration in them about the many excellent ways they can create a business that makes a difference in the world( and impels some money, that's important very)

Long story short, you should consider booking one!

It’s a 1:1 be addressed with a twisting: you get a whole era with me and we’ll be chatting via utter word! Want to learn a little more and try it out? Here’s my reserve sheet attach !

Learning Languages in Lockdown 3

When you don’t plan ahead and provided myself feasible aims, you don’t achieve as much either.

But when conversations are a habit and ever form part of your life, you never stand still even in a super busy month.

Closing the Shu on Chinese for now

At the end of last year, I had just completed level HSK 1 in Mandarin Chinese and I wasn’t sure whether to take it any further. Well, after sitting on a very vague intention to do something or other with Chinese, in the end I decided it was time to pack it in.

I am really happy that I made 2020 to learn my first East Asian language, and I’ll merrily return to Chinese at some top in the future. I didn’t find it unnerving or uninteresting, but evenly I never quite found my Chinese obsession either.

Guess for now we’ll choose to stay friends. Xie Xie for the good times, Zhong Wen!

La signora nuova on the scene...it’s Italian !!

One of the reasons I wanted to let go of Chinese was to create infinite for just one of the many languages on my inventory: Italian! I studied Italian for 2 years as a adolescent and I’ve got plenty of cross-language skills from learning other Romance lingos over the years. But speaking Italian? Quasi ninety!

In 2021, I’m eventually spending a little time with Italian again. I had a really lovely occasion with it in the late 90 s, so I'm looking forward to playing around with Italian again!

I’m not ready to speak to anyone quite hitherto, but will get there in the next 3 months. Until then, I’m working with my own Vocab Checklist to build a bank of indispensable utterances and listening to a few learner-friendly podcasts to get into the groove.

Want to find out what I adoration for learning Italian? Click here to contemplate my sheet for Italian learners !

My 6th Year of Learning Welsh( Y 6ed blwyddyn yn dysgu Cymraeg)

I love read Welsh! Yes, even six years in I still do. My language level is B2, and I reached it without ever propagandizing super hard-handed. I have so much better entertaining with Welsh.

My attendance at the Advanced 1 trend continues, a friendly weekly evening with other learners. I’m the only one who is joining the group from England, so I’m getting a great treat here from the 2020 online lessons.

My Welsh conversation skills and my grammar help to improve. I now feel more confident and competent showing myself in its own language, and I CANNOT WAIT for everyone’s vaccinations and all those celebrations and tours I’m going to enjoy after covid. C’mon, life!

Want to enjoy a speedy dabble in the beautiful Welsh language yourself? Try my Language Dabbler’s Guide to Welsh !

Also on the Scene: Le Francais

In French, I’m in the luck position that I’ve got a strong basis to fall back onto even though they are I don’t study for ages. In Q1, I practiced my French mainly with Call My Agent/ Dix Pour Cent on Netflix, and in March by listening to Cathy Intro’s formidable My Polyglot Life podcast.

Every now and then, I rehearse speaking or writing French but it’s not at the priorities in my priority list.

Want to find out what I cherish for learning French? Click now to end my page for French learners !

In Conclusion: Steady Effort Wins for Me

That’s it for re-examine my Q1! After many months seeing I’m ready to move on from Chinese for now, I’ve ultimately done it. It feels good to have taken the pressure off myself, though I want to continue to look beyond Europe for my language education in the future.

A 4th conversation I’m eager to learn is BSL( British Sign language ), but I’ve decided I’d like to start that in an offline class so it’s on hold for self-evident reasons.

2021 is off to a great start, with a successful Women in Language event under our region, and I’m aroused to dive into more support for online teachers and language industrialists through my portable mentoring days.

Trends& Classes I Use for Languages

A few italki assignments in Chinese and Welsh In Chinese, assignments used this( not so riveting) textbook and sometimes I likewise use Assimil Chinese False Beginners which is a good resource Welsh for Adults Uwch 1, where we’re too speaking Cyffeision Saesnes Yng Nghymru The Intrepid Guide Italian course Bought Italian Tutor( not started more) Using my own Language Habit Toolkit to stay organised For added input, I watch Yabla, listen to breakfast radio on Radio Cymru and watch the odd register on S4C

Believe it or not, I don’t watch YouTube. some of these associates above are affiliate links

Courses& Programmes I Created/ Promoted

Women in Language 2021( our 4th one) Mobile Mentoring for language teachers and industries A new live round of the Language Habit Toolkit( including BINGO with prizes...I love tournaments !) How to Get Fluent When Life’s Chaotic( free class, attach coming soon)

Blogs& Podcasts

Language Coaches: What They Are and How to Work With Them The Languages of Western and Central Asia with Erin Morgan Our big-hearted line-up of Words of the Year 2020 The amazing tale of how your brain processes code-switching 5 Ways to Set Your Language Goals for 2021 Top Tools: Winter of 2021 Stylistics: The Science of Hemingway and The Wire

This post is part of the #clearthelist round-up hosted by Shannon Kennedy and Lindsay Williams. I was just about to do these check-ins on a monthly basis, but since I’ve find loosening the speed recently, I decided that a quarterly check-in is merely a good.

The world is feeling like that cloud up our headings is starting to move a little. What about you? Do you feel the same? Leave me a comment below if you have any thinkings or a matter of me!

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