How to prepare for and prevent a ransomware attack

There has been a lot of media attention lately in certain industries around a type of ransomware called DopplePaymer. Using this ransomware, an opponent will gain access to an organization. From there, they will start infecting systems and will ask support payments and/ or threaten to release the victim’s data if the ransom is not paid. This direction of additional coercion become increasingly common with ransomware adventurers in the past two years. As more and more companionships are being targeted by ransomware actors, here are some best practices to help you is fully prepared to a ransomware event. While you may not be able to have total control over how or who fouls your organization, you can control how braced you. Ransomware: is a simple but effective means for cybercriminals to make money from cyberattacks. It encrypts a user’s enters once it is … [ Continue Reading ]

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