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How to generate more income from your existing customers using email marketing

Troyer Websites Generates $30,000 using AWeber

Getting new patrons in the door is important. But it’s often simpler and more cost-effective to look to your existing customers to increase your revenue.


Because they already know, like, and confidence you. They have already seen importance from your relationship.

In fact, the success rate of selling to a purchaser you already have is 60-70 percent, while the success rate of selling to a brand-new patron is 5-20 percent. And existing clients are 50 percent more likely to try brand-new products and invest 31 percentage more, when compared to new customers.

Still not persuaded?

Let’s take a look at how Jonas Troyer, proprietor of Troyer Websites, spawned more than $ 30,000 in brand-new sales from his existing customers in one day use four emails, all of which he mailed through his AWeber account.

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How Troyer Websites made over $30,000 in new auctions consuming AWeber

Troyer Websites presents website scheme assistances, in addition to some complementary business, like search engine optimization( SEO ), social media push, graphic scheme, and more.

Troyer wanted to bring in more business for his SEO works, so he came up with a 15% off one-day promotion to cross-sell an annual container of SEO services to his existing website customers.

He sent four emails to his current customer list of less that 500 customers, all on the same day [?] one in the morning, one at lunchtime, one in the mid-afternoon, and one at night.

Why did his emails occupation so effectively? Let’s look at some of the tactics that worked in Troyer’s favor.

How to write emails that drive activity

Create urgency through dearth

Scarcity drives a anxiety of missing out, or FOMO, and renders requisition. Troyer’s emails wish to stress that the 15% discount was only available for a limited time and that he only had restraint spots available.

Troyer Websites Promotional Email 1

His final “last chance” email dialed up the FOMO by saying his corporation would “probably never do this again.”

Troyer Websites Promotional Email 4

Create interest through exclusivity

Because Troyer’s patrons were already compensating him for other services, offering a discount on another service seemed like an exclusive opportunity just for them.

Use benefit-focused language

Your possible customers don’t only want to know what works you give. They want to know how it’s going to benefit them.

Use language that focuses on the benefits to the customer. What corporation doesn’t want to “show up on the first sheet of Google? ”

Troyer Websites Promotional Email 2

Use social proof

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is word of mouth. Leveraging customer testimonies and success narratives can help other potential customers feel more self-confident in doing business with you.

Troyer employed social proof in his emails, sharing a video where he accompanies through two of his SEO clients’ websites and the results they’ve seen in working with Troyer and his unit. This helps position his publicity in a way that potential consumers can see how they will benefit from his SEO services.

Troyer Websites Promotional Email 3

How to do this with your clients

If you render complementary products or services, you can cross-sell these to your existing customers.

Create and publish a landing page in AWeber to collect payment from your customers.Use AWeber Ecommerce to collect payments and call purchasers based on their purchase. This will allow you to see how many sales you’ve made from your existing clients. Make sure to apply calls to your customers when they spawn new buys so you can target additional offers to them in the future.Create a segment of your customers based on past acquires. You can do this by either sought for tags based on past obtains, or importing calls from a spreadsheet based on purchases.Draft an email( or successions of emails -- called a campaign) to your patrons about the complementary product or service you’d like to offer them, and link to the AWeber landing page you created.Schedule your email to be done in order to your segment of customers and watch the sales roll in.

Ready to increase your marketings with your customers? Create a free AWeber account and get started today.

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