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How SMBs can find new paths to productivity by leveraging technology

Around a year ago, running remotely was considered an alternative for a select few, and had restraint potential for mainstream adoption. Almost overnight, the tables turned because of COVID-1 9. Millions of laborers of businesses of varied lengths and from myriad sectors chosen remote working tools and hybrid toiling models.

At least 30 percent of the global personnel is now remote, as of March 30, 2021, according to consumer data analytics house Statista. According to IDC FutureScape, more than 70 percent of digitally-enabled small and medium businesses( SMBs) is able to accept hybrid simulates by end-2 021, which entail both labor remotely and on-site. Last time, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set it poignantly, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital conversion in two months.”

Challenges towards facilitating fertile remote working

Technology solutions was generally played a facilitating capacity in the last year, right from ensuring fruitful collaboration to bringing agility to operations and boosting productivity. And there is significant potential for SMBs to grow. According to a survey carried out among SMBs, 32 of Windows 10 personal computers( PC) used by SMBs are more than four years old, and 40 percent of SMBs either don’t have or are not following a PC freshen policy.

This is a problem because experiment shows that older machines are more difficult to equip with the latest software, tend to be slower, and more suggestible to system crashes and equipment, had contributed to a loss in productivity and business growth.

Modern Windows 10 PCs: Productivity spouses for SMBs

With a diverse array of demands and challenges, the need of the hour is for SMBs to be able to work with agility across several programmes with each, collaborate effectively, and toil anytime and anywhere across borders. Fast and reliable inventions such as Modern Windows 10 PCs with Intel vPro platforms are essential to achieve this.

These PCs accommodate SMBs with the reliability and agility they require as they come equipped with new 11 th Gen Intel( r) Core( tm) Processors for faster run-times and powerful performance. Intel( r) Wi-Fi 6 and 6E enable stronger connectivity that are nearly three times faster, which smoothly aid video-conferencing and content-sharing apps with high demands on bandwidth. They too come given with SSD technology for quick start-up durations and long battery lives.

These maneuvers run optimally with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. Microsoft 365 is the comprehensive suite that can meet all the key business and collaborative needs of SMBs. Apart from its regular suite of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 likewise come here for apps such as Forms, and Power Automate to streamline repetition chores and Power BI, which aid in effective decision-making by providing insights from dynamic data visualisation.

All these apps are enabled on the Cloud, which allow for real-time collaboration across a variety of manoeuvres, while doing away with the hassle of updating software and ensuring the security of data stored on PCs.

These manoeuvres and apps provision tangible benefits to productivity. According to a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft, on average, hires with brand-new laptops and desktops loping Windows 10 Pro save half an hour each week.

Another Forrester Consulting study , commissioned in 2020 by Microsoft, found that SMBs expend Microsoft 365 for Business also improved productivity by 1 hour per user every week.

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